Bhagya Lakshmi 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Shalu asking Lakshmi why she made everyone cried and now you are laughing yourself. Virender asks her to keep smiling always. Lakshmi says even Rishi says this. Ayush asks Shalu not to tease his bhabhi. Shalu says she is my sister, I can say her anything. Lakshmi says you have troubled me a lot, now Ayush is with me. Bani says you used to say that she is not worried for di, as Ayush is with her, though he is jhalla, but good at heart. Ayush says you called me jhalla. Shalu says we will go home. Virender asks Ayush to drop them. Shalu insists to go by themselves. Virender says I will get angry and asks her to ask Lakshmi. Lakshmi says he has no anger. Bani says Rishi went on you and that’s why so sweet. Ayush says Rishi bhai is like me. Virender says he is like me. Rishi comes there and looks at Lakshmi. Virender tells them that they shall go from the room as Rishi came. They all go out. Lakshmi smiles seeing Rishi. Rishi gets upset. Lakshmi thanks him for saving him from fire. Rishi asks her to take care of herself and says I can’t come to save you always. Lakshmi says Rishi. Rishi says you are laughing here, and thought it as adventure, and says I have to suffer due to you and asks her to take care of herself and don’t expect him to take care of her, and says even I have my own life. Lakshmi gets worried. Rishi goes

Ayush drops Shalu and Bani home. Bani calls him Ayush ji, and says I didn’t call you ju. Shalu thanks him. He asks her to give him respect. Shalu gives him money, which Chacha gave her to give to taxi driver. He gets down the car and asks her to get down. He says I want respect and not the insult. He asks if she really likes him and wants to talk to him. He asks do you really like me and is possessive about me and don’t like Neha to be around me. Shalu smiles looking at him. Ayush laughs and asks if you want to faint, look at your face. Shalu says nothing can happen. Ayush says I will leave, remember me in your prayers. She says she won’t. He says I joked with you and played your band. He sits in the car again and leaves. Shalu comes back and says he is Jhalla, and don’t know what he says.

Lakshmi opens the cupboard and takes out her dress. She injures her finger while closing the cupboard. Rishi looks at her and asks what happened, and says I saw you are having pain. He asks her to sit. He asks where is it paining? Lakshmi says don’t know if I shall say truth, as you will get angry. Rishi apologizes for being in tension and took out his anger on her. He says where she got hurt? Lakshmi shows her hand. He gets angry on her and asks why you was always in hurry. Lakshmi says you are again scolding me and asks him not to vent out his anger on her. He says you are scolding me now. She says sorry. Rishi smiles. Lakshmi asks what happened? Rishi says I am smiling when someone scolded me for the first time. He asks where is the first aid box. She says it is in the cupboard. She says your hair is messed up and says you look good when it is styled nicely. He asks her to set his hair. Lakshmi sets his hair style with her fingers. Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega plays…..Lakshmi asks why you was in tension, and asks whose anger who was venting on me, who has spoiled your mood.

Viraj finishes the dinner and says he is full. He says why Malishka is not eating? Kiran says she is a slow eater. She asks about his Dada ji. Viraj says he is fine. He says he is going to meet Malishka’s dad tomorrow. Kiran says ok. Malishka recalls Rishi failing to kiss her, and gets upset. She gets up from her chair and goes. Kiran says I will check on her.

Lakshmi asks Rishi again. Rishi says Malishka. He says she was behaving strangely and went home. She says Malishka was hurt. He says he don’t want talk about her. He asks her to sit and asks sit to apply ointment on her hand. She refuses. He says I promise that I will do it slowly. He says I behave weirdly with you sometimes, don’t know why it happens. Lakshmi says I can understand. Rishi says no need to bear my anger, which is not for me. Lakshmi says you are mine, if I don’t understand you then what will be the difference between everyone and me. He says you are very good and asks her to hear what he is going to tell her. He says I am going to tell you this as a friend and not as a husband. He asks her not to let any person overpower her with his anger, and don’t bear anyone’s anger, and asks her to reply that person even if it is him. Lakshmi says you are my husband. Rishi says I am not God and you respect me as I am your husband, and you are my wife and deserves equal respect. He says if I get angry on you, then you shall not bear it. Lakshmi says I understood, and says that I will not bear anyone’s anger on me. Rishi says now you talked like my Lakshmi and holds her shoulders. She feels pain. He gets up realizing what he said, and asks himself really your Lakshmi, what I said.

Malishka tells Kiran that when we were caught in the fire. Rishi came to me, but when he saw Lakshmi, he ran to save her. She cries and hugs her. Viraj comes there. Malishka says whatever has happened, it has effected me a lot, says we will meet tomorrow. He asks her to take care and goes out. Kiran goes behind him.

Rishi is standing in the window. Lakshmi brings coffee for him. Rishi asks about her hand. Lakshmi thanks him for supporting her whenever she is in problem, says now I feel that you will not let any trouble come on me and will hold my hand always.

Kiran asks Viraj not to worry and says she will be fine. He says I know her since childhood, she is hiding something, related to Oberois. He says she loves someone there, but that guy haven’t given her response. He says if she loves Rishi, and then thinks he is married. He says if that guy is Ayush. Kiran says there is nothing like that, she is in trauma due to this accident. Viraj says may be I am overthinking and goes.

Malishka asks Kiran to check if there is network. Kiran says yes. Malishka says Rishi used to call me everytime, but this time, he didn’t call me.

Precap: Lakshmi tells Rishi that you are with me, you are my identity, I can’t separate myself from you. She says I love you and hugs him. Ayush looks at them and gets happy. Rishi holds Lakshmi and smiles. Malishka comes to Rishi’s house. Lakshmi asks why do you think that your right on him get less, as he got married. She says you have same right on him even now. Malishka looks at Rishi. Lakshmi asks why you both are fighting. Malishka says due to you, Rishi left me for you. Rishi is shocked. Malishka asks didn’t you leave me? Virender, Neelam and Dadi are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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