Bhagya Lakshmi 1st March 2022 Written Episode Update

Neelum is walking, Malishka running after her stops apologizing for what her mother said, Neelum questions what does Malishka desire as should Rishi stay alive but Malishka keeps on interfering questioning what does she desire, if Rishi should stay alive, Malishka even asks Karishma to not do this since she loves Rishi, Neelum gets frustrated and questions if she wants Rishi to stay alive, Malishka replies she surely wants him to remain alive for her, Neelum leaves this answers all of her questions, Malishka assures she is going to make Lakshmi pay after she comes back.

Neelum and Karishma walk to the house of Lakshmi, Karishma rings the bell when Neha opens it and thinks they are some children but Neelum asks if Lakshmi is in the house, Neha replies where can she go at this time of night, Neelum enters the house when Neha offers them to sit but they insist she call Lakshmi, Neha bumps into Rano, who questions why can she not see where she is going and who has come, Rano is shocked to see Neelum sitting in her room, she recalls how Neelum insulted her in her house exclaiming she cannot stoop so low to the level of Rano but Rano exclaims that this is her house and she cannot bear this humiliation, Rano replies this is her house so they all must watch what they are talking about, Rano starts arguing with Karishma but Neelum walks to Rano informing her father said they should talk with such people in their own language, she starts yelling Lakshmi who comes out.

Lakshmi stands in front of Neelum informing that she has come to take Lakshmi back to her house, who thinks that Neelum accepted her Kundali has the power to protect her son from the Markesh dosh, Neelum requests Lakshmi come back with her to protect her house from the troubles and problems,

Rano questions what is she saying because her son was with Malishka till yesterday but now desires to be with Lakshmi, Rano’s husband stops her saying this is the matter of their house and they can sort it, Neelum calls Karishma who opens the bag, Neelum informs that she brought 5 million for Lakshmi and she can count them but since it is time for the truth she is going to reveal it, Lakshmi takes the name of Markesh Dosh, Neelum replies she knows Lakshmi heard their conversation.

Lakshmi replies she always wondered why they married Rishi with her when she belongs from a village, she explains that her uncle and aunt always wondered how did she get married to Rishi, her sisters believed that her Bhagya was really good, but her Kundali is really good and has very strong qualities which can deter the Markesh dosh of Rishi, she reveals Neelum believes in all these, in the numerology and archaeology so before meeting her, she got her Kundali,

Neelum recalls how she showed it to pandit jee Lakshmi mentions she is understanding it that when papa jee came to their house, he found her Kundali, she was mad since she was never the wife of Rishi, and for the sole purpose to end the Markesh dosh which is why whenever he got in trouble she was always there, but had they told her the truth she would have still married him because she got a complete family including a mother and father, when she first found out about Malishka, she thought they all loved her which is why Rishi married her but even then was not able to forget Malishka however now has found out that in their marriage it was between their Kundali and when they were performing the circles,

it was actually their Kundali who were being made into one, she was not getting close to Rishi during the vows but their Kundali were coming close so that the qualities which she had end his Markeshdosh, she was not being married but in that relation was a deal, she cannot believe in any relation and even today she brought money.


Karisham mentions it is because she needs the money while they need her support. Karishma explains they did not do it before but now want to make a deal, there is no point in lying since Rishi will not leave Malishka because Lakshmi has seen how much he loves her and even risked his life for her, Neelum tries to question Karishma when she informs that this is the truth,

Neelum informs she did not think of it like this but only thought that she might need money, but there is no point in lying, Lakshmi explains that if she is talking about money but the truth is she is already working and will earn more,

Neelum explains she can think of it as a job for a year for which she is being paid, she can pay her even more for the work, it is not a problem but Lakshmi can think of it in any way, she can understand that they need her at this time for the life of her son, she is fine with it being a deal but Lakshmi should come with her and save Rishi, because of her Kundali and love.

Neelum questions why is she looking at her like this since she loves him a lot, Neelum explains she along with everyone else can see that she saved Rishi while he was protecting Malishka, she still loves him so can take the money and come out while they are waiting for her, Lakshmi refuses to come with them.

Malishka is wandering in the hall when Sonia questions what is she doing, Malishka informs she is planning the murder of Lakshmi so she goes away from their life, Sonia asks her to calm down, Malishka informs she is wandering like a sword over their heads, Sonia questions what is the problem since Rishi still loves her and even today tried to save her,

Malishka informs she is talking about Lakshmi, Neelum went to bring Lakshmi and she even made feel sympathetic for her but their relation was saved because of her love, Sonia asks her to not worry as everything will be fine, Malishka says that she is going to kill Lakshmi if she comes back to their house.

Neelum questions what is she saying, Rano questions what is she saying, she assures Neelum to not worry about what she is saying and she tries to take Lakshmi away, however Lakshmi refuses to do anything for them, Lakshmi asks Neelum to take the money with her, she does not believe in anything and even if she did then would not come with her, she needs to protect her sisters since she promised her parents and Neelum knows she does not break her promise.

Lakshmi’s uncle exclaims even then he would not have let her go with them, Neelum only cares for the life of her son but what about their daughter, she knows whenever Rishi was in trouble Lakshmi has saved his life, he loves his niece even when he doesnot have a big house and not love them like their father, they all have suffered a lot and Lakshmi has faced such a big lie, but god forbid if anything happened to her while saving Rishi, he vows that Lakshmi would not go with them.

Neelum questions why he is causing so much drama since his wife is looking at the bag full of money, she can see how much Lakshmi loves Rishi and even brought such a big proposal for her but they are only talking, she orders Lakshmi as the mother in law ordering her to pack her bags, Neelum’s uncle exclaims that even then she would not go with them.

Lakshmi inform she would have come with her if she came without the bag of money but she brought this money, Karishma once again interrupts if she wants them to beg, Shalu replies she wants respect from them and not treat them all like an object, Neelum warns her to act according to her age, she for the last time asks Lakshmi if she is going to come with her, saying only she will answer her question.

Lakshmi thinks how Rishi said he loves Malishka and even Neelum informed that Rishi was going to leave Lakshmi, remembering all these situation Lakshmi refuses to go with her saying she can take back the money but even if she can think of her as a shield to protect Rishi but her father taught there is no price for the self esteem and honour, Karishma and Neelum are shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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