Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Malishka asking Lakshmi if she wants a war, really. She says now we both know the truth and says now you understood well that I love Rishi very much and will do anything to get him. She says if you think that you have won by bringing Judge then you are wrong and says you have delayed the engagement and haven’t stopped it. She says I will make your life hell and you will curse yourself every moment asking yourself why did you come here? Lakshmi tells that nothing is hidden between us, I have seen your avatar which I haven’t seen yet. She says I have seen devil in you, and now I will not let this devil come near Rishi.

Malishka warns her. Lakshmi says I will tell you what you thought and says you thought wrong. She says you thought wrong. Malishka asks what? Lakshmi says whatever you said and told me was wrong, that if we get something which is not ours, then God sends the thing at the right address. She says what did you tell that just like I got Rishi, but he was not mine, now he is back to you. Lakshmi says Rishi was never yours, he is mine. She says I am married to him for 6 births after this birth. She says Rishi is Lakshmi Bhagya, God has written him in my destiny and that’s why I came here from Gurdaspur.

Karishma pushes Shalu. Shalu says you don’t need to push me, I will go by myself. Everyone is shocked. Karishma says it is a need to kick you and asks her not to return again. Shalu says sorry to Rishi and says this was the only way to stop the wrong thing happening here, and says sorry for hurting them. She says I am not sorry for doing this, if same thing repeats then I will do this again. She goes. Kiran says we have to hear this from Shalu like girl. Dadi stumbles and is about to faint. Rishi and Virender take her to room.

Lakshmi says nobody’s destiny can go on wrong address. Malishka says even I am ready and will fight and win, it is fun to show your value to yourself, your place and attitude, I will ruin it. She says I will marry Rishi right infront of your eyes. Lakshmi asks what is your problem, didn’t you hear, says Rishi is her husband, and we have promised to be together in every circumstances, and if anything can separate us, then that’s death. She says I had left him, if this relation had to end, then it would have ended then. She says this relation is not meant to be broken, and will be very strong.

Malishka says you are doing foolishness to trust yourself and I will make you fall and will make sure that nobody will be there to save you. She goes inside and sees Shalu leaving. She says I will answer you. Shalu asks did I ask you anything? Malishka says you didn’t do right. Shalu says if I was the judge then would have scolded you much. Malishka says I will note down all your mistakes and will punish your sister. Shalu asks her not to dare think this, else she will become so bad that she will shiver. She says you have done bad with my sister, and says she is always with her sister.

Malishka asks do you think that nobody was with me. Shalu says that’s why you are flying high and says she is alone enough to stand with Lakshmi. Malishka says it is fun to show value to the persons like you. Shalu says you are calling me cheap and you are talking cheaply. She asks her not to think bad about her sister. Malishka says she will think bad only about her sister and asks her not to tell that she didn’t tell before. Lakshmi comes inside and sees Shalu. Shalu recalls Lakshmi asking her not to say anything. Lakshmi hugs her. Rabba song plays….She says sorry for shouting at her.

Shalu says say it again and asks her to scold her. She says sorry. Lakshmi says you did right by bringing Judge Madam here, and tells that Malishka is not good, there is evil inside her, I will not let her come near Rishi. She says Malishka is filling in Rishi’s mind that he loves her and says I have decided not to let her come near him. Shalu hugs her and says Bau ji would have said that you have taken the right decision. She says I am with you. Lakshmi asks her to go home and inform Bani that Rishi is hers. Shalu asks her to tell Malishka. Lakshmi says we will show to Malishka.

Kiran comes to Neelam and asks what next. She says I am asking for engagement, if we will not do it. Neelam asks Kiran, if she didn’t hear what Judge said, and says I never thought that Lakshmi will be cunning and clever. Malishka comes there and says she had said that she has won and is celebrating her victory. Rishi comes there and says Lakshmi can’t win until I become hers, but I am yours and not of Lakshmi.

Malishka says how we can ignore, what she has done. She says you shall punish her as we can’t punish her. She says people will make fun of our relation, and asks him to do something. Rishi says I will not let Lakshmi do such thing and will not let her humiliate my family, asks her to relax.

Neha comes home. Rano asks where did you go? Neha says very soon, I will marry in reality and not like Lakshmi, neither married nor divorced? She says ring was lost and found, now engagement must be happening. Shalu says so Balwinder was there. Neha asks why to tell you? Shalu says even I didn’t know about this and says she had gone to call Judge Madam and when she came, engagement was happening. She asks if Balwinder informed her this. Neha sys village girls make stories.

Shalu asks her to tell who told her this and holds her hand. Rano asks how dare you to hold her hand. Shalu asks Rano to ask Neha, and says even you was here and returned when Neelam aunty fell down. Rano says I will ask Neha and asks her to say. Neha says Balwinder had gone to that party and did all that. Rano sys hai rabba. Neha says Balwinder had gone there, thinking Rishi is engaging to Lakshmi again. He went there to take revenge and can’t see them happy. Shalu asks where is that Balwinder? Lakshmi recalls Malishka’s behavior and Judge’s words. She recalls Rishi’s words.

She looks through the window and sees Malishka and her parents leaving. Rishi asks Malishka to sit in the car. Malishka looks at Lakshmi and hugs Rishi, saying she was very happy, but seems like someone bad sight fell on them. Rishi asks her not to think and everything will be fine. He says one month had passed, and 2 months remaining. She asks him to wipe her tears. He wipes her tears.

Lakshmi looks at them. Rishi promises to marry her, and says it is my dream and nobody can stop me. She kisses on his cheeks and says I love you. He says I love you too. He waves her bye. Malishka smirks and waves bye to Lakshmi also. Rishi says bye. Malishka waves him bye. Rishi turns and looks at Lakshmi.

Precap: Lakshmi tells Rishi that he can’t become of Malishka with his half engagement and wipes his cheeks. She tells that you are married to me, so no Malishka can come in your life in 2 months and 1 week. Shalu warns Balwinder. Lakshmi picks the call of Malishka and tells that she is talking to her husband and asks her not to interfere between them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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