Bhagya Lakshmi 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kiran telling Abhay that she is Neelam Oberoi and don’t like anyone to overpower her or rule on her or force her for anything. She says even if her answer is yes, then also she will not call. Abhay says big deal, I will call her. Malishka comes there happily and hugs Kiran and Abhay. She says finally I am very happy today. They ask what is the matter? Malishka tells them that Neelam told Rishi that his marriage with her will happen after a month. Kiran asks if Rishi didn’t say. Malishka says no. Abhay says I didn’t leave any option for her. Malishka says Neelam aunty surprised her, by throwing valentine’s day party for her. Kiran and Abhay are happy for Malishka.

Lakshmi is about to give medicine to Dadi, and asks why is she angry? Dadi says she is very angry, but can’t vent out anger in this age. Lakshmi asks what happened? Dadi says Neelam has fixed Rishi’s marriage with Malishka after a month. Lakshmi says marriage is decided, so it shall happen. Dadi asks if she is not feeling bad? Lakshmi says we are separated now and have divorced. She says Rishi and Malishka loves each other. Dadi asks don’t you love him? Lakshmi says Rishi and Malishka’s marriage is necessary. Devika comes there to give medicine to Dadi. Lakshmi says she already gave. Devika tells them about Neelam throwing party for Malishka and Rishi.

Virender asks Neelam if she is throwing party. Neelam asks did you get time to talk to me. She says yes. Virender says nowadays you have left discussing with me before taking any decision. She says since you made Lakshmi as your daughter, all the family is punished for it. He asks if you took this decision for hurting Lakshmi or me. Neelam says you are my husband and Lakshmi doesn’t have any value for my revenge. She says I kept party for Malishka’s happiness, whom I regard as my daughter, it is my gift for her, and I have invited some guests also. She says I am going to make a big announcement tomorrow.

Virender says announcement. Neelam says I will announce that Rishi and Malishka’s marriage will happen after a month. She says I will announce that Lakshmi will get married to someone else. She says she will cut off Lakshmi’s all relations with Rishi, so that she can’t trap him in any of the births, so that her inauspicious reflection don’t fall on him. She lies on the bed to sleep. Virender gets upset.

Malishka tells that she has spent many valentine’s days with Rishi. Rishi comes there and says I love you. She hugs him. He asks her to promise that she will be his valentine all life. She promises him. He asks her to close her eyes, and makes her wear a necklace. He then asks her to open her eyes. Malishka says diamond necklace, wow. Rishi says it is not beautiful as you. He asks for her gift. Malishka says I didn’t bring your gift, but I have something priceless for you.

She is about to kiss him, when her dream breaks, hearing the phone call. She thinks it is not my phone, and sees call on Sonal’s phone. She wakes up Sonal and tells that Rishi was kissing her in dream when her phone rang. Sonal says it was Ashish’s call, he doesn’t get sleep, and then he don’t let me sleep. Malishka says I know how to wake you up. Sonal goes to talk to Ashish, after telling that she needs privacy. Malishka says Rishi was about to kiss me in dream. She lies down to sleep again.

Lakshmi wakes up in night and sees Rishi sitting on the sofa and sleeping. Lakshmi thinks if he tied my foot again, then why is he guarding me? She gets up from the bed and sees rose in his hand. She thinks if he brought rose for me. Rishi wakes up and asks if morning came? Lakshmi says no. Rishi says thank god, you saved. Lakshmi says I didn’t stop night and haven’t asked morning not to come. Rishi says I was sleeping peacefully, if you had stopped night, then I would have slept peacefully. He asks what I had said? Lakshmi says that my voice gives you peace.

He says along with your voice, even you give me peace and asks where you learnt this. Lakshmi says I promised that I will not elope. Rishi says I trust you, and have come here to give you this. Lakshmi says you would have given this in morning. Rishi says I wanted to give it to you. He says when he came, she was sleeping so he sat on the sofa. He says happy valentine’s day and says it is day of people loving each other and that’s why I want to give this to you. Lakshmi looks at him. Song plays…oh re naina…Lakshmi takes the rose in her hand. Rishi signs her and asks will you not wish me, it is your choice.

Lakshmi says happy valentine’s day and says says don’t you love me? He says just like I love you, even you love me, I know. He says that’s why happy valentine’s day, and we are best friends of each other and love each other a lot. He says happy valentine’s day to my best friend, well wisher and savior. He says even friends can celebrate valentine’s day who love each other. Lakshmi says right. Rishi says whatever relation we have, is truthful, right and from heart.

Lakshmi thanks him for rose and says you shouldn’t have been here in my room. Rishi says if I had given you this in morning, then everyone would have scolded me. He says I will bear it, but can’t see anyone scolding you. He asks her to wish him in a complete way. She says I wished you, but I didn’t have a rose. She takes a tissue paper and makes flower with it. She says happy valentine’s day, stubborn Rishi, for fighting with all the family for me, bearing the troubles for me, and says I wish you happy valentine’s day to you.

She says she has just paper flower. Rishi takes it and says very nice, it will be with me always, as it will never wither, and you will be with me with this flower. They look at each other, smiling. Rishi smells it and says good night. He goes smelling it. Song plays….

Precap: Neelam tells Karishma that today is the day of Rishi and Malishka. Karishma says I am sure that Malishka will make it very memorable. Shalu tells Bani that they have to think good and do good for them. Malishka tells Rishi that she wants him to kiss her today on valentine’s day infront of everyone. Lakshmi looks on. Rishi tells Malishka that problem is that I don’t want to kiss you. Lakshmi asks why you can’t kiss her? Rishi asks if I can kiss you infront of everyone?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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