Bhagya Lakshmi 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Malishka telling Lakshmi that I wanted Rishi, and you got him. Lakshmi says what? You are joking. Malishka asks her to look at her and says am I joking? Lakshmi says you was happy with our marriage. She says you are Rishi’s friend. Malishka says I love Rishi, he is not my friend. Lakshmi says Rishi is my husband and my suhaag and asks how can you think like this. Malishka says I couldn’t get him due to you and says what I should have got, didn’t get. He was my dream. Lakshmi shouts at her. Malishka asks why are you getting upset? Lakshmi says you are telling me that you love my husband and asking me why am I upset. She says it is good that Rishi didn’t hear this and says what will think if heard. She says I won’t let you stay in this house and will get the doors closed for you here. Malishka laughs and tells that she has bet with Sonia, that you will not hear anything against him. She says I wanted a husband like Rishi, I thought I will get like him and he become yours, and says he became loving and caring. She says he told me that he fed you food with your hand and covered blanket on you, taken care of you when you was unwell. She says he is an ideal husband and loves you a lot. She says you made him like this. Lakshmi apologizes for getting angry on her and says I didn’t know that you want guy like Rishi. Malishka says you reacted and is possessive about him. Lakshmi says not possessive, I am afraid to lose him. She says I have nothing else rather than him, I am here as Rishi is here and asks her to pray that they shall stay together always as we. She asks what did you ask me inside? Malishka says anaar. Lakshmi goes to bring it. Malishka calls Karishma and asks where are you? Karishma says she is at the backside of garden as she don’t like crackers sound. Malishka says I will come there.

Virender tells Ahana and Dadi that they shall burn the ladi. Dadi asks her to bring anaar. Virender asks her to give phool jaadi to her. Shalu comes there and tells that Di asked me not to give the ladi pataka to anyone. She asks Ayush to tell Uncle that Di didn’t give the ladi pataka to her. Ayush tells Virender that he is smart too and shows the special pataka which he has hidden. Dadi says Lakshmi asked not to burn the ladi. Ayush says Mama will get upset and says we will get scolded by her later. Virender says Lakshmi refused so we shall not burn it and asks him to keep it on side. Ayush keeps it near the crackers’ table. Dadi says we will take selfie. They stand to take the selfie. The anaar bursts. Virender asks who brought this. Ayush says he bought. Dadi asks him to keep all the anaar away. Malishka comes to Karishma and cries. Virender tells Ayush that the shall inform everyone that the Anaar are duplicate and bursting itself. Lakshmi brings Anaar and searches for Malishka.

Malishka hugs Karishma and tells her that Lakshmi said that he loves her, but he refused. She says Rishi doesn’t realize, but I can see it. She says you was making me understand from Day 1, but I was foolish. She says I will not let Lakshmi snatch my Rishi and says he will be just mine. She says humans get habitual to each other. She says Rishi says that I am his love, and says I was confident before, but now I am feeling scared now. Lakshmi is coming there and gets hurt. She bends down to check her foot. Karishma asks Malishka not to do the mistake again and asks her to fight for him and says you can do this, and you shall make him yours. Malishka asks how, and says I have no control on myself. She says I scolded Lakshmi and told her that he is mine, but somehow handled the matter. Karishma asks her to handle herself. Lakshmi comes there. Karishma asks what are you doing here, hearing us silently. Lakshmi says she brought Anaar as Malishka wanted to burn it.

Rano thinks Neha is taking bath since a long time. Neha comes out of bathroom. Rano says you have wasted all the water. Neha tells that Servant came inplace of Ayush. Rano says I want you to be Maharani and you want to be Naukrani. She says I want to impress Karishma and make her my samdhan, but you hugged that Servant. She says I asked you to trap and hug Ayush and not the Servants. Preetam comes there and asks Neha to go. Neha goes. Preetam asks what shameless things you are teaching your daughter. Rano says she got Lakshmi married in that house. Preetam says I have nothing to say. He asks where is Shalu and Bani? Rano says they are at Lakshmi’s house, and refused to come. Preetam gets upset.

Lakshmi keeps the anaar on the ground and lights the candle. Virender tells Rishi that the anaar are duplicate and bursting itself. Rishi asks who has taken it. Viraj says I remember Lakshmi and Malishka went out to burn it. Lakshmi burns the Anaar and smiles. Virender asks Rishi to call Lakshmi. The Anaar start bursting and other crackers too catch the fire and burst. Everyone runs out hearing the crackers bursting sound. Malishka and Lakshmi both get trapped. Rishi and Viraj come running first followed by others. Malishka sees Rishi and calls his name asking him to save her. Lakshmi calls Rishi. Ayush takes the table cloth and runs out. He throws it at Rishi. Rishi holds it and runs towards Malishka. Neelam shouts Rishi. Rishi reaches Malishka and looks at Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Rishi not to come to her. Viraj takes some cloth in his hand. Rishi recalls lakshmi saving him before and after marriage. The flashback is shown. He runs to Lakshmi and covers her with the cloth, leaving Malishka and hugs her to save her. Everyone is stunned. Viraj comes running to Malishka and covers her with the cloth. Malishka is shocked.

Precap: Karishma tells Rishi that Malishka has expected to have a good time here, but what she got in return. She got hurt big. Malishka tells Rishi that he has become of Lakshmi slowly, and going far from me by yourself. Virender says if anything had happened to you, then something would have happened to me. Malishka asks Rishi to kiss her. Rishi holds her to kiss her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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