Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi ringing the temple bell continuously. Rishi comes there and sees her ringing bell continuously. He sees her hand bleeding and asks have you gone mad? He asks her to stop. A guy says she must have something to complain to God or want to pray for something. Rishi stops Lakshmi and asks her to see what she has done. He asks why you are complaining to what, and asks with whom you have complain. Lakshmi says with god and you. Neelam tells that the girl haven’t come yet and getting so much discord in the family, if she comes here then she will bring end for everyone.

Virender says nothing will happen. Neelam asks her not to clarify or say anything, says either of us will get insulted today, and says I am telling for the last time, if that girl doesn’t come then it is good for you and everyone. She tells Dadi, you called me inauspicious and all of us inauspicious, your own family. She says you tested the relations, then why you can’t test Lakshmi and can’t see her reality, says she is selfish and don’t see anyone other than herself. She says she came here to convince us to do her kanyadaan.

She says she lied and fooled us to gain our sympathy, why she called us there, when she was not getting married and even she called Rishi there. Ayush says lakshmi bhabhi didn’t know that Bhai will come there. Neelam says you are innocent and blindfolded by her magic. Karishma says don’t know which black magic she has done on you and made you puppet. Neelam says Rishi is also blinded by her, and can’t see Malishka and her love and made that Lakshmi’ cleverness as greatness.

Lakshmi asks God why her destiny is such which is full of tests, and says she has snatched my parents, my name is Lakshmi, but I am not Bhagya Lakshmi. She says I just wanted my loved ones to be happy, but if I keep one happy then other gets sad, why I can’t keep everyone happy. Rishi says even God can’t make everyone fine, even when he is God. He asks her not to blame her or her destiny, and tells that it is other’s problem that they can’t be happy, it is their loss that they couldn’t accept the happiness given by you. He says you are Bhagya Lakshmi, since when you have come in my life and house, you have made everyone happy, and says you have turned all sorrows of my family into happiness. He says you are special child of the God and says you have won always, and asks when did you lose from life last time. Lakshmi asks if anyone will see, how much I get broken to win.

She asks if God will take my test always. Neelam says if she can betray cheap and cunning Balwinder then think how much clever she is, she says how she can look good for you all, I don’t see anything other than inauspiciousness. She says if she returns here then all my house will break and that’s why she will never return here. Karishma says exactly, but how we will stop Rishi, he is trapped in Lakshmi’s maya jaal, he will not agree. Neelam says Rishi has to agree else he has to take decision, if he wants his Mom or that Lakshmi.

Lakshmi says I will not win any of her test, so if she will stop taking my test, then I don’t have to bear anything. She says if God has made my destiny, then I followed it and never went against my destiny and accepted everything even if it my wish or not. She says God wants to take my more tests, and she is not happy even now. She says today, I will take my life’s decision, and will not listen to God or my destiny, today she has to accept my decision. She says I am her special child, she has to agree to my decision and I will not let her refuse. Rishi looks at Lakshmi.

Sonal says how can Rishi betray Malishka again. Kiran hears and asks what happened now? Sonal says Lakshmi didn’t marry Balwinder and Rishi supported Lakshmi and made Balwinder leave. Kiran asks if you believed that cheapo. Sonal asks why will he lie? She says what is in Rishi’s mind and Lakshmi is not trustable. Kiran asks where is Malishka? Sonal says she is not picking my calls. Kiran says why Lakshmi didn’t marry, why Rishi stopped her, and says if Malishka attempts suicide again.

Malishka is driving her car. Kiran calls her. Malishka picks her call and says she is fine. Kiran asks her about Lakshmi. Malishka tells Kiran that Rishi has taken Lakshmi to his house. She says Rishi doesn’t know why is he doing this, I can’t understand what is in his mind. Kiran is worried for her. Malishka says I will not take my life, and tells that she will come home in sometime safely. Kiran tells Sonal, why Rishi is doing this. Sonal asks her to slap him hard and made him get over Lakshmi. Kiran worries for Malishka.

Rishi asks what is your decision. Lakshmi tells that she will not go with Rishi, even if anything happens to her destiny. Rishi says your decision is wrong, you can’t do this. Lakshmi says I got married to you, and came in that house, and then she left him for him, and says I will not go there because of you. Rishi says I will not let you do this. Lakshmi says who are you, what is your right on me, and says there is no relation between us. Rishi says I don’t know all this and says you are doing wrong.

Lakshmi asks who are you to take my life’s decisions and wanted to break balwinder and my marriage, and sat on Balwinder’s place. Rishi says I sat on the mandap to stop your marriage with Balwinder, and tells that he don’t want to marry her, but wanted to save her life, and asks if you wanted to marry that cheap and bad guy. Lakshmi says whatever it is, it is my decision and asks who are you, to come inbetween. Rishi says I am something that’s why I came in between, else would have come there and here. He says I will always come and will interfere whenever you will take any wrong decision.

He says you have always saved my life, did I ask you not to save my life. He says I will not let you ruin your life, and tells that until I am taking breath, I will not let anything happen to you, your life is indebted to me, I want to repay the favor. She asks favor? He asks her not to catch the word, but catch the feeling. Lakshmi asks what feeling, you want to repay the favor, everything is forgiven, you don’t know to do anything, please go from here, I will not go. Rishi says you have to come, and gives his swear. Lakshmi also gives him her swear at the same time. They keep hand on each other’s mouth. Lakshmi gets teary eyes. tere bina jeena pawunga plays….

Preap: Rishi tells Lakshmi that their relation is very deep, and nobody can break it, neither you nor me, or my family. Balwinder comes to Rano’s house angrily and shouts. Shalu and Bani looks on. Malishka tells Neelam and others that neither this house is mine nor the family members. The lady in the temple asks Rishi to fill Lakshmi’s maang with sindoor and become husband and wife again.

Neelam tells Malishka that Rishi and Lakshmi will never marry again. Malishka shouts at her, stop it. The lady tells Rishi that real relation is the one which is connected by heart and the real love is which can’t be wiped off even after try. Malishka kicks the kalash kept on the door angrily and makes the kalash fall out angrily. Ahana tells that she has a feeling that Rishi will marry Lakshmi again. Rishi opens the sindoor bottle. Lakshmi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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