Bhagya Lakshmi 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Lakshmi comes to Rishi’s office. Malishka hears her voice, but by time she turns back to see, Lakshmi goes away. Lakshmi comes to Rishi’s cabin. He says, you? She asks, can’t I come? He says, you can definitely come. You just came suddenly, that’s why I asked. She says, I brought this lunch. He asks why did you come? You could have sent someone. She says, I wanted to come. He asks, you are scared for me, right? She asks, what can I do? You didn’t listen to me either. Same happened during Karwa Chauth. I feel like something wrong, bad is going to happen. He asks like what? She says, like you going (away from me). Suddenly wind blows. All the papers fly around. They start picking them up. In that, they bump into each other. Rishi holds her and they have eye lock. Phone rings. A receptionist informs him that Malishka forgot her phone in his cabin and she is coming to get it. Rishi gets worried. Malishka enters and gets surprised seeing Lakshmi there.

Neelam calls the priest and asks him to come fast as she is worried for Rishi and wants to do a puja. Virender tells Neelam that now Lakshmi is with Rishi. She’s taking care of him. We already did what was in our hands. Rest is up to the God now. Neelam says, sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we didn’t find Lakshmi’s kundali. Virender says, you know that more than me as you believe in all this stuff more than me. God made Rishi’s kundali with a problem and he wrote solution of that problem in Lakshmi’s kundali. Neelam says, I regret a lot for one thing. Rishi is my son. I get angry at times thinking what kind of mother I am. I gave him birth, but I can’t save him. No one can understand what a mother goes through when she can’t protect her child. I love him more than anything. Lakshmi loves him too, but she loves many other people too. Virender tries to calm her, but she gets up and leaves.

Maliksha asks Rishi and Lakshmi, what you two are doing by hiding? Lakshmi says, there is nothing to hide from you. You are our own. Malishka was leaving, but Lakshmi asks her to sit as she wants to talk about something. Lakshmi continues gathering the papers. By mistake, the projector starts and Rishi and Malishka’s photos show up on it. Rishi and Malishka get tensed. Lakshmi tells Malishka to make him understand about her feelings. I am getting restless and feeling very scared. Rishi tries to turn off the projector. Lakshmi tells him to listen to her. You said you wanted to go for an important work, but now I am here, your wife. Am I not important to you? He says, you are important. She asks, why did you think about leaving me then? Why didn’t you stay back with me? She continues telling Malishka about karvachauth day and remembers finding wedding ring and chain. She asks Rishi, you took them off? Did you do it purposely or was it by mistake? Rishi says, we had fight and I wasn’t talking to you… that’s why. Lakshmi tells Malishka that they had fight because she doubted him and said there’s another woman in his life. That was a big mistake. Do you know what he had said me? That no one, except me, is made for him. Malishka stares at Rishi. She says, I am busy. I will see you later. Rishi pulls Lakshmi and hugs her. He signs Malishka to turn off the projector. Lakshmi looks at Rishi. Rishi says, I am sorry I hugged you like this, but it’s Malishka only, our friend. I hugged you to say to forget the past. Lakshmi says, I will never doubt you now. She tells Malishka to tell Rishi not to go anywhere today and go home with her. Malishka says, he genuinely has work and that too at my home. Lakshmi says, then it’s ok. I will be less worried. Please take care of him. She tells Rishi to finish his work fast and come home before 8’o clock as there is a storm after 8. Malishka leaves telling Rishi to come soon as today’s work is important. Rishi tells Lakshmi to go home as if his mom finds out, then she won’t like it. Lakshmi starts walking after telling him to take care and always keep his phone with him. She turns back and hugs him tightly. I don’t feel like leaving you. He says, don’t worry. I will be home soon. You go. She slowly leaves. He runs behind her and stops her. He says, come to doctor with me. She says, I am fine. He says, I can see that. You can’t even walk. You told me to be worried for you and you will like it. Now I am worrying for you. He holds her hand and takes her to the doctor and gets her bandaid done. He thinks, she can’t walk and still came to me. Why? To save me. What is she made of? She doesn’t want to do anything for her self. She looks at him and smiles. He smiles back. He gets a call and says, I will be right back.

It’s Malishka. She says it’s muhrat time. When are you reaching? He says, I’ll be there soon. She asks, where are you? He says, in hospital. Lakshmi had too much pain in her feet. Malishka gets furious. Come fast wherever you are. She won’t die in that much pain. He says, mind your language. You don’t need to talk like that for anyone, not just Lakshmi. She got injured because of me. Malishka composes herself and says, fine. Please come soon. He hangs up. Lakshmi comes, bandaid is done. Now happy? He says, no. I will be happy when you take care of yourself and I can do my work. She says, sorry with a sad face. He says, I didn’t mean that way. He then says that driver will drop her home. She asks what about you? He says, I have a meeting nearby. I can go walking. You don’t worry. Message me once you reach home. She says, you also come home fast. Until then my tension won’t go away. He gives her support and takes her outside. She smiles looking at him.

Lakshmi comes home and asks a servant what preparations need to be done in kitchen. The servant tells her that maybe there is a tension in the house. Priest has come and he is in Neelam’s room. Whenever this priest comes, something is not right. Previous 2 times, after priest left, Rishi… Thundering happens. The servant says he will go and take the clothes inside. Lakshmi rushes to Neelam’s room.

Rishi comes to Malishka’s room. She hugs him. He asks what are you doing? She says, I am choosing a saree. I changed my mind. I am not wearing lehenga now. He says, but we already chose the bridewear and Lakshmi wears saree. She gets angry saying she doesn’t want to hear about Lakshmi. I cancelled that lehenga because it was Lakshmi’s choice. He says, sorry. She says, what sorry? I am trying so hard not to take Lakshmi’s name and you…

A pot falls down by Lakshmi and it breaks. Lakshmi gets worried for Rishi.

Precap: Malishka thinks she will marry to Rishi today no matter what. Neelam asks the priest what shall they do? The priest says, whatever is written in destiny will happen. Neelam tells Lakshmi that if anything happens to Rishi today, then she will be responsible. Lakshmi promises her that she will bring Rishi home safe. Lakshmi reaches some place and gets shocked and hurt seeing Rishi and Malishka getting married.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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