Bhagya Lakshmi 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sonia scolding Richa for calling Rishi-Lakshmi as the soulmate, best couple etc. Richa says I didn’t know that someone else was with Rishi. Karishma scolds her and says you should have seen first. Richa says I will make sure. Karishma then comes to Lakshmi and asks what do you want? She says even today you have trapped Rishi in your trap, and says you are marrying someone else, please leave Rishi.

She says even Rishi is marrying Malishka, so don’t come between them. She says if there was some other occasion then I swear, I would have slapped you. Lakshmi says I didn’t know about all this. Karishma says couple’s grand entry is not your business and asks what was the need to come with Rishi? Neelam says we shall deal with her later, shall not spoil the mood. Rano thinks good thing have happened with them.

Richa apologizes to everyone for announcing Rishi and Lakshmi as the couple. She welcomes Rishi and Malishka and calls them as best couple, soul mates etc. Everyone claps for them. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Malishka asks where is your concentration? Rishi says nothing. Kiran says world’s best couple. Kiran says you shall not get anyone sight. Karishma says today is your day. Kiran says you shall not see anyone other than Malishka. Sonia says it is a pre wedding party. Sonal asks Rishi and Malishka to come, and says all friends are waiting. Kiran tells Karishma that she don’t understand, if Lakshmi is behind Rishi, or Rishi is behind her.

Karishma says obviously Lakshmi is behind rishi. Kiran is happy that malishka is happy and tells that don’t know if Malishka knows about the mistake. Neelam says it was a mistake. Kiran says nothing wrong shall happen again. Neelam says marriage will happen after a month, and asks Abhay and her to make arrangements for kanyadaan. Lakshmi sits on the sofa sadly. Rishi looks at her. Shalu tells Lakshmi that their Jodi is the right one. Lakshmi asks Shalu and Bani to leave her.

Richa says this is the party for the loved ones for their loved ones. She says express your love to your friends, lovers or family and fill your life with romance. Song plays…All the couples starts dancing.Venky and Pinky come there with the guys. Venky looks at Lakshmi and signs the guy to look at her. The guy looks at her. Ayush comes to Lakshmi and calls her bhabs, and says I invented this word, as you asked me not to call you Bhabhi. He calls her to dance with him. Lakshmi refuses. Ayush takes her to dance. They dance. Rishi comes to Lakshmi.

Kamli thinks Balwinder was talking to Guddu and was taking Lakshmi’s name. She thinks something is wrong, but how to inform her, her phone is not working. Rishi asks Lakshmi to forget whatever happened. Lakshmi asks him to forget her and remember that he is marrying Malishka and that they are divorced now, so that no mistake can happen again. Rishi says sorry and holds his ears. Malishka gets angry seeing him. Rishi says sorry and says he will do sit ups. He tries to do sit ups, but Lakshmi stops her, and tells that if anyone sees then will scold me.

Malishka comes to Lakshmi and asks if she wants to look like her, that she changed her avatar. She tells that you can’t become like me, if you wear western clothes. She says you will not change with clothes, you are looking same even now. She says you can’t look better than me. Rishi tells Malishka that Lakshmi didn’t want to wear this, Venky and Pinky requested her to wear western look. Malishka says even they didn’t like her illiterate look. She says why you was praising her, and asks why you was saying sorry to her. She says I should say, what she did and put blame on you.

She asks Lakshmi, why she is behind Rishi. Rishi says I came here. Malishka says lets dance and tells Lakshmi not to cross her limits, and says you can never get Rishi. Lakshmi asks if you challenge me or provoke me. She says I told you many times, that I don’t want to get him. She says if I want to get him, then I wouldn’t have taken divorce from him and then you wouldn’t have been standing here. Malishka asks Rishi if he saw. Rishi says lakshmi didn’t tell you anything, she has answered you. Malishka asks him to come. Rishi insists to talk to Lakshmi. Lakshmi goes.

Ayush and Shalu dance in the party on the song Tu meri main tera…. Karishma gets upset. Ayush takes Bani to dance with them. They dance and go to sit. Rishi and Malishka dance. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Malishka asks where is your concentration, just look at me. Rishi says I am seeing you only. Malishka asks him to see her, with his heart also. Rishi says I am seeing just you. Malishka says you didn’t give me any compliment. Rishi says you are looking like always, pretty. Malishka says you didn’t look at me and saying. She asks him to prove and asks him to close his eyes. She asks him about her color dress. Rishi says red color dress. She asks what I am wearing on my neck.

Rishi couldn’t answer. Malishka says I want you to concentrate on me. Rishi tells that he don’t notice small things. Malishka asks what Lakshmi is wearing on neck? He says she didn’t wear anything on her neck. He asks her not to spoil the moment and says lets celebrate the moment. They continue dance. Malishka imagines dancing with him, then Rishi going to Lakshmi and dancing with her. Malishka comes to them and starts dancing with Rishi. Rishi dances with Lakshmi. Rishi brushes off Malishka and Lakshmi’s hands. He then dance with Malishka. It is Malishka’s imagination. She is hugging him and dancing.

Precap: Balwinder comes to the Oberoi Mansion and wears the mask. Richa tells that two numbers will be picked, and they have to do the task. Neelam and Lakshmi are standing infront of each other, to do the task. Rishi says lets stop the game. Malishka says it is just the task. Neelam asks what is it?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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