Bhagya Lakshmi 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Virender asking if Lakshmi has done this. Rano says nobody else can have her thumb. She recalls getting Lakshmi’s thumb impressions on the papers when she was sleeping in the night and then wiping the ink from her finger. fb ends. Rano says Lakshmi herself has done this. Rishi comes downstairs and asks for the papers. Ayush asks him not to react. Rano asks for the pen. Rishi looks at the papers and recalls Lakshmi’s words that he is her identity, and her love.

Rano says nobody have pen and asks him to sign with kajal pencil. Rishi says I will sign on the papers after meeting Lakshmi and will give her divorce, I don’t care, it is good that she has sent the papers to sign. He goes with the papers. Rano asks him to give alimony. She asks for the water and says my throat is dried. She shows her broken sandal. Virender asks why there is so much poison in you and says there is no love for Lakshmi in your words.

Rano says you have thrown her out of the house, late in night and says she had come to my house, as she knew that she will get true love there. She blames them for having fake love for Lakshmi. Neelam asks her to stop and tells that your love can be fake, but Virender’s love for Neelam is true. She says you are not Chachi, but saudagar. She says I got Rishi married to Lakshmi as it was necessary.

Rano says you thought your son will mend his ways after marriage, but Lakshmi will fight for her rights. Virender praises Lakshmi. Neelam tells Rano, that you was getting Lakshmi married to driver Balwinder, who has police cases and fraud cases. She says you was trying to ruin her life, being her Chachi and acting here with us. She says we have heard your nonsense, as our son has done a mistake, but you can’t raise finger on my husband and Lakshmi’s relationship. She asks her to question herself and says you tried to get your daughter married to Rishi, so that your daughter becomes the bahu of a rich house.

She asks if this is enough to close your mouth. She says I have so much to say, but what will be the difference between us both, else you will have to search the shallow water to drown. She says I have tested you closely, I can’t believe that Lakshmi has sent these papers. She says I will believe when Lakshmi tells this herself. Rano tells that she will give her such an answer, which will be heavy on them. She asks her to wait for her attack and goes.

Rishi looks at Lakshmi as he comes to the same office, where Lakshmi came for interview. He thinks where did she go suddenly? Ayush calls Rishi and asks where were you? He asks him not to go to Lakshmi’s house. Rishi ends the call. Vishal comes there and asks Rishi to go to his cabin.


Ayush thinks thank god, Rishi haven’t gone there. Neelam comes there and asks Ayush to come with her. Receptionist asks Lakshmi to meet Vishal. Vishal calls Rishi and asks him to give a questionnaire to the girl who comes for the interview. Lakshmi knocks on the cabin. Rishi is busy in a meeting with someone, on the laptop.

Ayush comes to Preetam’s house with Neelam. Preetam asks them to come. Neelam asks where is Shalu, Bani and Lakshmi? Preetam says they have gone out. Neelam asks him to call Lakshmi and asks her to come fast. Preetam is about to call her. Lakshmi comes inside the cabin and sits. They don’t see each other. Rishi gives her questionnaire. Peon comes and gives them coffee. Rishi turns to lakshmi.

Lakshmi bends down to pick the pen. Rishi takes Lakshmi’s cup and drinks coffee. He then keeps the cup. Lakshmi drinks coffee and keeps the cup. Rishi and Lakshmi touch the same coffee mug. Lakshmi says it is my coffee. Rishi looks at her hearing her. Lakshmi also sees him. Rishi ends the call and gets up. Lakshmi also gets up. Receptionist comes there and asks Lakshmi to meet HR Vishal and not this Vishal. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she has come here for job. Receptionist asks who is he? Rishi says he is Vishal’s friend. Lakshmi goes to other Vishal’s cabin. A girl comes to Vishal’s cabin.

Rishi says he will send her form. Lakshmi gives interview to Vishal mehra. Rishi’s friend Vishal comes to him and asks why are you looking as if your love has left you. Rishi says my love can’t leave me. Vishal asks him to drink coffee. Rishi says I have left drinking coffee. Vishal asks him to come and discuss event with him. Rishi goes behind him. Vishal Mehra tells Lakshmi that they can’t have big job for her and asks her to clean the files, arrange it in alphabetical order etc. Lakshmi says I will do the job. Vishal says you can join from now and says I will tell you what you shall do. Lakshmi thanks him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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