Bhagya Lakshmi 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the driver telling that this is the problem of this city, there is always traffic. Lakshmi gets down from the ambulance and asks people to give them way, and take their vehicles on side. She goes to the people fighting after the accident and asks the guy to move his car. Ayush also says that his brother is critical. The guy refuses. Lakshmi talks to the guy’s wife and asks her to make her husband understand, but the lady doesn’t listen and says she is hurt too and their car got damaged too. She closes the car door. Lakshmi goes to the tempo and asks him to move the tempo. The driver says how to move back. Lakshmi says she will ask the back vehicles to take them back. She urges all autos to take their autos and vehicles back. The tempo could leave.

Malishka thinks of her mother’s words and this doesn’t happen due to his markesh dosh, but due to that snake. She is about to hit a guy and shouts at him. He lets her go. Lakshmi comes back to Rishi and asks him to open his eyes. She says there was traffic, everything is cleared now, we will come to hospital. He opens his eyes and looks at her. Lakshmi shows his engagement ring, and says it fell in the garden mistakenly. She makes him wear it. Rishi looks at her. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…..

Rishi closes his eyes. She asks Rishi to open his eyes and tries to make him come in his senses. She then recalls the doctor’s words that they don’t have even 30 mins. She asks Rishi to get up and says nothing will happen to you. She cries, and says I will fight with Mata Rani, and Karwa Maa, I had kept fast for you with all the devotion. She says if they don’t agree, then they shall take me and not you. She calls Ayush and asks him to hurry up. Rishi spits white froth from his mouth and turns blue. Lakshmi cries and gets shocked. She thinks of Doctor’s words that only an expert can suck the poison.

Virender and Neelam are on the way and stuck in the traffic. Neelam says ambulance is also stopped. Virender says this is the right way, there is no traffic here always. Neelam says our son is fighting for his life. Virender says Lakshmi is with him. Neelam says what did he do that he is fighting with death. She says why markesh dosh came in his kundali and I can’t see him suffering. Virender asks her to relax and keeps her head on his shoulder. She asks what are you doing, our relation is not such. She gets down to see Rishi in the ambulance. Virender tells himself that nothing will happen to Rishi. Ayush tells Lakshmi that the traffic is cleared. He opens the door and sees Lakshmi sucking the poison. He tries to stop Lakshmi and says Doctor said that only an expert can do. Lakshmi says froth is coming from Rishi’s mouth and his face has turned blue. Ayush says you can lose your life. Lakshmi says there is no time, and asks if you regard me as Rishi’s wife, then you will not say anything. She says my promise was truthful, anything can happen to me, but not Rishi. She sucks the poison and spits. Ayush closes the ambulance door and asks driver to drive fast. Neelam comes to car, seeing the ambulance leaving. She asks driver to drive behind the ambulance. Ayush holds the dustbin. Lakshmi sucks the poison and spits into the dustbin. She starts turning blue, but continues to suck the poison from Rishi’s hand. The ambulance is on the way to the hospital. Lakshmi calls Rishi. Ayush asks Lakshmi to talk to him. Lakshmi sucks and spits the poison again, and faints. Ayush gets worried for Lakshmi and says I asked you not to do this, and asks her to open her eyes. Rishi gains consciousness and becomes fine. He asks what happened to Lakshmi. Ayush asks if you are fine, and says Lakshmi has taken out poison from your body with her mouth, Doctor had said that only an expert can do, but Lakshmi did this to save you. He asks Lakshmi to open her eyes and see Rishi Bhai. Rishi is about to get up. Ayush asks him to rest and makes Lakshmi lie down there. Rishi looks at ring in his hand and then looks at Lakshmi. He recalls Lakshmi saving her from hotel’s fire accident, from Balwinder’s attack. Song plays….yeh teh hai….He recalls Lakshmi fighting with crocodile to save him.

Malishka is driving the car fast and hits a cart and the seller. The seller gets up and threatens to call Police. Malishka refuses to give him money. The lady says everyone saw that he has a big loss. Malishka says her family member is in hospital and gives him money. He asks for more money. She gives him money. The guy asks her to drive car carefully and not to kill anyone. Malishka says I would have sent him to jail, if Rishi was not in hospital.

Ambulance comes to the hospital. Rishi gets down and says we need to take Lakshmi inside. Ayush says I will take her. The stretcher gets stuck. Rishi says he will go inside and bring another stretcher. Ayush says I will go. Rishi insists to go and goes inside. Neelam and Virender come there. Neelam asks where is Rishi? Virender asks what happened to Lakshmi. Ayush says she didn’t listen to me, our ambulance was stuck in traffic, so she sucked all the poison from his body. He says she didn’t care for her life. He says Rishi went to get the stretcher.

Rishi comes inside and asks to give the stretcher. Nurse says all stretchers are being used, there was a big accident. Rishi pleads infront of her to help him, as his wife is unconscious. Ayush comes there. Rishi asks who is hospital incharge? Neelam goes inside the hospital. Malishka comes there and runs inside. Virender is with Lakshmi and rubs her hands, asks what did you do? We did a mistake. Neelam and Malishka come inside, and see Rishi arguing with the Nurse, telling that his wife is unconscious, and he don’t have time. He tells Ayush that they need to bring Lakshmi inside and shall get her treatment started. He runs out. Malishka looks on shocked. Neelam goes behind Rishi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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