Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Malishka questioning Rishi about breaking Lakshmi’s face and shows the video sent by Karishma. Rishi says I did it on Mom’s sayings. Malishka shouts at him and says it is good that I had food before breaking the fast. She says yes, you heard it right. I had it mistakenly, then continued to eat it. She says you said that I am not tired. She says I had food. Rishi says I thought you have kept fast for me and my life, but you broke your fast. He says Lakshmi whom you are scolding so much, had fainted and had kept fast for me. He says you made fun of all the rituals. He says I was not with Lakshmi any moment, but she has done all the puja and fast. He says you acted to fast and acted to weak. He says I can’t believe that you can do this with me. He asks how she can fake to be fasting? She shouts asking him to stop it and says don’t make her devi, she acts more than me.

He says you said that this is the fast of trust, when she don’t trust you, then how she can keep the fast. She says she talks about relations for births and tells that she fakes to keeps the fast, when she doubts you to have an affair with someone. She says she came to me and asked about your affair with someone, after seeing your pics on the internet. She says you are calling me fake, and asks him to open his eyes and see. He says when she don’t feel for you, then why she has kept fast for me. She says she is acting so good that everyone is believing her. She says they called you and made you break her fast. She says I lost as you went to her, leaving me. Rishi comes back to Malishka.

Malishka says everything is over between us. He goes behind her. Malishka asks him to go to Lakshmi, the devi who is number 1. Rishi asks her to listen. Malishka asks him to leave from there and pushes him out of the room. She locks the door. Kiran comes there. Rishi looks at her and goes. Kiran knocks on the door and says Rishi is gone, please open the door. Malishka opens the door. Rishi sits in his car and drives off. He thinks of Malishka’s words. He thinks Malishka forced me to marry Lakshmi, even though I refused. He gets Neelam’s call and realizes that he came very far from home.

Neelam asks Lakshmi to take the jewellery. Karishma thinks what happened to her, why she is keeping Lakshmi on her head and hitting axe on her legs. Dadi says it is a beautiful necklace and asks for herself too. Virender says it is Karwachauth’s fast. Ayush talks to Dadi. Neelam asks Lakshmi, how is it? Lakshmi says it is very beautiful. Neelam says it is blessings from us. Virender asks Lakshmi to get it, and says you will not get Neelam’s love daily. Dadi tries to make Virender quiet. Neelam says let him say.

Rishi comes home. Ayush asks him to come. Dadi says they shall play antakshiri. Rishi says he needs to go. Neelam says let him go and rest. Rishi goes to his room.

He gets upset seeing no calls from Malishka’s side. He thinks to call her. He calls her, but she doesn’t pick the call. He thinks why does she say I love you? He says if she loves me, don’t understands me and she knows how I feel when I don’t talk to her. He says I had to return as Mom called and did everything on her insistence. He thinks what to do? He then thinks about Lakshmi, and recalls Malishka’s provocative words against Lakshmi. He recalls Lakshmi keeping something in the cupboard. He finds Malishka and his inauguration pics in the cupboard, but Malishka’s face is not seen in the pics.

Kiran says Rishi shall get angry, but not you. She heard all the tamasha. Malishka says so heard. Kiran says he is your Rishi and you threw him out. Malishka says now Rishi will blame Lakshmi and will interrogate Lakshmi now for doubting her. She says she knows Rishi well, and he will fight with Lakshmi now. He thinks Malishka is right girl and Lakshmi doesn’t trust him, and her karwachauth fast was fake too. He regrets to break her fast, which made Malishka get angry on him. He regrets.

Door bell rings. Neelam says I will check the door. She opens the door. Courier guy gives parcel for Lakshmi and Neelam. Neelam says she got evil eye ward off thread for Rishi. Lakshmi shows the crockery which she has bought. They promote the brand.

She comes to the room and asks Rishi, what happened? Rishi shows the pics. She says I was about to throw it, and forgotten it. Rishi asks why did she fake to be good, and asked why did she pretend to be a good wife, when she is not. She says you doubted on me of having an affair with someone, then also you kept fast for me. He says you are a big liar. Lakshmi says I..Rishi says I thought you are different from others, but you are same. He says when you stood by me in molestation case, what you had said that you trust me. He says when I broke your fast, I felt very nice. He regrets. Lakshmi says shall I say now? She says I thought something is going on, and I felt this as you said inauguration is cancelled, but it was not cancelled and it was there. Rishi asks her not to divert the topic. Lakshmi says I am talking that only and says we were about to go together, I called you, but your call was not connecting, so I left from home to reach there, thinking your call might not have connected due to network problem. She says she wanted to talk to him, but there was no time. Rishi asks her to leave him alone. Lakshmi says I am telling whatever happened? He asks why did you lie, why did you act, there is nothing left now. He goes out of the room. She recalls asking Malishka to help her, catch the girl. Kiran tells Malishka that it is Lakshmi’s call. She picks the call. Lakshmi asks her, if she told him that she has doubt on Rishi. Malishka says no. Lakshmi says Rishi is very angry, and very hurt. She says he don’t remember that I asked him, that he wanted to marry me only. She says he said yes, and said that only I was made for him. She says there was truth in his eyes. Malishka says I didn’t see his eyes. Lakshmi says he said right and said that I am made for him. She says you had said that he is honest, then other woman can between us. Malishka asks what do you expect me to do, and says I can’t help it, solve the problem. Lakshmi says I called you, as you can understand. She says you said right, I shall talk to him, nobody can come between us, not even you.

Precap: Rishi talks to Malishka and says he is ready to do anything, asks her to say how to solve everything? Malishka asks him to end his relation with Lakshmi, then only I will accept your sorry. Virender asks Neelam to accept Lakshmi as her bahu. Neelam says this will never happen. He takes off the ring given by Lakshmi and throws it. Lakshmi cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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