Bhagya Lakshmi 1st March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Virender asking Sonia and Krishna to use their minds and think why Lakshmi will do this and says she will not do this even if it is needed. Neelam says that girl can do anything for her selfishness and tells that if needed then she can kill someone too. Dadi asks her to stop badmouthing about Lakshmi. Malishka takes Rishi to his room and locks the door. She recalls Rishi giving CPR to Lakshmi. She comes near him and says you have promised to kiss me, now we both are here, you don’t want to kiss infront of everyone. She asks him to kiss her and goes near him.

Dadi asks Neelam and others what do they think of Lakshmi that they slap her with big accusations, and says say whatever you want to, but first understand her else stop talking about her. Karishma says if we stop talking about her, then if she will return to her house, if all the dramas will be over. She says you don’t understand her, you think her good, but she is not like this. devika asks what you are saying? Sonia asks shall I count Lakshmi’s wrong doings and tells that she has spoiled Rishi and Malishka’s memorable moment. Karishma says Lakshmi spoiled it. Sonal says Malishka had told me that Lakshmi knew about it.

Devika asks her not to interfere and says it is our family matter. Dadi says Devika is right. Kiran asks if I can interfere as it is about my daughter. She says why Rishi always saves Lakshmi, as Shalu and other woman bani and her Chachi as there. Virender says it is Rishi’s values that he saved Lakshmi and says if Malishka was on her place then Rishi would have saved her also.

Kiran asks really and asks shall I tell you whenever Rishi has left her and says she can’t close her eyes like them. Virender says don’t think her wrong, Rishi was trying to save her. Karishma says it was all Lakshmi’s plan. Virender asks if Lakshmi knew that she will fall from balcony and Rishi will save her at the right time. She says she also knew that guest will suggest CPR. Karishma says yes, it was Lakshmi’s plan. She says we all are fighting because of her. Sonia says yes.

Karishma says there was nobody in the room, when Ayush checked. She says since she came here, she is betraying us and says don’t know from where she learns all this, and says I feel that she has betrayal and cleverness in her blood. Rano says enough. She tells Dadi that when Kiran can say, then I can also say. She tells that Lakshmi showed smartness and didn’t marry Balwinder, and Rishi and Ayush helped her. She says don’t talk about blood and says I will say whose blood is what? Karishma shouts at her.

Rano says Lakshmi is like cow, don’t know why you people badmouth against her and talks dirty. She asks them to see how the girls are? She says I heard that someone’s daughter here has done something before the marriage. Karishma and Sonia shout at her, asking how dare you? Rano calls Sonia as angrez ki dukan and asks her to back off. She tells Virender that if Lakshmi wanted then she would have filed case against them, and get all behind bars.

Karishma shouts and asks her to shut up, and says we will not be in jail, but we will get her jailed. Rano says someone touch her, then I will burn your respect. Dadi shouts asking them to stop it and tells that today she will end the drama, and tells that if your words are proved right, then I will throw her out of the house. She says if you all proved wrong then what punishment you want.

Shalu blames herself and tells Bani that it happened due to her. Ayush asks Shalu not to worry and says she will be fine. Shalu tells him that she heard Malishka and Sonal and prayed to baba ji. Ayush says reason is something else and Bhabhi will say after gaining consciousness. He says he is also getting tears in his eyes. Bani says wet eyes. Ayush says Shalu, you are Jhansi ki Rani and asks her to be strong, as he is with her. He asks her to pray to baba ji and makes her smile.

Rishi moves away. Malishka asks why he couldn’t kiss her, when he was kissing Lakshmi infront of everyone. Rishi asks if I was kissing Lakshmi and tells that he was saving her. Malishka says she wants to relive the moment, which they had on the bed. She asks him to give her a kiss.

Dadi says if you believe then accept my condition. She says if you prove wrong then have to bear the punishment which I will give you. She says you people are feeling somewhere that Lakshmi can’t do this, and that’s why not accepting the condition. Karishma asks why she takes Lakshmi’s side. Dadi says she is with truth and asks them to see what they have become. She says Lakshmi was saved from death and you people are talking bad about her. She says let her come in her senses, and then we will ask her. She asks if anyone has dare to speak up and accept my condition. Neelam raises her hand.

Ayush says if Lakshmi haven’t fainted then that would have happened between Rishi and Malishka. They smile. Rano comes there and asks Shalu and Bani to come with her. They refuse to go home. Rano asks why they want to get her insulted, and asks them to come tomorrow. Rishi pushes Malishka and refuses to kiss her. Malishka asks how dare you, you pushed me. She says we love each other and I asked for a kiss, says only she has right on him. She accuses him of kissing Lakshmi.

Rishi asks her to understand him, not just love him. He says Lakshmi and I was in the same room, but she never kissed me or never tried to come near me. He asks her to trust him atleast and says sorry to say, if you genuinely love me, then try to understand me. He says Lakshmi is my friend and understands me in a better way. She understands me, more than I understand myself.

Virender asks Neelam if you will go against Maa. Neelam says I am against her thoughts about Lakshmi and trying to bring her truth out. She says if Lakshmi is truthful, then I will apologize to you, and if Lakshmi is wrong then you will throw her out. She says I feel that she did everything deliberately. Dadi says there was a time, when you used to do good things for us, and I used to misunderstand you, and you asked me once why I do this. She says today I am asking you why you can’t differentiate between truth and lie.

Neelam says I can say this to you also. Dadi says my daughter was saved from death and you are saying this. Virender asks Dadi to calm down and takes her from there. Karishma tells Neelam that Lakshmi is making them fight and tells that she plans against us, and is steps ahead of us, which we can’t think of. Neelam says once her game is out, I will tell her what I can do. Sonal says you all are blaming Lakshmi, but this might be Rishi’s plan.

Precap: Rishi tells Lakshmi that if any day, her breath needs his heart beat, then he will give that also. He says the matter is about you, Lakshmi, my Lakshmi. Malishka gets angry on Sonal and tells that Rishi is just hers, and only she has the right to say anything against him, love him and kiss him. Lakshmi tells Rishi that he is going to marry Malishka and have relation with her. Rish says don’t talk like her, and says she is saying that you got the first kiss, which she should have got.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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