Bhagya Lakshmi 6th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kiran telling Karishma that she is Malishka’s mom and wouldn’t have waited for Rishi if she was on her place. She says I would have left him long back. She says Malishka loves Rishi and is very stubborn. She says she will marry Viraj, though she doesn’t love him, if Rishi doesn’t leave Lakshmi. She says choice is of Oberois, and says do whatever you want, tell anything to Lakshmi or throw her out. She says if you want my daughter to marry Rishi, and says Malishka is insecure and she shall get security. Karishma asks how? Kiran says Rishi shall leave Lakshmi for this.

Rishi hears Neelam talking to Malishka. Neelam tells Malishka that she likes her and knows that she has always supported Rishi. She says I will never forget your favors and says thank you. Malishka goes out. Rishi comes inside to talk to Neelam. Neelam says I am so proud of you, you didn’t do what Malishka wants. She says I am happy by heart that you kept my word and married Lakshmi for a year. She says the markesh dosh will be aggressive all the year. He thinks I didn’t see the kundali dosh, but just Lakshmi and thinks about her. Neelam says if you had left Lakshmi before the year, then anything can happen to you. She says if you had married Malishka then I would have never accept her as my bahu. She thanks him for keeping the promise and for not leaving Lakshmi. She hugs Rishi.

Malishka comes there and asks Kiran to make arrangements of her marriage. Karishma says Malishka. Malishka goes. Karishma goes to Neelam. Neelam says if Malishka doesn’t believe my words then even I don’t care for her. She says I will not risk my son’s life for her insecurities. Karishma says but. Neelam says we shall attend the guests. She goes with Rishi.

Viraj tells Malishka that they shall leave now. Dadu says I have invited Lakshmi’s family and asks if they have permission, then can I take her for some hours. He says my bahu will learn from your bahu, and says he is sure Malishka will learn to make tea from Lakshmi. He asks Lakshmi if she will teach her. Lakshmi smiles. Dadu asks Malishka if she will learn from Lakshmi. Malishka says ofcourse, how can I refuse you. Lakshmi says even I agree. Dadu congratulates everyone. He tells Lakshmi that she shall teach Malishka some other day and asks her to go to temple, as she was going. Lakshmi says I will take fees to teach her. Everyone is surprised. Dada ji asks what? Lakshmi says I want to take Viraj and Malishka to temple and get them blessed by Mata Rani. Viraj thanks her for asking such unique fees. Malishka says you are right. Ayush says everything is good if end is good. Neelam asks Ayush, why didn’t you tell me that Malishka’s marriage is fixed. She says I could have stopped her from agreeing to this marriage and would have removed her insecurities. Ayush says he came late and in the morning, this is skipped from his mind. Karishma tells Neelam that Lakshmi convinced viraj to marry Malishka. He says Malishka agreed as Viraj agreed. Dadi asks if she is a milk fed baby and tells that nobody forced her to marry Viraj. She asks her to end the matter. Neelam says Mummy ji is right. She says Malishka agreed for marriage, there is a reason. She says Malishka is insecured and afraid as Lakshmi came. Karishma says it is obvious. Neelam asks what shall I do, shall I ask Rishi to leave Lakshmi. She says Rishi can’t leave Lakshmi for a year, he has to be with her for a year. She says I won’t let this marriage break at any cost and goes. Virender thinks Rishi will be of Lakshmi after a year. He thinks everyone is accepting Lakshmi slowly and will love her.

In the temple, Rishi asks Malishka to hear him. Lakshmi asks Malishka to give the plate to Pandit ji and says he will do puja and will offer the bhog to God. She asks her to stand with Viraj. Malishka goes to Viraj upset. Lakshmi calls Rishi. He stands with Lakshmi. Lakshmi gives her plate to Pandit ji. Pandit ji blesses her. Lakshmi asks Malishka to give plate to Pandit ji. She asks if they came to temple like this for the first time. Viraj says yes, you brought us here. Lakshmi says Mata Rani wants to bless your relation, I am just the way. She calls Rishi. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand. Lakshmi says everyone shall close their eyes and pray to Mata Rani. She then asks Rishi to ask anything from Mata Rani. They all fold their hands. Malishka and rishi look at each other. They all pray to Mata Rani. Lakshmi prays you are the mother of the world and you gave me everything even before I asked. Malishka prays and thinks you have snatched my Rishi from me and asks her to let her get Rishi. Lakshmi prays that whatever Rishi wants, shall get if it is for the family’s betterment. Pandit ji returns their plate. Lakshmi asks Pandit ji to bless Malishka and Viraj, and says they are getting married. Pandit ji says ok and showers flower petals on them and does their tilak. He then says Mata Rani shall keep you blessed and you both shall be happy always. He then asks Lakshmi, if Rishi is her husband. Lakshmi says yes. Pandit ji does the same rituals with them and applies them tilak. Malishka looks at them. Pandit ji offers them prasad. Rishi forwards his hand to take it. Pandit ji asks them to take the prasad together. They take the prasad together. Main phir bhi tumko plays…..

Lakshmi and Rishi come out of the temple. Lakshmi asks Viraj, how is he feeling coming here? Viraj says very good. They go talking. Rishi holds Malishka’s hand and asks her to go and tell Viraj about their love and affair. Malishka asks him to go and tell him. She says even I want you to tell the truth to the whole world, not just Viraj. She provokes him and asks if he didn’t have the courage. He says he will tell the truth to Viraj now itself and goes. Malishka smiles. Lakshmi and Viraj wait for them standing near the car. Viraj says they were behind us. They see Rishi and Malishka come. Viraj says if something happened between them, why are they looking angry? Lakshmi says I will talk to them. She sees a speedy car coming and asks Rishi to stop. Rishi stops. She then sees a beggar about to get hit by the car, and runs to save him. Rishi shouts Lakshmi and runs to her. Lakshmi saves the old guy/beggar. The old guy blesses Lakshmi for saving his life and blesses her to get a loving husband. Lakshmi says God has given me already.

Precap: Malishka thinks Rishi shall come to her house to talk to her. Rishi comes to her house using stairs and tells Malishka that he will marry her after a year. Ayush and lakshmi come to Malishka’s house and ring the door bell. Rishi says I will check. Lakshmi says it seems there is nobody at home and says we shall come tomorrow. Rishi says I am coming. Lakshmi and Ayush stop hearing him. Rishi opens the door.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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