Bhagya Lakshmi 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kiran telling Rishi that what Malishka got in return, tears, humiliation and insult. She sys Malishka let you marry Lakshmi for your Mom’s stubbornness. She says your Mom had forced her. Rishi says I married Lakshmi due to Malishka. Kiran says Neelam forced my daughter, and now told that she don’t believe in Lakshmi. She tells that now the matter is about her daughter, she felt so much humiliation and her face was blackened..

Rishi says I will make lakshmi apologize. He says I will make sure this thing doesn’t happen again. Kiran says sorry is felt by gesture and not by words, action speaks louder than words. She says this stains are on her heart, and whenever the people will see it, she will feel the stain. She says my daughter tried to give her die and tells that she has been dying each other to see him sharing room with Lakshmi. She says she won’t let injustice happen to her. She says people will ask her, if she didn’t get any guy etc. Rishi says it is not like that. Kiran says you are responsible, whenever you get closer to Lakshmi, Malishka got hyper.

She says we have seen Lakshmi mixing something in your drink. Rishi says it was medicine. Kiran asks did I ask you? He says I will do anything to make Malishka happy. Kiran asks him to decide who will stay in his life, Malishka or Lakshmi. Rishi says this is happening in court, divorce. Kiran says if your decision is Malishka, then get engaged to Malishka, she will get rid of pain and she will get the happiness. She says let the people say that Malishka will be your wife after three months. She says Malishka will give her life due to the taunts and will become stone if engagement doesn’t happen now.

She tells that she has seen cutter in her purse and asked her, but she ignored her. She says Malishka will cut her veins and if anything happens to her, then two persons will die, one is Malishka and other is her. Malishka smiles hearing her Mom’s drama to trap Rishi. Kiran asks Rishi to leave from there. Rishi goes. Malishka says great job. Kiran says it will be great when Karishma and Neelam say the same thing, and says when you had gone to washroom, I fed this thing in their minds. Malishka gets happy. Rishi sits in his car and goes. He recalls Neelam’s words.

Neelam tells Virender that she knows what he had felt and that’s why she said that it was good that he was not here then. Virender asks why she is doing this? Karishma says to take revenge, for hiding truth from her before marriage and had betrayed her. She has taken this thing on her ego. She tells that village people are clever and twisted. Virender says I used to think that Lakshmi is good, until her Chachi told us about her. Neelam says see where she has brought her, she has done all limits with Malishka today.

She tells that she had known that Malishka loves him a lot, but she forced her son to marry Lakshmi for Markesh dosh. Virender says I forced him to stay with Lakshmi for a year. Neelam asks can’t we make everything fine and says malishka was about to marry him, so that she gets sure that Rishi is hers. She says Kiran had talked to me, and even Karishma has spoken about it. Virender asks what? Neelam says Rishi and Malishka’s engagement.

Rishi comes home. Neelam calls him. He goes to room and tells that he is bearing everything till now. He says whatever happened with Malishka and family is unbearable. He says you are laughing and having fun on our condition. He asks her to take the money and leave from here. He asks how much money she needs. Lakshmi says enough, everyone told me so much, your mother, father and others have scolded me, and even didn’t spare my dead parents. Rishi asks if you will torture my alive parents. Lakshmi says everything will be fine with time.

Rishi says you are selfish and doesn’t care about me, humiliated Malishka and my family. He says you don’t know what you have done. Lakshmi says this shouldn’t have happen, if Malishka had stayed away from us for 3 months, else Shalu and then says I wouldn’t have taken any wrong step. He says he is getting mad and trapped between both women. Lakshmi says Malishka shall stay away for 3 months, and then she will be leaving from his life. Rishi says I have decided what I want and what I shall do. He goes.

Lakshmi thinks what decision. Rishi sits in the car. Lakshmi comes behind him and asks what is his decision? Rishi says I am going to take the right decision. Lakshmi says you are scaring me. Rishi says you have scared me and my family. Lakshmi says the decision taken in anger is wrong. He says whatever he is going to do is wrong for her, and if he wanted he could have told, but will not tell as Malishka has the only right on him and not her (Lakshmi). He drives off.

Kiran and Malishka hear the door bell. Kiran says Rishi has come, as I am your Mom. She opens the door. Kiran asks about his decision. Rishi sees Malishka and comes inside. He asks will you marry me? He says if we get together, then everything will be proved wrong, whatever was written in the newspaper. He asks if she will get engaged to him. Malishka and Kiran get happy. Abhay comes there and says Malishka will not marry you. Kiran says I will take her decision. Abhay says nobody knows what will happen after three days. Malishka says he said that we will get engaged tomorrow. Abhay says he wants his family’s commitment and says you didn’t know that our respect is stained in the society, and we are humiliated. Rishi says once Malishka and I marry, the society will know her as my wife. He says my family will agree for our marriage and asks them to come.

Karishma tells Virender that Rishi is coming with Malishka’s family. Rishi comes with them. He says everyone will be happy with my move, and asks for everyone’s permission. He asks can I make a commitment to Malishka, can I marry her after divorcing Lakshmi, and asks if I can get engaged to her tomorrow. Neelam and karishma say that even they feel that Malishka shall get a commitment. Rishi asks can I marry her after 3 months. They say ofcourse. Rishi asks Abhay if it is ok, that his family agreed. Abhay says he is happy. Lakshmi gets teary eyes hearing this. Rishi says I will be engaging to Malishka tomorrow and will be marrying her after 3 months. Neelam and Karishma hug Malishka. Abhay hugs Virender. Malishka looks at Lakshmi. Rishi also looks at Lakshmi, who gets teary eyes.

Precap: Rishi asks Lakshmi to get the job in the jewellery store again, as he will buy jewellery for Malishka from there. Lakshmi tells Malishka that he is not getting engaged to her, just because he loves her, but because he wants to hurt her (Lakshmi). She asks her to think whom he loves. Malishka looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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