Bhagya Lakshmi 20th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Ahana to say, what Gautam said. Malishka comes near the room and stops to hear them. Ahana says Gautam said that …She then asks Lakshmi, if she can hug her. Lakshmi asks did you really tell everything to Gautam. Ahana nods her head in agreement and hugs Lakshmi.

Ahana says when I told Gautam about my pregnancy, I thought he will refuse for marriage, but he heard everything silently and told that he likes me. She says he said that everyone has past, good or bad, and whatever is gone is gone, and what is important is today, and today we are going to have roka. Lakshmi asks did you tell him before roka? Ahana says I told just before the roka. Lakshmi is happy.

Ahana says lets go and tell everyone that it was my pregnancy report and not yours. Malishka hears her. Lakshmi asks about Gautam’s parents. Ahana says Gautam haven’t spoken to them yet. Lakshmi says give sometime to Gautam. She says if we say anything to anyone now, then Rishi will beat your ex boyfriend and Ayush will also not like him. Ahana asks until then will you bear?

Lakshmi says she understands their anger and tells that they shall be quiet, then we will tell everyone, once Gautam convinces his family. She asks her to wait for sometime. Ahana says what about your sufferings? Lakshmi says this is nothing infront of my Ahana. Ahana hugs her. Malishka thinks she wants to be great, but she will be big foolish. She says tomorrow is a court hearing and I will take advantage of it and get you both divorced. She says I will make it as the last day of your marriage, and says I will make the impossible thing possible and it will be my final victory.

Rishi and Ayush come there. Malishka says she wants to talk to Rishi. Rishi says I have a feel that something is not right. Ayush asks Malishka to ask him. Rishi says about Lakshmi’s pregnancy, I feel that she is not pregnancy. Malishka is shocked. Rishi says Lakshmi is not foolish, but mature and knows to handle situations. He says lakshmi knows well that if she is pregnant with someone else’s child then judge will grant her divorce and will not give alimony also.

Ayush says if report was wrong then she wouldn’t have bear, and would have told. Malishka says obviously. Rishi says I have a feeling that she is not pregnant. Ayush says I will meet you later and goes. Malishka asks what about those reports. She thinks you think right, Ahana is pregnant. She thinks to break Rishi’s heart and will bring the baby’s father here.

She thinks to send Ahana away else she will ruin her game. She comes to Karishma and says I heard that Pandit ji is coming to fix the dates. Karishma says yes, kundali and dates, relations break due to this. Malishka says I know it. She tells Karishma that she has talked to designer about Ahana’s clothing and asks can I take her? Karishma thanks her and says Lakshmi tried to spoil Ahana. Malishka says Lakshmi will be soon punished for her doings.


Karishma comes to Lakshmi’s room and asks Ahana what is she doing with Lakshmi’s dupattas. Ahana likes it. Karishma says it is low and road side and asks what happened to your eyes. She says I have talked to Malishka’s designer and she has much good dupattas of your standard. Ahana goes from there. Karishma asks Lakshmi to stay away from her daughter and says she is of rich family and is very sanskari. She asks her to stay away from her and goes.

Gautam’s parents tell that it is good that date is fixed. Neelam taunts Lakshmi indirectly. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Dadi says we shall talk everything good. Gautam’s father says your pudina chutney was awesome, Lakshmi.Lakshmi says I will pack it. Gautam’s mother says he has troubled me a lot asking me to make it. Lakshmi asks her to take the recipe.

Gautam’s father says what they will say that they come to have food always. Dadi says they are always welcome. Gautam’s parents says they are happy to get awesome bahu. They leave. Virender says bring some sweets. Lakshmi goes to bring it. Neelam tells that she is happy for Ahana.

Ayush says I never saw Ahana doing wrong, she is really good. Sonia says her life is set. Virender says don’t know when she has grown up. Dadi says she used to pee in her lap. Neelam says she will dance and asks Karishma to get dhol nagara…

Just then they hear dhol sound. Ayush asks Rishi if he called band guys. Rishi says no. Balwinder comes inside with the dhol/band guys and dances happily. Virender asks stop it. Balwinder says if you are happy then you express it, if we are happy then why can’t we play dhol. Rishi asks Balwinder to leave.

Balwinder says I have come to make uncle have sweets. Virender throws the sweets. Balwinder asks Lakshmi what is she doing, and asks her not to do work in this condition. He takes the sweets tray from her hand and tastes the sweets. Neelam asks didn’t you hear what my son said, get lost from here. Balwinder says I will leave with respect and happiness, with my family. He asks the men to play dhol.

Neelam keeps hand on her ears. Karishma asks him to go and show his cheapster things outside. Ayush asks him to go. Neelam asks him to take the money and leave. Balwinder gives the money to the band guys. Virender asks him to leave else. Balwinder says I have come to take Lakshmi and asks her to come.

He tells Lakshmi that he will not let them insult her or him. Lakshmi asks what nonsense? Why will I come with you? Balwinder says nobody understands the language of love and asks why did I come with Dhol Nagara. Neelam asks Lakshmi to go out and talk to him.

Balwinder asks who made sugarless tea and asks didn’t you have sugar? He stops Dadi and asks her to stay back and hear Lakshmi and his suspence? Rishi asks Ayush to call Police. Balwinder says let Police come and know the truth of Oberoi family. He asks whose baby is in Lakshmi’s womb and says I will break the suspense infront of Police. He tells Lakshmi that she should have told Rishi, and says the baby in her womb is not of Rishi, but of me, Balwinder Sood. Everyone is shocked.

Balwinder says everyone is shocked. Virender asks him to leave. Balwinder asks didn’t Lakshmi go to Rano’s house few days back. He says your son has broken many girls’ heart and he even broke Lakshmi’s heart after marriage. He says she wanted a shoulder and I gave her. He says she was crying and I made her quiet with much difficulty. He says it was a moonlight night and her hair was open.

Rishi couldn’t bear and grabs his collar, asking him to leave. Neelam says we accept that Lakshmi is having baby, so what do you want. Virender says Neelam. Neelam says baby’s father is not Rishi and Lakshmi is upto something from start. She asks if he needs money. Balwinder says he don’t need money nor their name, and says he will give his name Sood to the baby.

Precap: Balwinder tells Lakshmi that Rishi doesn’t trust her. He drags her holding her hand. Lakshmi cries. Rishi beats Balwinder and looks at Lakshmi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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