Bhagya Lakshmi 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the store manager asking Saleswoman Madhu to show wedding dress to Lakshmi. Dadaji asks them to show Sherwani to the groom. Lakshmi says first we will shop for lehenga and then will buy Sherwani. Viraj says it will be time saver if we shop for both the things. Lakshmi says how to select alone. He asks her to select some bridal outfits and then they will select. Lakshmi goes to see the bridal outfits and asks for red color. Rishi comes to Lakshmi. She is about to fall and he holds the lehenga. They are about to see each other but Malishka comes and takes Rishi from there.

Shalu scolds Ayush for flirting with Mona, Shona. Ayush says that matter was cleared. Shalu says no, again you started that siyappa. She tells Ayush that Neha is a bad girl and asks him to stay away from her. Ayush says Neha was hurt, so I offered her the lift and brought her here. He says Neha told me that you call me jhalla. Shalu says whenever you look cute, I call you jhalla. He gets happy. She says I call you jhalla, whenever I don’t think you as cute. Ayush says you are double jhalla and asks her not to call him jhalla. Something falls on Ayush’s hand. He says my hands are burnt and shouts. Neha comes running. He asks about the foot. She says she is fine now.

Lakshmi asks the saleswoman to show some light weight design lehenga and says it shall look as if lehenga is made for the bride and not that bride is made for it. Malishka likes a dress and goes to try it. Lakshmi comes there with the saleswoman and checks the bridal lehengas. She selects a bridal dress and tells Saleswoman that she will call Dada ji, he will see once. She says there is no network. Saleswoman asks her to go to other side.

Neha washes Ayush’s hands. Ayush feels good. Shalu comes there and says my dupattas is stained because of you. She asks why did you come? Ayush says it is my wish to come here, and argues with her. Neha washes his hand again. He feels relieved of the pain.

Rishi comes to the saleswoman and says can I see this dress? He likes it and says can I buy this? Saleswoman says someone has liked it and says if she has no problem then you can take it. Rishi says he will talk to the lady. The saleswoman tells that the lady seems to be married with sindoor and mangalsutra. Rishi says I want this bridal dress for my would be wife and tells about his marriage after 2 days. Malishka comes out wearing the dress and thinks to show to Rishi.

Dada ji tells Viraj that Lakshmi has selected lehenga for Malishka. Lakshmi thinks she has seen Malishka. She then misses Rishi and thinks to call him. Rishi tells that whoever chose this, her choice is good. Malishka comes there and asks how am I looking? Saleswoman congrats her for her marriage. Malishka asks Rishi, did you tell her. The saleswoman says I understood seeing you. Rishi asks the saleswoman to let Malishka try the dress. Saleswoman says ok. Malishka asks him to come to the changing room, so that she doesn’t need to come here. Lakshmi calls him. Rishi says it is good that you called me, and just then he likes yellow dupatta bridal outfit and asks Lakshmi, if he shall buy it. Lakshmi says ok and asks did you eat anything? Rishi says no. She asks shall I ask Ayush to give you food. He says he is not in the office and is outside. He looks at her and says I am seeing you. She says even I am seeing you as we are infront of each other. They run to come to each other and finally come to each other. Rishi feels happiness and says hi. Lakshmi asks if you are Lakshmi Oberoi’s husband Rishi Oberoi. He says yes. She asks what are you doing here? He is about to say. Saleswoman comes there and tells Lakshmi that he wants the lehenga selected by her. He says I will talk to her. Lakshmi asks if he wanted to buy this for her. He says yes, I came for some other work, but thought to buy this looking at it. Lakshmi goes to the changing room to try the dress. Rishi thinks if Lakshmi and Malishka see each other then everything will be ruined. Dada ji and Viraj come downstairs to see Lakshmi. Malishka searches for Rishi and thinks where is he? He thinks if Malishka sees Lakshmi, then will get upset, I don’t have courage to handle her anger.

Lakshmi wears the dress. Rishi thinks to go to Malishka’s changing before before Lakshmi sees Malishka. He knocks on Lakshmi’s changing room and gets inside, but gets surprised seeing Lakshmi there. Lakshmi tries to cover herself with the dupatta, but in vain. She gets shy. Rishi says I will go. He goes outside and sees Malishka coming. He again runs to Lakshmi’s changing room and offers help.

Precap: Lakshmi sees Malishka wearing the dress selected by her. She asks how did Madhu/Saleshwoman know that you are the bride. Madhu says her husband asked me to let her try. Lakshmi and Viraj are puzzled. Rishi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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