Bhagya Lakshmi 21st February 2022 Written Episode Update

The robber gets really angry seeing the video and throws it away, Lakshmi gets tensed hearing the scream so rushes to see if Rishi is fine, Shalu tries to stop Lakshmi.

Inspector Rakesh reaches the bank, he orders the police officers to hurry up since these people are busy in breaking the law, they are going to break them by entering the bank really soon.

Karishma along with the manager is being taken to the side, Inspector Rakes asks them to move ahead and watch some movies if they are interested in action, he then orders his men to find out how the reporters reach before them, Manager explains they were the hostages in the bank but managed to come out,

Inspector Rakesh questions why were they able to come out, Karishma explains the entire situation which worries the inspector, Manager reveals that even her friends daughter is trapped inside and she even threw the master keys out the window, he questions how did she get control of the keys,

the reporters explain that the robbers have taken hostages in such a big bank, it is now a task for the police to make sure nothing wrong happens to the hostages, constable comes informing a lot of reporters have arrived, he asked Karishma and the manager if they can give any other detail about the kidnappers,

Karishma replies they were assuring they are not going to harm anyone, he asks if they saw their face, Karishma explains he was right in front of them, Inspector Rakesh says it is not good since if anyone sees the face of these criminals they kill them, Karishma questions what about her son.

Inspector Rakesh asks the Manager to help them make a blue print of the bank since it is not made public, he calls for the sketch artist, Manager informs that she did not give them the master key but the key to her desk, and she still has the master key, she gives the key to the manager.

Lakshmi is running when Shalu stops her questioning what is she doing since they are calling Lakshmi, she is tensed about Rishi, Shalu explains the robbers might have seen a video or news, Lakshmi reveals that she had a phone so went to the window and made an sos video requesting for help, Shalu gets impressed explaining that she is really brave just like their Bau jee who made the right call, they both rush to hide since it is the best for them.

Inspector Rakesh explains that the robbers would have found out the key is of her desk and not the master key so they are surely going to call outside and negotiate with him, he orders the constable to make sure the blueprint of the bank gets ready, he requests the manager to reveal every detail about the bank, karishma mentions he said that they might kill everyone in the bank but Inspector replies things have changed as they still have the trump card.

The robber says they need to be sure that they have come here for the locker number 503 which has a lot of jewellery and wealth, since it belongs to the wife of jeweller Ram Nik, one of his men is his driver and it is him who revealed these inside news, so he is surely going to leave with that money but if they try to act smart then he is going to kill them which is why he revealed the news, he says they need to decide who has to live, he orders them to go and open locker 503 after which they can take anything else in the other lockers, Shipra leaves with the other men.

One of the robbers sees the police with the reporters outside and informs them to says to the boss who gets tensed, Inspector Rakesh is with the reporters trying to send them away when they say that this cannot happen because if the robbers get angry and throw something outside, it might cause problems for them, however the reporters do not leave but Inspector is forced to request them.

Malishka requests Rishi for some water and he stands to bring it for her but is stopped by the robbers who question why he is trying act over smart since they ordered him to not move, Rishi questions what the problem is since he is just going to get the water, Aayush also stands with Rishi, the boss throws a bottle at Rishi asking him to give it to Malishka.

He asks them to get ready as the police will surely try to contact them. Shipra is trying to open the lockers but is not able to so explains that she made a fool of them, she calls downstairs informing they are being made fools, boss asks this was the same key which she threw but Shipra reveals this is not the master key. The robbers hear a phone ringing outside, so the boss asks them to bring it since he knows the police left it on purpose, they bring the mobile.

Inspector Rakesh says a lot of big criminals answer his call so he must tell why he has kept the hostage, the boss replies anyone can say why they take hostage since they are their insurance and even he desired to talk with the inspector who is glad a clever criminal he is facing, Inspector replies he gives a compliment only once so is advising that they surrender and come outside, but the boss explains the banks manager has come outside so would have revealed their plan but he can send the master key.

Inspector Rakesh refuses to give it, the boss questions why do they always do such things however Inspector Rakesh refuses to give the key when the boss decides to kill a hostage and brings to fire in the air which worries the inspector who asks how does he think the manager still has the key, the robber explains he has robbed a lot of banks and when they meet then he would find out,

the robber explains it is even worse since the police only has five minutes to arrange the key because if it doesnot happen then a dead body would come out. Inspector ends the call and the constable comes questioning if he was able to succeed, inspector replies they are facing a mental criminal so would have to think,

Karishma requests to meet the inspector revealing that his son Aayush and Rishi along with his fiancé Malishka is inside so he needs to hurry, Inspector replies he is doing all he can but this is not a food so he is promising to bring the hostages out safe and sound.

Malishka questions why she cannot be angry with him since he opened a joint account with Lakshmi, Rishi reveals that he did this because of Yogesh who the brother of his friend and he is needed to meet the target in order to get a promotion, he did it for him, Malishka hugs explaining he is really a nice person, Aayush also replies that he knows his brother is the nicest person in this world. Rishi also thinks if Lakshmi is fine as it is good that she is still hiding.

Lakshmi once again says to Shalu that she cannot stay inside and needs to leave, Shalu questions what is outside when Lakshmi replies she needs to go and be with Rishi since he was caught because of her and so now she feels she needs to go be with him since it is not right,

Shalu is talking when Shipra from above the desk explains that here both the sisters are meeting which is not so common, she asks them both to hurry up, she starts pulling Shalu when Lakshmi requests her to stop since they are coming. Shipra takes them both to the main hall when the boss pulls the hair of Lakshmi questioning why did she make the video when he asked them to not do anything clever,

Rishi is not able to bear it so fights with the boss, he even manages to throw his gun but Shipra meanwhile places a knife on Lakshmi neck, urging Rishi to take a step forward if he dare to, Rishi requests Shipra to not do anything t Lakshmi, he requests them to not do anything to Lakshmi, both of them look each other in the eyes, when Rishi sees the blood flowing from her neck meanwhile she is crying, Malishka is really tensed seeing them both looking each other.

Neelum reaches with Virender to the bank, she calls the inspector who signals her to wait when Virender meets Karishma, Neelum is relived saying this means that everyone has come out and is safe however Karishma replies that only they managed to come out but everyone else is still inside,

Neelum questions why she not saved Rishi even when she knows that the Markeshdosh is really high today, they all are really tensed. Karishma mentions she did not know what to do at that time, Neelum rushes to meet with the inspector herself, the reporters see Virender.

The robber holds Rishi by the neck, ordering him to choose who he loves the most because if he doesnot say anything they both would die, he asks if Rishi loves Lakshmi or Malishka, seeing this Rishi is really tensed, he is asked to choose since the women he loves the most will live, they all look to each other while the robber sits down on the bench.

Update Credit to: Sona

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