Bhagya Lakshmi 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ayush coming to Dadi and asking if she knows who is the prettiest lady after Neelam Mami. Dadi says your Nani. Ayush asks her to be careful, as some old guys staring at her. She asks who? Ayush says you are gorgeous. Dadi says you have seen me in Punjabi attire for the first time. He asks about her times. Dadi says our times were different, we used to sign each other using eyes, she had loved a guy. He asks if Nana ji knows. Dadi says he was your Nana ji only. Shalu comes there and teases Ayush. Sonia and Karishma notice this. Sonia says Lakshmi’s sister is doing some other work and asks her to see Shalu, she wanted to woo us, and then she can enter the house. Karishma says all middle class girls do this. Sonia says Shalu wanted to woo Ayush. Karishma says no way, Lakshmi and Rishi will separate after a year, and she will be out of the house. Virender comes there and asks Karishma, why she didn’t wear Punjabi dress. Karishma says I don’t like its fitting. Virender asks why? Someone calls him and he goes. All the guests get ready in Punjabi attire and says balle balle. Karishma says everyone will praising Lakshmi, now will hit her with shoes. They call the DJ. Karishma says when Lakshmi has arranged everything, then must have called DJ too. She calls Lakshmi and asks her to call DJ and asks him to play DJ. Lakshmi gets worried, thinking DJ refused to come. Tanuja says when theme is Punjabi then the songs shall be Punjabi too. Karishma says Lakshmi must have arranged DJ. Lakshmi says DJ couldn’t be arranged. Karishma asks are you for real and says no party happens without music and DJ. She says no DJ, so sad. She says if you didn’t understand that you would have asked our help. Neelam’s friends get upset and sit. Neelam says you have ruined our special day. Rishi says I would have helped you, if told once. Karishma says that’s what I am saying. Virender says she wants to say something.

Lakshmi says DJ is not here, CD and music are not here, but there will be live music. She says the theme is Punjabi and that’s why there will be Punjabi music too. She tells the guests that their wait is over. She calls the band guys, who comes playing dhol and other instruments, and dances. Gurucharan also comes with them dancing. He takes Virender to dance. Virender dances seeing his dance steps, and comes to Neelam, asking her to dance. He says today is our day, forget everything for 10 mins, live for yourself, live for me, for our togetherness. Neelam gives her hand in his hand. Everyone claps. Virender dances with Neelam. Karishma tells Sonia that this is her dad’s stunt to take Neelam to dance, and says once the party wraps up, she will get very angry on Lakshmi. Neelam dances and laughs aloud seeing him dancing. Virender thinks he didn’t see her laughing aloud like this before. They dance happily. The guests appreciate their dancing skills. Ayush dances with Shalu and his sisters. Rano comes there with Neha and wishes Virender and Neelam for anniversary and give them gift. She signs Neha to dance with Ayush. Neha pushes Shalu and dances with Ayush. Tanuja thanks Neelam for inviting them for the awesome experience. Other friend also thanks her. Neelam gets glad.

Dadi asks Lakshmi and Rishi to dance. Rishi refuses. Lakshmi asks him to show everyone that he can dance and can compete with her. He says this is my Bau ji’s party, and that fake dance steps will not work. He says you are challenging me and asked to change the song. He says someone challenged me and I will show to people that I don’t do fake dance. Ayush cheers for him. Dadi claps for them. They dance on the song Nagada. Rishi plays the dhol and dances. Malishka gets upset seeing them dancing. Gurucharan and others smile seeing them dancing. Karishma takes Malishka to dance with Rishi and pushes her on him. Rishi dances closely with Malishka. Gurucharan notices this and gets shocked. Dadi also looks at them dancing. Rishi and Malishka continue to dance closely. Lakshmi and Rishi look at each other. She signs him to be dancing well.

Neha acts and tells Ayush that he has kept his foot on her foot. He holds her and takes her to room. Shalu thinks she shall go behind them. Gurucharan thinks what is happening with my Lakshmi, she is very innocent and asks God, what is she doing. Rano collides with Karishma and greets her. Karishma goes. Rano thinks she is arrogant, I am her would be samdhan, once Neha comes there, then I will have more importance than Neelam. She thinks Neha shall woo Ayush fast and make her samdhan. Neha acts that she is feeling much pain. Ayush says room came. She asks if this is your room. He says no, guest room. She thinks he will touch her foot, on the pretext of applying the balm. She thinks he will love her much and she might have problem with his over closeness. He gives her tablet and asks her to have it. She asks him to apply ointment. He says this medicine will work fast. She pretends to take it. Shalu comes there and tells that Rishi is calling her. Neha gets excited and runs out. She then realizes her act and tells that she is fine due to his medicine. Ayush asks Shalu if she is jealous of her. Shalu says I have saved you. Karishma asks Malishka why she was giving chance to Lakshmi and Rishi to dance. Malishka says didn’t you see us dancing. Karishma says I pushed you to dance with him, else you was leaving. She says Rishi is agreeing to her sayings. He danced on her sayings, we know him, he don’t listen to anybody. She says he was dancing as if you was not there, and says very soon you will not exist for him. Malishka says what is the big deal if he danced with Lakshmi. Karishma says he was happy dancing with Lakshmi and asks her to better notice this herself. Malishka thinks aunty gave me stress, my Rishi is not like this.

Precap: Gurucharan informs Lakshmi about Rishi and Malishka’s affair, which is wrong. He says they are not just good friend, something is there between them surely. Later Lakshmi comes to Malishka and sees love band in her hand. She gets shocked. Rishi looks at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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