Bhagya Lakshmi 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Leela telling that she will leave now. Karishma asks her to wait and see Rishi’s choice. Leela says Rishi is taking time to select the guy, as it is the matter of Lakshmi’s life, he cares for her so much, so will not take any decision for Lakshmi in a hurry. She says I don’t mind, I shall leave now. Karishma says if you have stayed back, then would have helped Rishi. Leela says nobody can help him, as he will hear just his heart for Lakshmi. Malishka says Rishi will not listen to anyone. Leela says exactly and goes. Karishma says what’s wrong with Rishi. Malishka tells that she has chosen Harry and Rishi also liked him, but he wants to wait for Venky and Pinky’s options.

Karishma says don’t know until when this thing will go on. Sonia says Rishi bhai will not let her marry and will not let her go, this thing is fed in his mind by that Lakshmi. Neelam comes home and hears them. Rishi says I will talk to Leela aunty and goes. Ayush tells Shalu that they can’t confuse him again and again. Shalu says he is smart and will catch our mischief. Lakshmi comes there. Ayush says Rishi Bhai has chosen guy for you, and says you will soon marry and will leave. Lakshmi says it is good, if I go away from here, then everyone will stay here happily like before.

Shalu says you made my Di sad unnecessarily. Ayush says I said this deliberately, as I wanted to see this sad face, the pain on her face. Shalu says it is ok, if you don’t want to marry, and says if you separate from Rishi, then you can’t be happy. Ayush says you both are written in each other’s destiny. Lakshmi says if we are written in each other’s destiny, then we wouldn’t have been separated. She says Rishi’s marriage with Malishka is necessary. Ayush says lets see.

Sonia asks Neelam to do something. Karishma says Malishka had chosen Harry, but Rishi didn’t choose her. Rishi comes and asks for Leela. Malishka says she went. Neelam calls Rishi and tells that she has talked to Pandit ji about Malishka and his marriage, and he will soon take out mahurat. Rishi says what is the hurry? Neelam says Malishka’s parents asked me when the marriage will happen. She says if Pandit ji takes out tomorrow’s date, then I will get you both married tomorrow itself.

Malishka thanks Neelam and says she wants to get married to him, it is her dream and tells that she wants the marriage to be grand and not simple. She says she wants her marriage to be memorable which is remembered by everyone. Neelam says I didn’t mean tomorrow itself and says I want it to be grand and at the earliest. Rishi says Mom, first Lakshmi shall get married. Neelam asks did you swear to get her married first? She says you can get her married after your marriage, first you will marry Malishka.

Kiran tells Abhay, you have forced Neelam to get the marriage done at the earliest. Abhay says Neelam has bent down her head infront of us, due to Rishi’s stubbornness. He says nobody has guts to trap Neelam Oberoi. Kiran says if she will force Rishi to marry Malishka. Abhay says yes. Kiran says if they have an argument and if Rishi takes any wrong decision. Abhay says then we will plan accordingly.

Rishi tells that he has promised Lakshmi that he will get her married, as I have committed her. Malishka argues. Karishma asks him to give justification, why he wants to get Lakshmi married first. Neelam says she don’t want any justification, as she knows that there is no justification and if there is, then also I don’t want to hear. She says you have gone against me, and your Dad and Dadi support you, and take Lakshmi’s side, and I have to accept defeat.

She says you want to search a good guy for Lakshmi, ok search, I will give you one month and says just after the month ends, I will get you married to Malishka. Rishi says if the groom can’t be found in one month then? Neelam says we have to fix the time, it is Lakshmi’s destiny if any guy gets ready to marry her, else I will get you married to Malishka. She says the countdown starts today. She says after a month, Malishka and you will get married and that’s final. Rishi goes upset. Malishka smiles.

Rishi comes to Lakshmi and says Mom said that I shall get married to malishka in a month and shall get you married within a month. He says how to make Mom understand that I can’t search guy for you within a month. Lakshmi says why you hurt your mom always, you have promised to marry Malishka. Rishi says I will marry her, but after your marriage. Lakshmi asks him to marry Malishka and not to wait for her marriage to happen. Rishi says if anyone forces him, then he will leave the house and will run away from there.

Lakshmi keeps his hand on her head and gives him swear that he shall always stay in the house with her always. Rishi says you will always stay here. She says I mean with Malishka, you will stay with her here. She asks him not to think of leaving because of her, else she will leave from here and he shall say Lakshmi Lakshmi. Rishi says ok, I will say Lakshmi Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks him to swear on her that he will not leave the house. He swears that he will not leave the house. She asks him to swear that he will marry Malishka. He takes off his hand from her head.

Sonia hugs Neelam. Neelam asks Malishka if she is happy? Malishka says she is very happy and thanks her. Sonia asks her to call her Mom. Neelam says she is more dear to us, than our daughter. Karishma says even for me. Neelam asks her to tell Kiran that their marriage will be after a month. Malishka gets happy. Sonia hugs her and tells that tomorrow is Valentine’s day. Neelam tells that she will throw party for Rishi and Malishka and tells that she has bear so much for Rishi, and stayed for him. She says tomorrow’s party is for you.

Lakshmi asks Rishi to agree to his Mom’s sayings. Rishi goes upset. Lakshmi thinks if Rishi agrees then its ok. Shalu comes there and tells Lakshmi that she is leaving. Lakshmi asks you helped Rishi to search the guy. Shalu says we confused him. Lakshmi asks have you both gone mad and tells that Rishi is very worried for her. Shalu says we were just helping you both. Lakshmi says don’t do such help, we can never unite. She asks her to do something so that she gets married soon and leave from here. She says if you think that my marriage can happen at the earliest, then only come here, else don’t come to meet me.

Precap: Devika tells Lakshmi and Dadi that Neelam kept party for Rishi and Malishka. Rishi says happy valentine’s day to Lakshmi and says it is the day of two people in love, and that’s why I want to give this rose to you. Lakshmi takes the rose and happy valentine’s day. She says you…Rishi asks don’t you love me. Neelam says she wants to break Rishi and Lakshmi’s relation for forever, so that her inauspicious reflection doesn’t fall on her son.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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