Bhagya Lakshmi 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the transgender blessing Rishi and Lakshmi and telling that their relation is of many births, and not just one birth. Rishi says we are getting late. Lakshmi stops the transgender and asks Rishi to give the money, as her purse is in the car. Rishi gives her money. Lakshmi gives the money to the transgender. The transgender blesses them for happiness and together. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she is very happy, as she is blessed to have love of many births. Rishi gets uncomfortable and realizes his moments with Lakshmi. He thinks what I am doing with her, she is connecting many births relation with me and I am breaking the relation in this birth only. Lakshmi sits in the car and knocks on the door. Rishi gets inside the car.

Virender asks Dadi, how to make Neelam happy and asks her to give him an idea, else see him yearning. Dadi says you have to roll many papads for your good wife. Virender asks what is your suggestion? Dadi asks him to take Rishi’s advice. Virender says he is my son, shall I ask him? Ayush comes there. Dadi asks him to ask Ayush. Virender says not him. Ayush asks what are you saying? Virender tells that his friend wants to please his wife and cheer him up. Ayush says it is not easy to cheer Neelam Mami and asks him to sing a song for her. He asks Dadi to come with him. Virender thinks to sing aaye ho meri zindagi main tum bahaar banke. Neelam comes infront of Virender. Ayush and Dadi hearing him singing. Neelam asks what is going on? Virender says I was singing song. Neelam asks why? He says your favorite song. She says I don’t want to hear from you and not this way. He asks if I was not in the right tune. Neelam asks him to have shame, see his age and have decency. She goes. Virender thinks Ayush spoiled my mood. Dadi asks Virender to have patience. Virender calls Ayush and grabs his neck. He asks him to come to office at 9 am. Ayush says ok. Virender says ok. Ayush says you sang well, Nani and my mood got cheerful. He says bye and goes to the room. Dadi tells Virender that sometimes she is surprised, if he is Karishma’s son, as there is a difference of sky and ground.

Rishi and Lakshmi return home. Lakshmi says she has selected the lehenga for Malishka and she will look very beautiful. Rishi tells Virender that Malishka wanted me to come along with her for shopping. Lakshmi tells that Malishka was worried that there is no woman in the house, and that’s why she wanted to shop for herself. She says she felt that Malishka got upset seeing them. Rishi says why she will be upset. Lakshmi says I don’t say, but understands. Virender thinks to talk to Malishka, right now. Dadi asks them to freshen up and then have tea with her. Virender says I need to go and meet someone, I will return soon. Dadi says ok. She says my phone is ringing,. Virender asks Rishi to take care of his daughter, first and foremost before anyone. Lakshmi asks Rishi, did he hear what her bau ji said? She says his lines and goes shyly. Virender goes out.

Rishi thinks of the transgender’s words that they will not let anything happen to each other, until they are together. He recalls Lakshmi’s words that they got blessed to stay together always. He thinks to tell the truth to Lakshmi, and thinks she loves me a lot and I….He thinks until when I will lie to her. He thinks to tell her the truth and thinks she deserves to know the truth.

Malishka comes out of her house and asks him to come inside. Virender asks her to tell what is exactly going on between Rishi and her. Malishka asks him to ask Rishi. Virender tells that if I asks him, he will lie and then will feel bad. He tells that Lakshmi understood everything today in the mall, she is good and innocent, but not stupid. Malishka asks so, what is the use of talking about this with me. Virender says Lakshmi understood that you was not happy to see her, Viraj and his Dada ji. Malishka asks what are you saying? Virender tells that Rishi feels that he loves you, and that’s why I am telling you. She says don’t you think that you shall not say this to me. He says your mind is more clear than Rishi and Lakshmi. Rishi is obsessed with you, and Lakshmi doesn’t know about you. He asks why are you marrying Viraj then and says I understood that you are pressurizing Rishi. He asks why did you take Rishi to buy wedding dress for yourself, as you wanted to make him believe that you are marrying Viraj and leaving Rishi.

Rishi comes to the room. Lakshmi tells that they keep the clothes for dry cleaning in the laundry bin and says you says something and does something else. He says yes. She says you will keep wet towel on the bed. Rishi stops her and says I am not a good person, I am bad and I am ruining your life. He says it is not a blessing to marry me, but instead a curse. He asks if she is listening to him. Malishka thinks thank god, he didn’t know that we are getting married, and thinks not to tell him. Virender says you know that I am telling the truth. Malishka thinks it is half truth. He folds his hands and requests her not to play with his mind, and says it was decided that you will not say anything for a year. Malishka says he will not be mine after a year. Virender says thank god you know and tells that he loves Lakshmi, but he doesn’t know. He says sometimes life takes us on a difficult turn and asks her to seek elders’ advice. He says I really don’t want to get hurt and I had regarded you as my daughter some day. Malishka thanks him and hugs him. She says I really wanted to marry Viraj and says I agreed to marry him to make Rishi jealous, but then realize that he will take care of everyone. She says she was upset as her perfumes were rejected. Virender says I was worried about my daughters, but now I am relieved. Malishka thinks my foot, I want what I want, and tells that they will be fine. She asks him not to tell Rishi anything. Virender thinks he is happy as Lakshmi and Rishi will never separate.

Precap: Malishka thinks to get Rishi anyhow and thinks you will be mine, but not of Lakshmi. Rishi thinks to stay away from Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks him to think if he does any mistake then what she will do. Malishka gives something to Rishi. Rishi sees marriage card.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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