Bhagya Lakshmi 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi moving the curtain from the window. Rishi wakes up as the sunlight falls on her and thinks he has to go to office. He then thinks he has to stay at home today. He asks Lakshmi to take out his green shirt and black jacket. He finds her not there, and thinks she has gone. He finds green shirt and black jacket on the table. He thinks she has taken out before I asked him. He thinks what happened to her, she didn’t even smile looking at me. He thinks what wrong did I do? Lakshmi goes to Virender and greets him. Virender says today is your karwachauth, and asks if she will have any problem. Lakshmi says Mummy ji made me have the tasty sargi and tells that she is keeping this fast with her heart. He says you are keeping it yourself. Lakshmi says yes, and says she feels that they shall get some puja done for Rishi. She says it is good if I keep fast for him. Karishma comes there and asks Lakshmi to call Sanjay. Virender asks Karishma to call Sanjay herself and says Lakshmi has kept fast and will not work today. Karishma asks why are you taking it seriously. He asks her to take his words seriously. Neelam hears them and says Virender is right. Karishma says did I torture her? She asks Lakshmi to say anything. Lakshmi is about to say. Neelam says you are not torturing her, but you can’t treat her this way. She says today she is fasting, either you will bless her or….She asks her to let Lakshmi rest, like Virender said. Lakshmi goes. Neelam says Lakshmi has kept fast for my son, and I don’t want her to have any problem. She goes. Virender says today you will not say anything against Lakshmi, just because you like Malishka.

Next morning, Malishka comes to her mom and says good morning. Kiran asks Malishka to call Karishma and say her sorry, and says she is thinking about you. Malishka says just now I woke up. Kiran asks her to call her. Malishka calls Karishma and asks if she is upset with her. Karishma says no. Malishka asks what happened there? Karishma says whatever happens daily, everyone have kept Lakshmi on head, as she is keeping the fast. Malishka says Neelam aunty must have forced her, and says I will not keep fast after marriage. Karishma says lakshmi has kept fast for Rishi herself and says when I asked her to call Sanjay. Virender and Neelam scolded me. Malishka says what happened to Neelam aunty. Karishma asks her not to tell again, that Rishi is hers etc. She says if this continues, Rishi’s heart will bend down towards Lakshmi and Rishi himself will not know. Malishka asks do you think that I will let this happen, and says I will not let Lakshmi see his face today, and tells that she will invite Rishi to her house today. She ends the call and picks Rishi’s fast. Rishi tells her that they have to cancel the club night today, as Lakshmi has kept fast for him, and he can’t leave from house today. Malishka says I understood and asks him to kept the perfumed candles samples. Rishi says ok, I will come. Malishka says I wanted to call him here, and I will also keep fast for him today. I will not let Lakshmi win today. Rishi is about to go and collides with Lakshmi. He holds her and they look at each other. Mera pyaar hai ek tarfa plays…..

He asks did you want to ask something? Lakshmi says no. She then asks if you was sure that you wanted to marry me? Rishi asks why are you asking this? Lakshmi says you asked me to ask, and asks if I was the only one, whom you wanted to marry. He says yes, only you. I wanted to marry you, I couldn’t marry you, as nobody else can take your place, as you are just made for me. He asks anything else. Lakshmi says thank you and gets teary eyes. Rishi says I will be back in 30 mins and goes out. Lakshmi thinks Rishi said that he wanted to marry me, and I am made for him. She says whatever I thought about that showroom girl. Rishi hears her standing outside. Lakshmi thinks he was saying truth, there is a truth in his eyes. Rishi is going out of the house and thinks of his moments with Lakshmi, Pandit ji’s words. He gets teary eyes and wipes his tears. He says yes Lakshmi, you was the one, I got married.

Rano and Neha show their dresses to each other. Preetam asks Neha to learn something. Rano taunts him and asks him to wake up Shalu and Bani. Preetam says they had woken up, and took sargi for Lakshmi. He says they told them that you made sargi for Lakshmi and kept your respect. Rano gets irked and goes.

Rishi comes to meet Kiran. Kiran says you got busy after marriage. He says he don’t have time due to office work. He promises her that he will come and meet her. He asked about Malishka and goes to her room. Shalu talks to Lakshmi and says I knew that you will keep fast for jiju and that’s why I came to give sargi to you. Lakshmi says I asked him, and he said that he wanted to marry me, and I am made for him only. Shalu says you believed him. Lakshmi says there was truthfulness in his eyes.

Rishi comes to Malishka’s room. Malishka is resting on the bed. Kiran brings coffee for Rishi. Rishi says we will drink together. Kiran says Malishka can’t drink, as she is keeping fast for you. Malishka says why did you tell him? Kiran says he has to break your fast. Malishka says she will keep fast for him, says it is enough for me that you love me. Kiran says you can romance, but why punishing me and asks Rishi to take the coffee. Rishi refuses to drink coffee and says I will fast for Malishka. Malishka asks really? Rishi says I shall keep fast for your longlife too. Malishka says I will show you sample and shows the sample perfume. He sprays it and says it is no different.

Shalu asks did you ask him, if he is having an affair. Lakshmi says no. Shalu says I am making lunch and ends the call. She thinks Di saw the truth as he was telling the truth, as his dad chosen her. She says Di should have asked, if he is having an affair. She says if jiju lies then Didi will catch his lie. She says he is smart to tell one truth behind his affair.

Precap: Virender asks Rishi to freshen up and have his favorite sabzi with him. Rishi refuses to eat and tells about his fast. Lakshmi gets emotional and says I never saw any husband keeping fast for his wife. She shares with Ayush that she is very lucky to get such a husband. Rishi hears her. Kiran tells Malishka that Rishi shall not think of Lakshmi, shall not even care for her. Malishka calls Rishi and says she is fasting for him. Rishi says I am coming. He tells Neelam that he has to go for the meeting. Neelam asks him to return before the moon appears. Malishka eats the cake unknowingly and thinks what to tell Rishi now. Lakshmi faints while everyone is dancing. Neelam calls Rishi and asks where is he? She says I asked you to stay at home all day, and tells him that Lakshmi fainted. Rishi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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