Bhagya Lakshmi 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Virender knocking on Lakshmi’s door. Lakshmi thinks Rishi doesn’t knock before coming. She then sees Virender and gets up from the bed. Virender comes inside the room. Lakshmi looks down. Virender says you didn’t do anything wrong, don’t lower your eyes. He says you are crying. Lakshmi nods no. Virender says don’t lie yaar. Lakshmi recalls her Bau ji calling her yaar and cries hugging Virender. Virender says he couldn’t become a good father, his heart cries seeing her crying. He says I can’t be a good father, but you are a good daughter then why you hurt me, by getting hurt.

He tells that he will always pray for her, wherever you stay, you shall stay happily, and people shall understand my Lakshmi. Lakshmi is teary eyes and emotional. Virender asks if you will not say anything. Lakshmi says only I am not just your daughter, but there are others too, Sonia and Malishka who needs your love. She says I will soon leave from here. Virender says you give your side of love to others, and says I always wanted you to stay here, and can’t let you go to some other house, think that if you leave then my life will go out from me. He says you are my life. Lakshmi hugs him and cries.

Abhay calls Neelam and asks her to come home. Neelam says ok, I will come. Kiran asks what happened, I talked to her in such a tone that she will surely come. Neelam thinks he might have called her to talk about marriage. Rishi comes to his room and thinks he brought Lakshmi here to make everything fine in her life. He gets a call from Rainbow needs channel. The reporter says we heard that you are getting your wife remarried, and asks how you both got divorced, we have seen you both as ideal couple in the terrorist attack. He says you both are staying in the same house, and asks him to say who came between them, and now he is getting her remarried. Rishi thinks how Lakshmi saved him many times. The reporter says we need your answer. Rishi says no comments and ends the call.

He says she did so much for me, but I betrayed her. He thinks I will give her happiness, and will search best guy for her and will send her off from here. He then gets sad and asks himself why is he feeling bad that Lakshmi will leave from here, and says if she stays here, then she will just hurt. He thinks she has done so much for me, went away from my life and was marrying goon Balwinder for me. He thinks to get a good guy for Lakshmi, more good than himself. He gets Leela’s message that she wants to meet him to show some options.

Rishi says ok. Ayush falls down in his room. Shalu comes there and helps him get up. She asks him to be careful while walking. Ayush asks if anyone cares for me. Shalu says if I haven’t cared then wouldn’t have helped you get up. Ayush says you care for me. Shalu asks him not to dream. They argue. Shalu says I came here for Di. She says we shall focus on Di’s marriage. Ayush says her marriage. He says we will help Rishi bhai, but shall confuse him. Shalu understands. Ayush asks her to promise that they will never let this marriage happen. Shalu promises him.

Rishi comes to Lakshmi and tells that Leela, the matchmaker is coming. Lakshmi recalls seeing him with Malishka on the bed and says how did you do this mistake. He says I want to search a good guy for you, if I was a good husband then would have never done such a mistake. Lakshmi gets teary eyes. Kiran tells Abhay that Neelam must be coming. Abhay says he has thought what to talk. Neelam comes there. Kiran asks her to sit. Neelam asks why you called me.

Abhay says what to say, we are daughter’s parents, she has ruined herself for Rishi, see her condition. Kiran says Neelam knew everything. Neelam says that Lakshmi. Abhay asks her to tell the marriage date. He says he don’t want to know why Rishi brought Lakshmi home, I can’t understand his intention, and tells that he convinced you to let her stay in the house. Neelam apologizes to Abhay. Abhay says apology is not enough and asks what Rishi thought of my daughter. Kiran asks him to ask Neelam for what he called her. Abhay asks her to tell the final date of marriage.

Kamli comes to Rano’s house and tells Bani that she has put Lakshmi in trouble. She says he beats me daily, I threatened him taking Lakshmi’s name, so he told that he will take revenge from her. Bani says she is in Rishi jiju’s house. Kamli says he is a really nice guy and asks why did Lakshmi divorce him? Bani says di is safe in jiju’s house and asks her to go else Balwinder might know.

Kamli asks her to ask Lakshmi to be careful. Bani says God and jiju will take care of her. She calls Lakshmi and tells Kamli had come and asked her to be careful. She says Balwinder beats her daily. Lakshmi feels bad for her. Bani asks her to marry Rishi again. Lakshmi says Rishi and I can’t unite again. She ends the call and tells that they are like two sides of a river which can never unite.

Precap: Abhay folds his hands before Neelam and asks her to tell clearly that she can’t get her son’s marriage with his daughter’s done. Rishi tells Lakshmi that if anyone forces him then he will run away from home for forever. Malishka asks Lakshmi to agree for marriage, when Rishi likes any guy for her. Neelam gives one month to Rishi and says if Lakshmi doesn’t get married in a month, then I will get you married to Malishka. Karishma and Sonia smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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