Bhagya Lakshmi 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi turning and seeing Virender standing. Virender is about to fall as he tries to go . Rishi holds him and asks if he is fine. Virender keeps hand on his shoulder and goes. Ayush looks on. Rano appreciates herself for feigning to be emotional about Lakshmi. She thinks I have done goddess lakshmi puja. She says it is good that Lakshmi didn’t get the job, as I got the chance to ask for alimony. She says Lakshmi is really helpless, and doesn’t know what game I am playing, and tells that I wouldn’t have got money by getting Neha married there, and thinks now she will get more money from Oberoi family.

Lakshmi is in the auto and the auto stops near the Oberoi hotel. A fb is shown, Lakshmi recalls Rishi introducing the guard to her, as the old staff who is working since 9 years with them. Fb ends. Lakshmi asks driver why did he stop here? The driver says it is a machine, what can I do. The guard looks at the auto and asks the driver to move the auto from the way as boss car is coming. Car comes there. Driver gets down from the car and comes to the auto. He says Madam you, I can drop you. Watchman greets her. Lakshmi asks driver to take Rishi. He says Rishi sir went in another car, I can drop you. Lakshmi doesn’t say anything. Auto driver starts driving the auto. Driver tells watchman that Sudeep told that Lakshmi Madam left the house.

Rano comes to Neelam’s house. Neelam asks where is Lakshmi? Rano says I came alone, what do you think that she will come here after she was tortured here. Neelam says torture? Rano says I came to know about Rishi’s secret affair, and you was lecturing me. Neelam asks why did you come without Lakshmi. Rano says don’t think her alone, and says her Chachi is still alive, she has bear her enough and now she wants compensation/alimony from you. She says their divorce will happen and you have to give much alimony.

Karishma says this is their truth and asks Neelam if she understood why did Lakshmi act to leave the house. She says the low status people and small thinking. Rano asks how dare you to think bad about Lakshmi and says I can’t hear anything against her. She says she would have taken much more than alimony from this house, but she didn’t ask anything. She says she is not greedy, asking for compensation.

Karishma says I don’t want to hear your nonsense and says if Lakshmi had stayed here, then also she wouldn’t have got anything. She says she can try to ask from Rishi. Rano says you are rich, but your thoughts are small, and even your hearts. She says if I had come to know about your truth, then I wouldn’t have get Lakshmi marry him. She asks them to see Rishi’s level. Virender comes there and asks you have come, asks about Lakshmi. Rano says she will be fine soon, I will get so much money from you, that her generation will be fine. She says you have done bad with her, she needs compensation/alimony now.

The auto driver asks Lakshmi to take another auto as it stopped again. Lakshmi pays him money and gets down. Rishi is also there in his car. Lakshmi sees the temple. She senses Rishi’s presence and looks back. Just then Rishi bends down in his car to pick his phone. Lakshmi doesn’t see him and comes to the temple.

A poor guy asks Rishi to give something to him. Rishi recalls a poor guy blessing Lakshmi. He gives him money. The poor guy asks him to take blessings of God and visit the temple. Rishi recalls Lakshmi’s words and transgender’s blessings. He gets down and comes to the temple. He prays in the temple to fulfill his wish to meet Lakshmi. He says she didn’t hear me, I want to make her understand and want to explain to her. He says if I go to her house, then she will get upset. L

akshmi prays to Mata Rani not to make her meet Rishi, and be with her and don’t let him come infront of her. She turns to go. Her dupatta falls on his face. He removes her dupatta from his face and senses her presence. He tries to go behind her. Lakshmi sits in the auto and goes. He looks at her dupatta coming out of auto. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays….Rishi thinks what I am doing?

Virender asks alimony? Rano says why are you shocked? Neelam says alimony is given when divorce happens. Rano says she knows well, that Lakshmi will get alimony when divorce happens. She says Lakshmi wants alimony and tells that they are not greedy about money, they just want 50 percent. Karishma asks are you out of your mind? Neelam says no divorce is happening, Lakshmi will return and stay with us. Rano says call her, and ask if she wants to stay with Rishi.

She says what is the use of this big house, where there is no peace. She says she is happy with her Chacha and Chachi, as we don’t act to love her. She says now Lakshmi don’t want to stay here, and wants compensation. Virender says my Lakshmi is not like this. He says this thinking is yours and not of Lakshmi. Rano says now you are thinking her good, you didn’t think about her, when betrayed her.

She says why can’t you give her compensation. Virender says I will accept when Lakshmi will tell herself that she needs compensation. Rano says I will take the compensation. She says she is not different from Lakshmi, she is her niece and tells that she will take 50 percent anyhow. She goes. Neelam tells Virender and Karishma and says she did wrong with us, and says whatever wrong happens is due to her behavior and attitude. Virender says Lakshmi haven’t done anything wrong. He says I don’t know how to make the circumstances fine like before.

Lakshmi reaches the office for the interview. She asks receptionist about the office of Parekh and sons. Receptionist asks her to go to 5th floor. Lakshmi goes to the lift. Rishi comes there talking on the phone and stops the lift. Lakshmi looks at Rishi.

Precap: Rishi looks at Lakshmi when someone sneezes. Lakshmi also sees him. Shalu scolds Ayush and asks do you realize what you have done with my Di. Bani asks Lakshmi if Rishi apologizes to him genuinely, then will she go back. Rishi tells Ayush that he is missing his best friend and says anyone will fall in love with her. Ayush asks if he didn’t fall in love with Lakshmi? Rano asks Lakshmi to divorce Rishi, when she don’t want to live with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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