Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi getting tensed. Sanjay comes to him and gives him water. Rishi asks what happened to you. Sanjay tells that Lakshmi Madam was sad today and went to Karishma Maam’s room. Rishi goes running there. Lakshmi asks what happened, why are you tensed? He asks why are you tensed? She asks if you are copying me. Rishi says it is clear and asks her to tell clearly. Lakshmi says it is a small matter and not big. He says you can share small problem with me and asks her to tell. Lakshmi says you are very stubborn. He says you too and asks her to say. Lakshmi says you behave like Mintu, our village boy. He says then you are Minty. She says there was no Minty. Rishi says you are my Minty. He asks her to tell what happened? Lakshmi says Karishma bua is hurt due to me and says I didn’t know why she is hurt, I came to apologize to her. Rishi asks her to be there and goes to talk to Karishma. He calls her. Karishma asks where is he? He comes there and asks if you are upset with Lakshmi. Karishma says we get upset with our dear ones, and says did she tell you. He asks her to say. Karishma tells that she is upset with Lakshmi and wants Malishka to be the bahu of the house. Rishi says everyone wanted, but I am married to Lakshmi now. He says she is my wife. Karishma says so. Rishi says she loves everyone and just as she came to know someone is upset with her, she is sad and her smile vanished and her face is upset. He requests her not to do bad with her and says her behavior is so good with all of us, why don’t we treat her nicely. Karishma says she is your wife for a year and will not be there after a year. She asks why are you reacting? Rishi says when I came home, I came to know that Lakshmi was sad. He says when I went to her, I forced her to tell and then she told me. He says I didn’t remember about that one year timeline and says why do I behave differently when I am with Lakshmi. Karishma thinks he is in love with her. Lakshmi thinks if he went to Karishma Bua and thinks she will get more angry now. She thinks even Ayush is not at home, atleast he would have handled her. She thinks what to do?

Shalu is waiting for the auto, but no auto stops. Ayush comes there. Shalu smiles seeing him and tells that she is not getting auto. He asks her to go to auto stand and then try to take it. He says if you don’t get any auto even then, then wear chunari and try to get the auto. He says I will leave and then asks her to come. She is about to sit, but he tries to drive. He then asks her to sit and also takes the car to a distance. Shalu gets upset. Ayush gets down and asks her to come, holding her hand. Police constable comes there and asks why is he teasing her? Ayush says I was taking her. Shalu says I don’t know him, and tells that he is teasing her.

Rishi tells Karishma that he behaves differently as he cares for her. He says Lakshmi is here for a year, and might hate him after their divorce, and she will be right on her place, and for tomorrow, I can’t spoil her present, can’t torture her when she is herself so good, and says I am alive standing infront of you, just because of her, so why shall I not care for her. He says nobody can stop me from taking care of her and says everyone in the house cares for her. Lakshmi is coming downstairs. Rishi says I have never cared for anyone like this, like I care for her, and says he can’t see her sad. Karishma says I can’t see you sad, and forgiving Lakshmi for your sake. Rishi says I knew it, you are the best and I love you. He hugs her. Karishma says I know, I love you too. They see Lakshmi. Karishma says I am forgiving you Lakshmi, and tells that she was upset since that necklace matter. She goes. Rishi asks Lakshmi not to be sad and worried. He goes. Lakshmi thinks if I am so special for you, you love me so much. Rishi also thinks if she has become special for him. He smiles and goes. Lakshmi smiles and thinks thank you Bau ji, I got your fruit of prayers.

Ayush says she was teasing me too. Shalu says he was only teasing me. Rano comes there in auto. Constable threatens to lock him in the lock up. Ayush says she is teasing me. Constable says come with me. Rano says what is going on? Ayush asks her to tell Constable that he is a good guy. Constable says he was teasing her. Rano says their relation is such and says they are jija and saali. She says Neha is getting married to Ayush, so Shalu is her sister. Shalu asks Constable to leave Ayush. Ayush says my would be saas saved me and not you. Constable asks him to go. Rano says my son in law did a mistake. Constable goes. Rano scolds Shalu and asks her to come home. Ayush says I will drop you home. He says now I will have war with you Shalu. Rano goes to sit in Ayush’s car. Ayush calls Shalu to come and sit.

Sanjay tells Rishi that Rishi Bhabhi made the food with her hand and thanks him, saying she is very happy now. Rishi says I am husband and he knows everything about Lakshmi. They all gather to have food. Lakshmi serves food to everyone. Neelam stops Lakshmi and says Rishi doesn’t eat brinjal. She says Rishi asks, who eats brinjal? Virender and Dadi tell that they eat it. Lakshmi serves them brinjal dish. Virender appreciates her and asks her to bring ladies finger dish. Lakshmi then brings laddoo and gives to Dadi and Virender. Virender and Dadi like it and ask for more. Virender asks for 4-5. Dadi also asks for more. Lakshmi asks them to take half each. Rishi says even I want to taste. She then stops him and recalls Rishi telling that he avoid gluten and is allergic to lactose. She tells him the same thing. He says he is not allergic anymore and can eat now. He asks her if she made it for Dad and dadi only. Lakshmi says I made for everyone. Rishi tastes it and says it is good. Dadi asks him to keep it back in the plate and says praise it with heart, and says she didn’t get such taste before. Virender says love is mixed in it.

Precap: Viraj invites Neelam and others for his Dada ji’s birthday. Kiran asks where is your dada ji? Viraj says Dada ji will take time to come. Rishi, Lakshmi, Malishka and others dance in the party. Malishka comes to Rishi as the partners change. Kiran asks her to do something before his heart stops beating for her. Malishka sees Lakshmi with Rishi and thinks she knows well, how to get Rishi? Lakshmi tells Rishi that she knows what is going on between Malishka and him, and I know the reason for it, as I came in your life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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