Bhagya Lakshmi 25th February 2022 Written Episode Update

The family try to stop the doctor however he rushes inside, Karishma informs Virender that the doctors are saying a lot of his blood has flown but they need more blood when Virender replies the nurse told him. the doctor comes out when he says that Rishi is fine but they cannot say how much, Neelum questions what does he mean, he explains that the bullet just missed his heart as it did not pierce any organ but he might be falling so this is why he might be saved,

Neelum recalls how Lakshmi pushed Rishi, the doctors explain only the one who has saved him might be the reason he lives because only he can perform the second miracle, the doctor explains that if he doesnot open his eyes then it might cause a lot of problems as he has been saved from the bullet but it would be a task for them to save him from the blood, he leaves when Neelum exclaims she told everyone that the Markesh dosh is really strong and might even harm him, she repeatedly informed them but no one dared to listen, so can see the result as her son is in the operation theatre and even tried to inform Rishi to not go today but he has vowed to not listen to his mother.

Neelum informs if he heard that the doctor said someone pushed him so the bullet missed his heart, she reveals Lakshmi was the one who pushed him, she asks Karishma and Malishka to see because everything is happening because of her mistake, Malishka tries to explain herself when Neelum replies she has seen the result of her desire to marry Rishi, as she knows Lakshmi is really important for her son and only she can come into his life,

Neelum vows to make sure that only Lakshmi be with Rishi in any cost or circumstance, Malishka questions if Neelum does not want her to get married with Rishi, Neelum exclaims that she only desired Malishka stay away for one year but she insisted so now she will also take any step to save her son.

Malishka questions what is she saying and why are they not accepting that she loves him and he took the bullet for her sake, Lakshmi might love Rishi but he only loves her and she would be in the ICU however Rishi saved her life, Malishka then tries to plead with Virender when he says even if he did not know about Markeshdosh even then he would have chosen Lakshmi for his son,

Malishka pleads with him when he says he does not want to talk about this issue since nothing is in his hands, Malishka pleads him to not take this decision and even requests Neelum since Rishi loves her a lot, Virender questions what about the love of Lakshmi, since before she had two reasons and one of them was that he was her husband and the second it was written in her kundali but today they all have known how they both have separated,


Lakshmi saw her relation with Rishi and even saw them marrying, Rishi has done every wrong thing to Lakshmi and had a lot of reasons to forget Rishi but even then she saved Rishi today, ut today when it came to his life she forget everything, he questions what will she say about her love as it cannot be compared with anything, since there is no one else like Lakshmi.

Neelum turns when she sees the Pandit jee so questions why did he took so long, she questions if he brought it, she tries to walk inside when Karishma questions what is she going to do, Neelum exclaims Karishma should see that her son Rishi is fighting for his life and only Pandit jee can bless him for which he has arrived, pandit jee replies he was already performing the pooja for Rishi, he warned them that the seven days are really tense for Rishi, since his Markeshdosh is really strong and the only person who can save him is Lakshmi so it is necessary that she remain by his side.

Malishka questions what they all are saying, can they not understand what she and Rishi desire as they cannot live without each other, they all need to stop this drama of the Markeshdosh. She cannot live without Rishi and would not let him be with anyone else other then herself, she cannot accept it.

Pandit jee explains things have not calmed down since the next twenty-four hours are still critical for Rishi. Neelum exclaims that nothing is more important for her then Rishi, she will not let anything happen to him even when Malishka was their choice for Rishi, she will not listen to anyone as Rishi means everything for her, she warns Malishka to not play with the life of her son, Virender hugs her assuring that nothing wrong will happen to their son.

Lakshmi is walking searching for the ICU number eight, she asks a nurse who says that she needs to make a right after the end of the hall, she tries to stop Lakshmi.

Pandit jee asks Neelum to remain steadfast, Malishka questions what is he saying since all this happened because of him as he convinced a women like Neelum who is so educated to believe things like this but all this is just a false act and nothing more.

Lakshmi is walking when Shalu and Bublie come informing that the doctors have discharged her since she is fine and now they can go back home, Lakshmi explains she wants to see Rishi, Her uncle and Rano come to them, Rano immediately starts scolding saying she said nothing happened since the bullet did not hurt her, he exclaims it is the blessing of Bhagwan,

Rano says he does not listen to her and they spent all the money in the taxi, the driver comes mentioning she did not give him the full amount, Rano exclaims she sometimes gives them more money, he apologizes to the driver and gives the money. Rano informs she forgot this because Neha is really ill, Lakshmi questions what happened to Neha, her uncle explains she just has a little flu however Rano says it as if she is really ill and they all had to come here because of Lakshmi, she orders them to come as they have to go back but Lakshmi requests to see Rishi,

Rano questions why does she want to see him when they do not have any relation with him, she saw how he was looking at Malishka but Lakshmi leaves, Rano goes after her which worries her uncle who advises Shalu and Bublie to go and stop a cab while he will bring Rano and Lakshmi.

Malishka exclaims she knows the Pandit jee does not have any answer, Pandit jee says that the person who has so many questions and only remembers Bhagwan at the time of the events but he will answer her since she is a member of the family, whatever happened at the bank was just an incident but only Rishi was the one who got hit by the bullet, he already informed Neelum that only Lakshmi would be the one to save Rishi, and does she not know that every time when Rishi was about to get hurt because of the Markesh dosh then did she not save him, he saw her kundali and knows only she can save Rishi.

Lakshmi is walking towards the ICU when Rano is trying to stop her, but she is stopped by her husband who questions why she is not letting Lakshmi meet her husband when Rano mentions how she can let her go and meet someone who has humiliated them, she has some respect and will not let anyone ruin it, just like it happened in Mahabharat so now she will do the same in Mumbai.

Malishka says to Pandit jee that he is just making stories and she is not going to listen to him, Pandit jee says that she cannot understand anything like this as she does not have the heart, Malishka blames the Pandit jee for crossing his limits when Neelum stops her explaining she is the one who is crossing her limits since they all respect the Pandit je, and he is right because every time when Rishi was in trouble Lakshmi has been the one to save him, and she also got injured each and every time, they all know that only she is the one who can save her son from the Markesh dosh, hearing this Lakshmi is shocked.

Neelum explains Malishka was their choice for Rishi but his life is more important then his love, which is why they got Lakshmi married to him as she can save his life and it was just for one year after which he would have left Lakshmi but Malishka ruined it all, Lakshmi starts weeping hearing this news from the corner of the hall.

Update Credit to: Sona

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