Bhagya Lakshmi 31st January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Balwinder picking up the havan kund. Virender says he has gone mad. Dadi asks what is he going to do? Balwinder thinks to throw the havan kund’s coal on Lakshmi’s face. Rishi comes there and hits him. Balwinder’s friends come there. Malishka says Rishi returned. Rishi warns Balwinder and tells that Lakshmi is not alone, I am with her. He says if she gets even a scratch then I will kill you. Balwinder asks if you all planned against me, you, Ayush, Shalu and Bani. Dadi asks Virender if Rishi was here, and came to save Lakshmi. Virender says Rishi couldn’t see Lakshmi’s life ruined and came to save her.

Malishka asks Neelam to see Rishi, and says he doesn’t listen to anyone and does what he wants. Neelam says don’t know what happens to him in Lakshmi’s case, where his sensibility and maturity go. Malishka tells Rishi that she didn’t expect this from him, and says you will do such a planning. Rishi says it was just Lakshmi’s plan, when I came to know about it, I just supported her. Balwinder gets angry and tells that he will not leave her. Rishi beats Balwinder. Ayush holds Guddu, while Virender threatens other goons to run away else he will call Commissioner. They run away. Rishi and Balwinder have a fight.

Balwinder hits Rishi. Sheela picks sindoor bottle and goes to Balwinder. She stops him and asks if you will get anything with this forced marriage. She says destiny has changed the bride, and asks him to fill the sindoor in his real bride and make her as your wife. Balwinder says no destiny can change my decision now. Rishi hits Balwinder. He snatches sindoor from balwinder’s hand. Balwinder tries to get it. Rishi throws the sindoor in air and it hits the flower chandelier and falls on Lakshmi’s forehead. Lakshmi gets stunned. Dadi smiles.

Rishi and Balwinder looks at Lakshmi. Balwinder hits Rishi. Rishi also hits Balwinder and then kicks him. Kamli comes infront of Rishi and asks him to leave her husband, and tells that he is her baby’s father. Rishi tells Balwinder that she got such a good life partner, but you don’t deserve her. He says take care of her always, if Kamli have any trouble then I will not leave you. Kamli asks Balwinder to come. Balwinder hits her. Rishi holds his collar and asks don’t you know how to talk to a girl. He says if anything happens to Kamli then I will send you to jail. He says from today, Kamli is my sister and if anything happens to my sister then I will kill you. He tells Kamli that if Balwinder troubles her, then tell her, he will not leave him. Balwinder thinks he will take revenge and goes.

Kamli goes behind him. Ayush asks Guddu to go with Balwinder. They leave. Virender comes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi hugs him. Virender thanks her and says you have saved my life by not marrying Balwinder. Dadi comes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi hugs her. Dadi blesses her and says you are really a Lakshmi, and got justice to a helpless girl. Neelam says she didn’t give justice to a girl, but betrayed everyone and fulfilled her selfishness. Shalu says Di didn’t do it for herself. Lakshmi stops her and tells that Kamli was about to die, and I did this to save her life.

Rano says you would have told us. Lakshmi says Kamli’s life was in danger. Neelam asks why you called us for kanyadaan and made us sit here for hours. She asks why you called us here. Ayush says Mami. Neelam stops him. She says you are liar and betrayal, but didn’t know that you can cheat Balwinder like people and can be so clever. She says I can’t think of it.

Virender asks Neelam, why she blames her always. Dadi says if someone is making the temple dirty, then the temple doesn’t get dirty, but the person doing it dirty becomes the sinister. Rano asks what will happen with Lakshmi now, who will marry her. She says it was spread everywhere that she is marrying Balwinder, and says black dot came on her head. Shalu says nothing of that sort happened. Bani asks her not to worry about her marriage. Rano asks if your dead parents will come, to get her married. She says lakshmi is a divorcee already. Ahana asks so what, if she will end her life.

She says we will close our mouth and asks her not to close her eyes, and says it doesn’t matter if girl is a divorcee or not. Rano says rich people like you, don’t have any problem, but our respect is our wealth. She says nobody will marry Lakshmi, then will not marry Neha, Shalu and Bani. Lakshmi says nobody’s marriage will break because of me, and tells that Pandit ji saw everything. Neelam says you write everyone’s destiny, you are very inauspicious and wherever you goes, you makes the persons life inauspicious. Rishi says nothing is inauspicious, and tells that no inauspicious have happened with anyone because of Lakshmi. He says sorry, I have to tell.

He says Lakshmi didn’t do anything wrong with me, but I did wrong with her. He says if someone is betrayal here, then I am the betrayal and married her to get saved from Markesh dosh. He says just as she came to know, she left, but she returned to save me from markesh dosh. He says everytime Lakshmi saved me always, and tells that whoever saves the life, can’t ruin it. He says Lakshmi’s life and her happiness is my responsibility.

Rano asks then why did you divorce her? She asks how will I take care of 4 daughters, how will I bear the expenses. She says you people are big, and will not pick our calls also. She says we have to bear the taunts of people, as her sisters will not marry because of her. Shalu says no problem, if we don’t get married, but we can’t see Di getting married to Balwinder.

Rano says Rahu and Ketu said again and says handling the responsibility is not a joke. Rishi says I am taking up this responsibility and says I will handle her life. Malishka asks what responsibility and says you both are divorced and tells that there is no relation so no responsibility. Rishi says we have relation of friendship and humanity, and tells that they have a sacred relation which he couldn’t explain him. He says this promise I had done before marriage, Lakshmi’s responsibility is mine, it is my promise.

Malishka asks if you will marry Lakshmi again. Rishi says no, I don’t deserve her. He says I had married her by cheat, else this marriage wouldn’t have happened. He says I will search a very good guy for Lakshmi, who deserves her, who can take care of her. Lakshmi gets teary eyes. Rano says why did you promise, and asks him to ask his family first. Virender says if Rishi has done this promise for his truthfulness, then I am with him. Dadi says even me. Rano asks if you will take Lakshmi with you. Rishi says yes, I will take her with me. Neelam says no, Lakshmi will not return home.

Rishi says Lakshmi has to come home and says it is necessary, I can’t look in my own eyes, time has come to do penance. Lakshmi says stop it, please. She asks who am I, if I am a toy. She says first you married me, and then divorced me, now want to search a guy for me. She says don’t say this again. Rishi says I will search a guy for you and I promise that I will select the best guy for you. Neelam asks what are you saying? Rishi asks her not to say anything and gives her swear. He asks Lakshmi to come with him. Lakshmi refuses to go anywhere with him. She goes out. Rishi goes out behind her.

Lakshmi asks what you are doing? Rishi says I had promised that I will be with you always. Lakshmi asks him not to promise anything. He says he has no meaning in life and needs her. He says I don’t want you to punish me, and wants you to be with me. Lakshmi says nothing is left now, and asks him not to force her, and says she wants to go away from her life. He says I want to be in your life for you and us. Lakshmi says no, and goes from there.

Shalu tells Bani that jiju is thinking so much about Di, when his marriage is fixed. Bani says he loves her truly, but he wants to get her married to someone else. Shalu says he doesn’t realize his love until now. Shalu and Bani pack Lakshmi’s bags. Lakshmi says I am not going anywhere. Rishi is sitting outside, while Rano is standing. Shalu asks Lakshmi to listen to them. Bani says if you don’t agree then we will not talk to you. They pack her bag and come to hall to give her stuff to Rishi. Rishi goes to talk to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi thinks how to stop him, and thinks I can’t return in Rishi’s life after so much happenings. Rishi comes and asks why? Lakshmi asks him to go and asks not to be stubborn. Rishi says you are wrong now and asks why you are refusing. Lakshmi says I don’t want to come between Malishka and you. Rishi says you are not coming between us. He says I want to see you genuinely happy. Lakshmi says I am happy. He says I will know that you are not happy, as I am connected to you by heart. He reminds her of her Bau ji’s words about Saathi and Saarthi. He says a person who holds her hand and shields her, and would fight with anyone for her. He says I want to fulfill your Bau ji’s wish.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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