Bhagya Lakshmi 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Lakshmi to see that everything is normal and he is sitting infront of him. Lakshmi cries. Rishi says it is late, I have to go. Lakshmi asks him not to go, and tells that some black reflection took you away from me. Rishi says it is meaningless dream. Lakshmi says it was my early morning dream and I had told you that my early morning dreams fulfills. Malishka wakes up and tells herself happy gorgeous, today is her marriage day. She thinks today Rishi will be mine and checks for his call and messages. She thinks he didn’t call or message, and thinks to call him. Rishi gets ready. Malishka calls him and says I love you. Rishi says I love you too. Malishka asks him to come home at 7 pm, and says Pandit ji told that we shall marry between 7-9 pm. She asks if he is happy? He says don’t know. Malishka says everything will be fine and ends the call. She thinks to make Rishi believe that he is doing right by marrying her, and thinks she knows what to do.

Dadi and Virender have the tea made by Lakshmi. Ayush comes there and takes the tea. Virender says it is my tea. Ayush says if I drink good tea, then all the day will be good. Virender asks him to thank him, as Lakshmi is his daughter, and he brought her here. Ayush says then I shall thank Dadi and thanks her for giving birth to Mama, and he brought Lakshmi here. He throws apples on him. Dadi says I am ashamed that you couldn’t hit him well. She takes the apple to throw at him, but bites it. She tells that Ayush is very dear to her, being her daughter’s son. Neelam comes there and asks why everyone keeps quiet seeing me. She asks if Rishi went? Rishi says how can I go without you. Neelam says you will not go today, as Mumbai is on red alert today and storm is going to come today at around 8 pm. Rishi says I will come before 8 pm. Neelam asks him to take care and come on time. She asks him to have breakfast. He says I will have it in office and goes. He comes out and sees Lakshmi doing Tulsi puja.. He asks if she is still unwell. Lakshmi says don’t worry about me. He says ok. She says I like when you care for me. He is about to go. She holds his hand and asks him not to go. Rishi says whatever dream you have seen is meaningless. She asks will you leave me? She says if one day you don’t go to office then what will happen? She asks if there is some meeting today. He nods yes.

Ayush comes there. Lakshmi asks Ayush to be with Rishi and take care of him. She says I don’t want him to go today, but….Ayush asks her to hold his hand. Lakshmi says take care of him, for me. Ayush says ok, I will take care of him for you. Rishi asks Ayush to come. Lakshmi recalls the dream and says why she has a feeling that something wrong is going to happen. Ayush and Rishi are in the car. Ayush says Lakshmi is very attached to you, loves and cares for you. He asks him not to let her go. Rishi says I told what I wanted, I love Malishka and knows Lakshmi well, she is good. He says there is a difference between liking and loving. He says I am attached to her as a friend, but I just love Malishka. Ayush says I have a feeling that you are lying to yourself. Rishi says lets end the matter. Ayush says face the truth and says only lucky people gets life partner like Lakshmi. Rishi asks him to sit quietly. Ayush says I wish, Lakshmi gets a good guy than you. Rishi gets angry and stops the car. He says she is still my wife. Ayush asks him to look in his eyes and say that he don’t love Lakshmi. Rishi couldn’t say and hesitantly says I love Malishka. Ayush says you couldn’t say. Rishi gets down from the car and asks Ayush to come by cab. Ayush gets down the car. Rishi goes. Ayush says you can’t say ever, and says even he loves Lakshmi, but he will not accept. He asks when you will accept, when Malishka separates you with Lakshmi, will you leave Malishka on mandap then?

Rishi comes to the office. Just then lights goes off. He thinks what happened to the lights. Malishka comes and hugs him. She shows their photos on the projector screen. She says you have proposed me on this day. he says you have proposed me. She says I just gave you looks. She shows another slide and says we had decided to marry on this day. She asks if he is repenting that he proposed her. Lakshmi comes to the office. Rishi tells Malishka that he really loves her and don’t repent. She shows the slide when he got the award and Neelam kisses on his forehead. Rishi says Mom loves me a lot. Malishka says Neelam aunty loves me and says I am lucky that I am your Mom’s choice. She says your Mom wants your happiness, and she is both of their happiness. Rishi says you are saying right. She thinks now you will think about Mom and forget your guilt and Lakshmi also. She says she will leave now and asks him to come on time. She says I love you. He says I love you three days. She hugs him and goes. Rishi’s employee asks him to select the candle and perfume designs. Malishka says just candles. Lakshmi comes there. Malishka hears her talking to an employee.

Precap: Malishka calls Rishi and asks when he will come? Rishi says I am coming. Pandit ji tells Neelam that Markesh dosh is overpowering his kundali today. Rishi ties sehra on his face, and sits with Malishka to marry her. Lakshmi says if I am important then how did he think of leaving her. Rishi and Malishka exchange garlands. Lakshmi collides with vase and it breaks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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