Bhagya Lakshmi 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ayush singing Nani teri morni and gives her flowers as she makes garland….Dadi slaps him and says leave it. Ayush says I took out beautiful flowers, what is your problem. Dadi says you are giving small flowers. Rishi comes there and asks Mukesh to keep water jug in Mom’s room. Lakshmi comes there and asks Dadi, why is she doing this, I will do everything. Dadi asks if it is not my husband’s birthday, Ayush says my Nana’s birthday, Rishi says my Dada ji’s birthday.

Lakshmi nods her head. Dadi asks if it is yes or no. Rishi says she always used to do this. Rishi and Lakshmi’s heads collide with each other accidentally. Dadi says Kala kutta. Ayush also says the same. Lakshmi says kala kutta. Rishi smiles. Dadi asks them to love fast, and then says fight, and says I mean collide your heads. Kiran comes there and gets upset and this old lady is making them collide their heads. She is about to go inside. Dadi asks where did she go? Kiran makes an excuse and tells that she was stuck in office. Rishi and Lakshmi collide their heads again and start doing the decoration.

Ayush asks Lakshmi where is Shalu, Aloo, bharkalu…Rishi asks can you tell this infront of her. Lakshmi says we will get late by the time she comes, and says she will decorate the hall. Ayush says I was asking just. Dadi asks really? Ayush says yes. Shalu and Neha come there. Ayush says dangerous elephant is coming and staring at him. He falls while looking at her. Rishi asks what happened to you? Shalu asks Ayush what was he doing? Ayush asks where is your sincerity, why did you come late? She asks if you go to office on time.

Rishi asks Ayush to say. Shalu and Neha touch Dadi’s feet. Dadi says daughters don’t touch the feet. Neha says hi to Ayush. She recalls Rano asking her to do something to woo Ayush. A fb is shown. Rano gives instructions to Neha. Shalu comes there. Rano asks her to take Bani with her, and asks Neha not to go. Neha thinks Mom is stopping me. Bani says no problem, let Neha go. Shalu says what Bani will do here. Rano says she has meeting with Prime Minister. Shalu says we will come back soon. Rano says she don’t want to stay alone. Bani asks Shalu to go. Shalu goes out. Rano asks Neha to do the work. fb ends.

Lakshmi asks Shalu to see how to decorate the hall. Dadi asks her to decorate well. Shalu says I will try. Ayush says I will help. Shalu says she don’t want to ruin the decoration. Rishi asks him to take Neha and buy all the decoration stuff to help Shalu. He goes.Lakshmi asks Shalu to see what to do in the hall. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come. Ayush calls all the Servants. Shalu asks them to follow her.

Malishka is upset with Rishi’s thought and thinks I wish I would have gone there to meet Balwinder, but Mom had gone due to Durga Devi. She says it is love and war for me, I wish my plan shall work, don’t know if he will do the work or not. She thinks Mom enjoys to trouble me, as she didn’t tell anything on phone. Kiran comes there and says I trouble you, for whom I am so much trouble.

Malishka asks if Balwinder will do the work. Kiran says even his father will do the work and said yes. Kiran asks if she knows what is happening outside and says Lakshmi is romancing with Rishi openly. Malishka says she might be getting close to Rishi on the pretext of puja. Kiran asks her to go there. Malishka asks why, to get insulted. She says Rishi don’t look at her like before. Kiran says Lakshmi stays in his life or not, you shall be in his life. She says may be Lakshmi goes away from him, but he will not accept you. Malishka asks if you think me useless, and says once Lakshmi is out, I will trap Rishi. Kiran says after tomorrow, Rishi will be in your embrace.

Shalu asks Mukesh to get down and says she will tie the decoration stuff. Ayush offers help. Shalu says she don’t want his help. Ayush says it is better to help Neha. Shalu climbs the stairs and tries to tie the decoration flowers. Ayush teases her. She asks him to hold the stairs well, else she will fall. Ayush teases her. Shalu says I am doing. He shakes up the stairs. She twists his ear and asks him to hold the stairs.

Dadi tells Lakshmi that the temple is looking so good, it was never good like this before and says she will remember this all her life, and says we never celebrated his birthday when he was alive. Lakshmi says we shall celebrate the happiness and says the moments we live is life. She goes to help Shalu. Dadi praises her. Rishi says I want to give her a gift. Dadi agrees and blesses him. Malishka hears and thinks this will be the last, after that you and your gifts will be mine.

Karishma asks Ahana to wear something from the clothes given by her. Ahana says she wants to wear saree like Lakshmi bhabhi. Karishma throws that saree and it falls on Lakshmi. She says we have class and status and whoever wears such sarees have no status.

Precap: Malishka gets happy to see Rishi bringing necklace and thinks finally he is seeing my love. He tries necklace on her. Lakshmi comes there and sees him trying necklace on Malishka and turns to go. He takes back the necklace and tells Lakshmi that this necklace is for her. Neelam tells that they have to do something else Lakshmi will divide the family members. Balwinder in disguise of a pandit, mixes something in the pot. Malishka says she will give him so much money. Balwinder thinks today Lakshmi won’t be saved.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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