Bhagya Lakshmi 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi coming to the room and taking his clothes from there. Lakshmi talks to the chef, who tells that he is called every Sunday to make cakes. Sonia comes there and tells what she wants. Lakshmi asks Chef what Rishi likes? The Chef says cup cakes. Lakshmi takes tea for Rishi. Rishi comes out after bathing. Lakshmi closes his eyes. He says I am wearing vest and towel and asks her to look at him. Just then his towel drops and falls down. Lakshmi and Rishi say sorry to each other and turn their face. The chef talks to his daughter and says he can’t come.

Lakshmi comes there and says his daughter’s name is good. Rishi asks how is Soumya? Chef says she was insisting me to come home and take her outside. Lakshmi asks Rishi to let him go. Rishi asks him to go. Lakshmi says who will make cup cakes. Rishi says you are not the only allrounder. He asks the Chef to go. Chef thanks Lakshmi and Rishi and goes. Lakshmi assists Rishi as he makes cup cakes. Virender looks at Rishi and Lakshmi working in the kitchen. Lakshmi moves her hair from her face. Rishi says I will do it and moves her hair from her face with his hand. The cup cake batter applies on her hair with his hand. He wipes it and says sorry. He gets naughty and applies batter on her hair.

Lakshmi says Rishi. Rishi applies the batter on her hair again. Lakshmi dips her hands in the batter and goes behind Rishi. Rishi runs out. Lakshmi goes behind Rishi. Virender says not me. He asks Rishi to send his mom and asks Lakshmi to clean her face. He thinks both of them are happy and laughing aloud. He looks at the batter and thinks of Dadi asking him to take suggestion from Rishi. He thinks he will make Neelam happy today. Rishi comes to Neelam and asks her to go to kitchen as Dad is calling him.

Neelam thinks why is he blushing and feeling shy. She goes to the kitchen and asks did you call me? Virender asks her to taste the batter, and applies batter on her hair. He then asks her to apply some on his face. Neelam asks what are you saying? Other chef comes there and says senior chef sent him here. Neelam asks Virender to let him make and goes. Virender makes a sad face.

Rishi comes to Lakshmi and says look at this mischievous face. Lakshmi says you don’t know even to make batter of cup cake. He says I did that unintentionally and says you ran after me. Lakshmi says think what I will do, if you do anything intentionally. Rishi says I agree to get any punishment. Lakshmi asks him to think and says you can’t think what I will do. Sudeep comes there and says Bua ji is calling you. Rishi says I will come. Lakshmi says even I will go, and says she liked playing with him, and asks if he enjoyed. He says yes, I felt good, but…good. Lakshmi says you are saying it forcibly. She asks really? He says lie. He laughs. Lakshmi also laughs.

Bani asks Shalu if she is waiting for someone’s call. Shalu says she is not waiting for Ayush’s call. Bani says I haven’t taken his name. Shalu gets upset.

Malishka comes to Oberoi house. Virender and Karishma greet her. Malishka says I think that I don’t disturb you. Virender says this is your house like before. Ayush looks shocked. Malishka says Uncle told me that this is my house. She tells Rishi that she has some work with him. Lakshmi comes there and asks Malishka to have breakfast. Malishka says I will have it later and gives something to Rishi. Rishi gets shocked seeing the wedding invite of Malishka and his marriage.

Neelam comes there. Rishi drops the card on the floor. Neelam and Malishka bend down to pick it. Their head collide. Rishi picks the card and asks Lakshmi to tell Neelam and Malishka about black dog biting when two heads collide. Lakshmi tells it. Karishma laughs. Virender says it happened with Ayush and says we had collided, but didn’t listen to Lakshmi, and then the black dog bit Ayush. Ayush says yes. Karishma asks when did it bite you. Rishi asks Malishka to come with him.

Lakshmi asks him to come soon for the breakfast. She calls Virender and Ayush as liars team. She tells Karishma that cup cakes are made for her. Karishma says she knows. Neelam asks where is Sonia? Rishi asks Malishka, what was the need to bring the card here, and says if anyone has seen it. He says you are giving me so much stressed. Malishka argues and gets angry on him. She then recalls her mom’s words.

Precap: Lakshmi plans candle light dinner for Rishi. Malishka asks Pandit ji to get her marriage done with Rishi, and the latter shall not know that the marriage has solemnized. Pandit ji gets shocked. Lakshmi finds Rishi with Malishka’s wedding card with today’s date. Pandit ji covers ghunghat on Malishka’s head and ghatbandhan cloth on Rishi’s shoulder. Rishi gets surprised. They were sitting for the marriage. Lakshmi gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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