Bhagya Lakshmi 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Malishka showing perfume to Rishi. Rishi tries it and says it is smelling like precious perfume. She says I will ask Mom to add. Rishi says I will leave now, else Mom will get angry.He leaves. Kiran says Rishi is expert is in his business. Malishka says I called him to inform him about my fast, and says she shall be in his mind and heart and everyone. She can’t share him with anyone. Lakshmi comes to the dining table and serves the food. Ayush and Dadi ask why is she working? Sanjay says I asked her not to work. Lakshmi says don’t tell that I scolded you. Sanjay asks if it was scolding? Ayush asks her to learn scolding from her mother. Virender sees Aloo tomato sabzi and gets happy. Dadi says it is his favorite since childhood. Sanjay says I told Lakshmi Bhabhi that Rishi loves it. Ayush takes the dish from her. Sanjay says she asked after making and I told Rishi likes it. Everyone teases Lakshmi. Dadi warns them. Neelam thinks where is Rishi? I asked him to stay at home. Rishi comes there and hugs Virender. Ayush says Rishi Bhai has right on this. Rishi asks on what? Dadi says on Lakshmi. Lakshmi says it is not like that. They ask him to sit. Virender says even I will get a chance to have it with you. Rishi says I don’t want to have it, as I am keeping fast. Dadi asks karwachauth fast. Ayush says Lakshmi deserves this. Ahana says Rishi Bhai has kept fast for Lakshmi’s long life. She says no husband has kept fast for their wives in our family. Dadi teases Virender. Lakshmi gets emotional and goes from there. She goes to her room, thinks of his words and gets teary eyes with happiness. Ayush knocks on the door and calls her. He says you have locked the door and asks her to open the door. He asks her to tell if she is fine. Lakshmi says I am fine, and opens the door. Ayush asks what happened? Lakshmi says nothing. Ayush says you have tears in your eyes and ran from there. He asks if she is hurt? Lakshmi says this is the problem of tears, it comes in happiness and sadness too. He asks her to tell what happened? Lakshmi says she got emotional and remembered old things. Rishi comes there and hears her. Lakshmi says my Maa used to keep fast for Bau ji, and even Bau ji used to keep fast for her mother. She says people used to joke on him, and Bau ji used to justify it. She says I didn’t see anyone other than my Bau ji. She says Rishi also kept fast for my longlife. Ayush says ofcourse, and says why he will keep? Lakshmi says I am very lucky to get such a husband.

Neelam calls jeweller and says my bahu Lakshmi will reach there for buying the gift. She asks him to take care. Kiran calls Neelam and says happy karwachauth. Neelam invites her for puja. Kiran says I haven’t kept the fast, you know the reason. Neelam says we would have talked if you had come. Kiran says your call was busy. Neelam says I called Bandini jeweller, as I have to send Lakshmi and Rishi there. She says it is the matter of one year. Kiran says yes, I know and trust you. Ayush says you are lucky, no, but we are lucky as you came in our house. Lakshmi says this is not truth, Rishi would have got any girl. He has everything, but I don’t had even parents, but now after marrying him, I got everyone and praises all the family members. She says she is lucky. Lakshmi comes out and sees Rishi outside. She asks did you hear us? Rishi asks her not to praise him. Lakshmi says I was praising my destiny. Rishi asks her to remember, that they shall not be together in future, and things might change between us, and at one point you might hate me. Lakshmi asks what are you saying, today? She says I don’t want to hear.

Malishka asks Kiran if she wants to eat anything. Kiran says nothing. Malishka says she talked to Neelam and said that she is sending Lakshmi with Rishi for karwachauth shopping. Malishka asks her not to take tension. Kiran says if Rishi spends time with Lakshmi, then he will see that she is keeping fast for her and is weak, this thing can touch his heart. She says he shall not think of Lakshmi, and you shall just stay in his heart. Rishi tells that love doesn’t stay same after marriage, we may fall out of love, but we will be good friends. He promises her that he will always be her best friend and will bring chole kulche, gulab jamun etc on her every birthday. He asks her not to kick him out of her life, being angry with me. Lakshmi says you knows from many ways to say, how much you love me? She says you made me realized many times before marriage too. She says I can sense how much you care for me. He says I care for you, but didn’t realize when…Lakshmi says when you started caring for me.

Kiran says Rishi is sensitive and good, and he will not know himself when he fell for her. She says you don’t know Lakshmi like girl and says she is from poor family. Malishka says she is from middle class. Kiran says Lakshmi will love him for the shopping and he will also do anything for her. Neelam knocks on the door and asks Rishi and Lakshmi to go to the jeweller. Kiran asks what is the use of keeping the fast for him, who doesn’t have feelings for you. Rishi asks why to give? Neelam says to get gift for her. Lakshmi says he has kept fast for me, and it is the gift. Neelam says it is his wish and tells that this is custom. Lakshmi says no husband likes to go to jeweller today, and tells that he is keeping fast and will get tired. She says she is habitual to keep fasts, but this is first time for Rishi. She says she don’t want to trouble him. Rishi says just as you think right mom. Neelam says I will think something else.

Rishi gets Malishka’s call and she asks him to get some jewellery for her, as she is keeping fast for him. He says he will take her out tomorrow. Malishka says I have kept fast for you, and I thought you will do anything for me. He says ok, I am coming. She thinks to wear some nice outfit. Rishi asks Neelam if I can go for the meeting. Neelam asks him to return before the moon appears. She asks Lakshmi to come downstairs and gets ready with her plate. Lakshmi nods her head.

Sonia comes to Karishma and says do you know, Rishi has kept fast for Lakshmi? Karishma says Malishka told that he has kept fast for her and not Lakshmi. Sonia says Malishka doesn’t believe on fasting for long live. Karishma says it is love and says when you fall in love, you will realize and will get ready to leave your mom and dad too. She says love changes everything. She asks her to have something. Sonia says I already had. Karishma asks why you come late? Sonia says no. Karishma asks her to tell her truth, when she is ready and not to fool her. Sonia says she has some work and goes.

Precap: Malishka eats the cake and thinks her fast broke. Neelam asks Lakshmi if she has broken fast. Lakshmi says no. Rishi says it is in the news that moon has appeared, says he is hungry since morning. He says you have eaten food. Lakshmi faints. Neelam calls Rishi and asks him to come home fast, as lakshmi fainted. Rishi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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