Bhagya Lakshmi 18th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi telling Lakshmi that she has right to get upset with him. Lakshmi asks do you know what is right, and tells that I felt bad until now, but after visiting the temple, I understood that it was not my right, everyone was fake. Rishi says he didn’t mean that. Lakshmi says what worse you can do with me and says you and your family have betrayed me and my family.

Rishi asks her to listen. Lakshmi asks what you want to tell me, which I don’t know? Rishi says it is not like that and asks for a chance. Lakshmi asks can you see these tears and anger, this is given by you, you are not just bad, but very bad. She says I have so much pain, that I am not feeling anything now. She says you need a heart to feel this, but you can’t feel as you don’t have a heart. She says I am cursing that day and walks away from there. She sits in the auto and leaves. Rishi recalls lakshmi asking him not to leave her. lakshmi thinks of her moments with Rishi and then seeing him taking rounds with Malishka. Ayush comes there. Rishi hugs him and cries.

Lakshmi asks herself not to cry and says I don’t want tears. Rishi cries and vents out his pain. Ayush asks what happened? Rishi says I had talked to Lakshmi, and he said that she didn’t see worst man like me and she was cursing the day when she met me. He cries badly again. Bani asks Shalu not to cry and says Di will worry. Shalu says Ayush was worried about Di, and was teary eyes when he was speaking about her. She says I didn’t get weak and scolded him much. She asks her to be strong and don’t come in Ayush and Rishi’s talks.

Rano comes home and brings the divorce papers etc in the bag. Preetam asks where did you go? He asks about Neha. Rano says she had gone for her friend’s marriage. She says it is good that she went out, and says I cry all night for Lakshmi. She says I scold my parjayi’s daughters and asks them to hug. Shalu and Bani hug her. Rano asks them to make matar paneer as Lakshmi likes it. Preetam says you like it. Rano says Lakshmi had said that Rishi likes it. Preetam thinks she is cooking something in mind.

Rishi tells Ayush that he shall be happy that he got Malishka bad, but he is not happy. He shall not be guilty, as Lakshmi came to know everything, but then also he is not happy. She says her heart is broken, but I am feeling pain. He says it is not like that what are you thinking, I love Malishka and is a one woman man, but lakshmi was peace of my life, and she took away peace with her. Ayush says I understood everything, lets go home. He says I have car. Ayush says I scold and shout at you, as you are my brother and life and asks if he understood. He asks him to drive safely and come home. He goes. Rishi looks at a couple, and recalls saving Lakshmi from the speedy bike. He recalls their happy moments.

Rano asks Bani to bring the halwa which she made for Lakshmi. Bani goes. Preetam asks what is going on and says we are married for 24 years, I know you well and asks what she wants to do. Rano asks her not to interfere. Lakshmi comes home and hears Bani talking that Rano has got Lakshmi’s favorite food made, but Virender uncle whom she thought good, turned out to be bad. Lakshmi asks her not to talk bad about Bau ji and says he always supported me always. Bani says he didn’t have any option left. Shalu says you wouldn’t have stopped if he asked you. Lakshmi says Mummy ji tried to stop me.

She says I didn’t feel anything when Mummy ji tried to stop me. She says Bau ji had pain of hiding a big thing from me, and his pain reached me. She says it was strange, I shouldn’t have went there, but I still love them. Bani asks will you go back, if they call you back and apologize from their heart.

Lakshmi says no, I will not go. Preetam asks Rano, what she wants to do, by acting sweet with them. Rano says I have to do all the work and says leave me, but think about Neha. She says I am doing everything for Neha’s marriage. He asks what do you want to do. She drops the papers and finds divorce and alimony papers.

Bani and Shalu come to Lakshmi and apologize to her for talking about Rishi and his family. Lakshmi says she is not that weak, and tells that not just Rishi and Malishka, but all the family members betrayed her. She says Rishi betrayed her the most and snatched my family from me. She says my relation was with the family due to Rishi, and now.

She says she has a feeling that she has left her family and came back here. She says I couldn’t forgive them, but couldn’t take them off from my heart. Shalu asks her to take her time. Preetam says you wanted to get Lakshmi divorced. Rano says it is fashion in Mumbai. Preetam says her life will be ruined, and I won’t let this happen. Rano warns him and says she will do what she wanted to. She takes the papers from him. Lakshmi looks at aloo tamatar sabzi and reminisces it is favorite of Virender and Rishi.

Precap: Rishi tells Ayush that he didn’t know when she became important to him, but she is something to him. Rano asks Lakshmi to divorce Rishi. Rishi says anyone will fall in love with Lakshmi. Ayush says didn’t you fall in love with her. Later Rano takes Lakshmi’s thumb impressions on the divorce papers when she is sleeping.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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