Bhagya Lakshmi 18th February 2022 Written Episode Update

Lakshmi tries to call using the land line, she gets worried realizing they cut the wires of all the phones, she wonders why is their not any network on the phones since the people would also be using the mobiles, she thinks it might be because this is the area of the lockers so the bank would have restricted the network, she thinks of going somewhere else. Lakshmi rushes to the corner of all.

The robbers get mad at Malishka and then points a gun on her.

Lakshmi goes to the end room where she manages to open a window and puts her phone out of the window, she tries her best to get a signal meanwhile the robber is checking all the rooms on by one, Lakshmi is glad that the network has finally come, she is worried since the call is not connecting so thinks of making a video, Lakshmi requests everyone for help since they have been trapped at the bank where the robbers have taken hostages,

Lakshmi is sitting when the robber questions if she did not manage to find the network, he asks if she got scared saying that he is the most notorious robber of this group and has even killed the guard, Lakshmi informs he is doing wrong and would surely be caught he says that what would happen, they will be hanged just once but she must be ready to die and think who she loves the most.

Rishi enters the room, he is glad that the robber did not follow him however he comes out from hiding and then places the fun on his forehead asking Rishi to think of who he loves the most, Rishi requests him to not do this but he mentions they give a last chance to those who talk with them,,

Lakshmi and Rishi both are thinking about their families, and their life as a married couple, they exclaim that now their counting has started, they all hear a sound of gun firing when both Rishi and Lakshmi think of the other, wondering if they are okay when Rishi and Lakshmi manage to over power the robbers and run away.

Neelum is sitting performing the pooja when the Diya turns off, she gets really scared and tries to light it but is not able to, Virender comes questioning what has happened when Neelum informs that she was performing the Pooja and lit this Diya in his name but it went out, Virender assures nothing wrong is going to happen when there is a call, Harleen answers it when she is told that the wife of Rishi is trapped at the bank and is appearing on the television, Neelum comes asking what happened when she informs that the bank in which Rishi went is being robbed and they are being held as hostage, it is being shown on tv, Neelum walks to turn on the television.

The leader of the robbers exclaim that they give a last chance to the people with whom they talk as it is their ritual while those whom they donot talk die, he asks Malishka to close her eyes and think of the one whom she loves the most because if her eyes are open then woluld not be able to remember anyone.

Rishi is running from the robbers when he suddenly points a gun, informing there is no point in running since they have even caught his wife and she is also going to die, Rishi once again tries to run away but he is stopped and they both point their guns to him.

Neelum turns on the televion when the news reporter informs that there is a robbery going on at the bank where Lakshmi managed to make the video with utmost courage, she informs that inspector Rakesh singh is handling the case, Neelum rushes to the bank without listening to Virender, the reports informs it is said he is the real life Singham and it is his record that he solves all the cases he gets, it is said on his watch no one can meddle with the law.

Rakesh gets a call from the senior and assures it is his commitment that he will solve the case, he assures he will control his anger, Inspector Rakesh questions why did he slow the car when he is informed there is something wrong, Rakesh ends the call walking to the traffic personal on duty, he is informed that the road is closed since there is a rally of a big minister,

Inspector Rakesh mentions it is his name which will be ruined if there is a robbery in this area so they must be allowed to leave otherwise he would not be in a single body, Inspector Rakesh is allowed to leave when the other constable comes asking why did he let him go, he is informed that it was Inspector Rakesh.

The robber asks Malishka to close her eyes asking if she doesnot then it means she doesnot love anyone, Shalu steps in asking why is he going to kill her on a small key, Aayush coming in between questions what is she doing since this is not right, he has a gun however then Aayush mentions that he is a man who has a really nice muscular body,

Aayush manages to take the gun ordering the leader to order his men to stay back, he requests everyone to run away since he has the gun but Aayush is distracted when Shalu exclaims that she is going to bring her sister, the leader manages to take back the gun from Aayush and stop everyone from leaving the bank.

The manager and Karishma run out, but she tries to head back inside however the manager inform that she would not be able to help anyone. The robber is beating Aayush because he is the reason that they managed to escape.

The robbers also bring Rishi when the leader asks Shipra to take Malishka with her since she threw the key, Malishka seeing Rishi hugs him refusing to go find the key, Shipra tries to pull her asking why is Rishi defending her now while he came to open a joint account with his wife,

Malishka tries to say that Lakshmi is not his wife however Shipra replies that no one would like to be with her since she is not a nice women, Rishi hugs Malishka which Lakshmi sees from the corner, she starts weeping which makes everyone turn but Shalu acts as if she was the one crying, Aayush signals her to go back and hide.

Rishi once again tries to step ahead when the leader warns him to not try anything, he is informed that Rishi’s wife is still hiding but the leader replies she would not be able to do anything so can remain hidden, they need to collect the money and leave.

Lakshmi is crying when Shalu comes assuring that everything would be fine, they both hug each other when Shalu assures it would be fine, Lakshmi replies nothing will be fine since she tries a lot to be strong and not melt when Rishi comes in front of him but she feels really strange so questions why doe she feel it,

she asks if Shalu saw when Rishi was caring for Malishka and she felt really bad, while she should not feel anything. She is not able to take him out of her heart and should not feel bad, Shalu asks her to not cry, asking if she remembers what Bau jee said that they do not have any control on their heart, she realized this because of Lakshmi as she even feels this for him when all that happened to her, she needs to give her heart some time as it tends to make its own decision, Lakshmi should not be so sad.

Neelum question if Virender cannot drive fast, she mentions that she requested Rishi to not go today as it is the Markeshdosh but he did not listen, she knows something wrong is going to happen but he did not listen,

Neelum once again asks him to drive fast, he stops the car saying that something might have happened, Virender goes requesting the office to allow them to go ahead however he refuses saying that it is not possible but when they both hold their hands then the officer says he will find out a way.

Rishi and Aayush are sitting when he mentions that mom would be worried since she asked him to not go but he did not listen, the robbers threaten him to not talk since it is not a party,

Shipra comes back with Malishka informing they found the key, she is ordered to sit down with the others, the leader wonders why are their so many notification for the news, he turns on the video in which Lakshmi is requesting for help, hearing the video he screams in anger which worries Rishi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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