Bhagya Lakshmi 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Lakshmi getting shocked seeing Rishi entering the lift. She tries to hide but Rishi looks at Lakshmi when someone sneezes and He asks her to listen to him but She leaves and he couldn’t go out as a few people enter to lift which stops him, then he goes to search for her. Shalu searches for her phone to call Lakshmi. Bani handovers her mobile then she sees missed call from Rishi.

Bani asks if they ever get reunited. Shalu says Lakshmi can’t bear the betrayal and she doesn’t even want to face him. Ayush comes to Lakshmi’s area junction and he conflicts whether it’s good if he went to their house to apologize or not then he sees Shalu and tries to talk with her. Shalu scolds Ayush and asks do you realize what you guys have done with my Di? I didn’t expect this from you and when Lakshmi was getting married we are so happy but you guys betrayed us.

Ayush says don’t include Virendra mama as he loves Lakshmi and I wanted to see them together but sometimes in life, we are helpless and can’t do anything. Shalu says Rishi married Lakshmi and won’t she have the right to know the truth? Wish he won’t come in front of me as he can’t bear my words.

Lakshmi goes to her interview. The receptionist asks her to wait saying interview got delayed. Vishal dashes with Lakshmi then he goes out and bumps with Rishi then asks what are you doing here as my office is upstairs and this is my friend’s office who is selling it so I thought you came to buy it. Rishi says he didn’t think about it and he asks him to wait and goes to search Lakshmi.

Shalu says maybe you’re feeling bad to listen to my words but I can’t bear as it’s about my sister. Ayush says he can understand. Shalu says Rishi is not worth to have my sister. Ayush says trust me I didn’t come for Rishi, I wanted to see Lakshmi once from far and my Mama is broken because of this issue and we know that we did mistake but My Mama considered Lakshmi as his daughter so he wants to know whether she is fine or not and I didn’t come to give justification so please tell me how’s my Lakshmi bhabhi. Shalu leaves.

Rishi comes there but Lakshmi goes to her interview. Rishi asks Receptionist about Lakshmi and She says Lakshmi doesn’t come here. He is about to leave then he sees Lakshmi through the mirror. Rishi thinks Lakshmi didn’t tell her name or Receptionist might be mistaken and Interviewer asks Lakshmi to fill the form as you have another round of interview in the next day. Lakshmi thanks her then she thinks glad he didn’t followed me but what left to talk. Rishi tells Vishal that he is leaving then he waits near the exit to meet her. Lakshmi thinks I can live without you when I can live without my parents and you never loved me too. The interviewer asks her to mention the number.

Rishi receives Ayush’s call. Ayush warms Rishi to stay away from Lakshmi. Rishi asks who’s he to tell her. Ayush says I’m criminal along with you as I trusted you and thought you will change. Rishi says why will I change? Don’t interfere in our matters and your wish is granted and that’s why we separated as you want her to have a better guy. Ayush asks if he is serious? See what you did.

Rishi says what I did? The whole family loved her and I loved her too and I didn’t get a chance to tell her what I’m feeling, I just need one chance to talk with her and he sees Lakshmi and cut the call of Ayush saying he saw Lakshmi at silver shine arched.

Rishi stops Lakshmi and asks her to give him one chance so he can talk. Lawyer handovers divorce papers to Rano. She assures to give him a fee once they gets divorced and leaves. Rishi asks why she is not talking. Lakshmi asks if she wants to know, why? Rishi says leave it as you don’t have time for me these days. Lakshmi says until now I have only time and she asks him to answer her question. Rishi agrees. Lakshmi asks if he gets the photo in his room. Rishi recalls a tored image of their wedding photo where Lakshmi’s side was missing.

Precap: Lakshmi tells Rishi, you have given me this pain, tears, you’re a very bad person. If you had a heart, you wouldn’t have done this with me. Later, Rishi cries and hugs Aayush. Bani asks Lakshmi if Rishi truly asks for forgiveness, then will she forgive him? Rishi tells Ayush that he is missing his best friend. She is a very lovely girl. Anyone would fall in love with her. Ayush asks, you didn’t fall in love with her? Rishi looks on. Chachi tells Lakshmi to give divorce to Rishi as she doesn’t want to live in that house.

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