Bhagya Lakshmi 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ahana asking Gautam to think and understand her position. She says she is in tension. He sees Neelam coming there and says you are looking very pretty and glowing. Ahana asks what are you talking about? Gautam says my parents already like you, and asks Neelam to make her understand. Neelam comes there and says Sonia said that you are stressed. Gautam says Ahana said that her facial is not good. Neelam says you are looking good. Gautam asks her to agree and says he will leave, has to return again.

Rishi and Lakshmi come to the doctor. Doctor checks Lakshmi. Rishi asks Doctor if she is fine? He asks if they need to get her ECG done and says this happened before, but not like this. He asks her to say. Doctor says it is minor acidity attack and says it happens in acidity. She says you get sweating and you got tensed, if something is bothering you mentally, then this happens.

She says she had drank tea in empty stomach. She prescribes medicine to her. Lakshmi asks what? Rishi says you are asking me and says you are habitual to trouble me. He says you got acidity and brought me here. Lakshmi says you brought me forcibly here. Rishi says you shall be thankful and blaming me.

Lakshmi says you are blaming me. Doctor smiles and asks them to carry on, says some cases come like this, typical but perfect husband and wife. They look at each other. Doctor gives the prescription and asks her to take the medicines and skip drinking tea on empty stomach. Lakshmi thinks he cares for her a lot. She goes behind him.

Ahana comes to Lakshmi’s room and thinks where did she go? She thinks I shall tell him that Gautam haven’t spoken to his parents. He thinks if she would have been here, then she would have given some solution. Neelam comes there and asks whom is she searching? Ahana says Lakshmi bhabhi. Neelam says why do you want inauspicious reflection around you, and asks if she is fine? She says she saw her talking to Gautam, and understood that the matter is big and not about facial glow.

Ahana says matter is big, I asked him to do something before engagement, but he didn’t do till now. Neelam asks what? Ahana says actually I told him to get his engagement dress made twinning with me, but he chose some other color and that’s why I was upset. Neelam says our times were different, we couldn’t select our life partner and you are talking about matching color outfit. She asks her to get ready.


Ahana asks about Lakshmi. Neelam shouts asking her not to talk about her and says don’t know what magic she has done on you and you are thinking about her. Ahana thinks I wish I could tell you what she has done with us, she has saved our respect and haven’t ruined it. Neelam says your face was dull taking her name and asks her to get ready. Karishma comes there and asks her to leave phone, and come with her to select jewellery. Ahana says let me talk on phone. Karishma says no and goes.

Dadi dances on the song mera piya ghar aaya….Everyone smiles. Ayush says enough, game paused. He asks her to have medicine. Dadi asks him not to disturb and says she wants to practice dancing. She says Mukesh is stopping music again and again. Ayush asks him to play music. Dadi continues to dance. Ayush says enough. He says before her BP shoots up, it is enough.

Dadi gets upset. Sonia says your dance will be the best. Karishma says if your BP don’t shoot up. Dadi says you want it. Ayush says you was dancing like Hema Malini. Dadi slaps him and says it was Madhuri Dixit’s song. She says they are Punjabis. Ayush says he will dance with her on some other song. He asks Mukesh to play the song. He dances with Dadi on the song yeh Jawani hai deewani……

Neelam, Malishka, Sonia and Karishma watch their performance and laugh. Dadi slaps Mukesh for stopping the music. Ayush says Dadi has strong stamina. Dadi says you are like your mother. Ayush says I am like you. He asks where is Rishi? Where did he go, he shall dance too. Malishka says what he will enjoy, as Lakshmi will be here. She says Rishi comes in her talks and took her to doctor. She says we can’t say, as he is a good man and takes care of everyone.

Dadi says he will take care of you too, if you become his wife. Neelam says yes. Ayush says it would be good when she leaves, and says Lakshmi was his best friend, best person etc, but she is betrayal, liar and characterless too. Karishma says you was stopping me when I was saying that. She says who is she, she is nothing at all. She says lets enjoy Ahana’s engagement. Neelam says lets end Lakshmi puran and enquire when Gautam’s family is here. Dadi asks where is Gautam, as I have to perform on Solo song.

Lakshmi gets down the car and closes the door. Her mobile falls down from her hand and breaks. Lakshmi gets sad recalls Rishi and her pic on the phone screen. Rishi comes out and picks the mobile. He asks what is she looking at? Lakshmi says this. Rishi says this is just the phone and will be repaired, but how will you repair our relation which got cracks. He tries to go. Lakshmi asks why do you do this, as I mean to you and you mean to me. He says you are talking like this while you are pregnant. Lakshmi asks didn’t you care for me?

Neelam calls Gautan’s mother and asks her to come. Gautam’s mother says they can’t leave Ahana since they saw her, and says Gautam is getting ready. Neelam says today’s kids also wants to have photos. Gautam’s mother tells that even they are excited to take selfie with them. Neelam asks them to come and says we are waiting. Gautam’s father says you are mingling with her well.

Gautam’s mother asks him to call Gautam. Gautam comes there. His mother asks why you didn’t get ready? Gautam says I wanted to talk to you. They ask what you want to talk. A girl comes there and drops the aarti plate. Gautam’s mother says it is very inauspicious. Gautam thinks Ahana was right, her secret might prove costly for her bhabhi.

Rishi says I don’t care. Lakshmi asks him to look in her eyes and say it that he don’t care for her. He says he don’t care for her. Lakshmi asks him to say again. He says I don’t care while going near her. Lakshmi goes nearer and asks him to say again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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