Bhagya Lakshmi 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi running out and colliding with Pandit ji. He says sorry and runs out. Pandit ji asks Neelam if all the arrangements is done. Neelam says yes. Malishka calls Rishi while he is on the way in his car. She asks if he is going to temple as Neelam said. Rishi says no, and tells that Pandit ji called and said that Lakshmi is in the Durga temple.

Malishka gets shocked and says she will also come there. He asks her not to come. She says she has already left from home. Rishi is about to hit someone and stops the car. Lakshmi takes blessings from the God and recalls her marriage with Rishi and all their moments. Rishi reaches there and runs. Malishka also comes there and runs behind Rishi. Pandit ji asks everyone to come behind the temple. Lakshmi is still in the temple and recalls Rishi’s betrayal and his words. Rishi comes there and sees her devastated with kajal ruined in her eyes, and sindoor on her forehead. He sees tears rolling down her eyes. He goes to her and asks her to come, says everyone is searching her, and dad has a bad condition and crying a lot.

Lakshmi leaves his hand and looks at Malishka. She recalls their lies. Rishi says whatever happened last night, I am sorry about that. She says sorry, and asks what about the happenings which happened before. She says Durga Maa showed me, that someone is trying to get you, I tried to stop you, but you didn’t listen to me and must have joked about me. She says I didn’t see anything, was worried for you, and was scared. She says you was taking rounds with Malishka, I couldn’t see anything, I couldn’t break and there was darkness infront of my eyes. She says I never thought even in my dreams that my Rishi will betray me. She says she couldn’t understand and haven’t gone home. She says I understand that I married a wrong person.

Malishka says I can make you understand. Lakshmi asks why you will explain to him. Rishi cries. Lakshmi says I regarded you as my sister and told you about doubting Rishi and asked for help. She says I was foolish to ask you for help. She says I had a blind faith on you, and you both fooled me. She says whenever you used to say that I came between you both, you used to say right, I didn’t know that I came between lovers. She says I didn’t doubt when I saw you both hugging. She says why I am such.

Malishka sees Rishi crying seeing Lakshmi crying. Rishi says Lakshmi, whatever you said is right, we shall go home and talk. Lakshmi says don’t touch me, you don’t have any right on me now. She says I trusted you both blindly, even after seeing everything, this is my punishment. She says the world is changed, either the world is not suitable for me or I am not suitable for this world. Malishka asks her to understand. Lakshmi says rishi is my husband and you tried to marry him. She says you was marrying Viraj for the people and says even she betrayed her. She tells Rishi that if he had told her once, then she would have left him for his happiness.

Rishi says I don’t want to hurt you. Lakshmi asks what is it, then? She says I had told you that I can’t bear lie and betrayal. Rishi says I wanted to tell you. Malishka tries to interfere. Lakshmi shouts saying she is talking to Rishi and says time has gone now, and says she will not listen now. She asks how did he stay under the same roof as hers? She asks what was it, that I was made for you, and I believed like foolish.

Malishka says Rishi is mine and was always mine. Lakshmi asks her to be quiet and says Rishi was not yours, when he got married to me, made me wear sindoor and mangalsutra, and did grah pravesh with me. She says all oberoi family gave me the right of their bahu and his wife. She says Rishi was hers until last night. She says when he saved me on Diwali night, I thought he loves me like I do, but I was all lie.

Precap: Malishka tells Lakshmi that Rishi used to love her, even before their marriage. Lakshmi questions Rishi, why did he marry her, when he loved Malishka and says if you have married me due to family pressure then would have told me. Malishka says they all know from the start, what Rishi will tell you. Lakshmi witnesses mata rani and breaks her marriage with Rishi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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