Bhagya Lakshmi 6th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Malishka who has called Police. Aanchal says I called Police. Rishi says why did you take this big step and didn’t inform me, and says Paro is a small girl and this is an accident and it is not her mistake. He asks Aanchal where her understanding went. Aanchal says enough and tells that you might not worry for your Mom, but I care for her and don’t even ask myself when I do something for her. She asks him not to say anything. Doctor comes out and says meeting time is over. She asks him to go home and says 2-3 attenders can stay here. Rishi says I will stay. Aanchal says no, I will stay and asks Malishka to stay with her.

Lakshmi and Shalu come to the juvenile home to talk to Paro. The lady asks her to go. Another lady comes and asks what happened? Lakshmi says my daughter is innocent, she is small and didn’t do anything. The lady says I can’t help you. Lakshmi says she is just 6 years old. The lady Jyoti says this is juvenile home and we bring kids for the child’s betterment. She is about to call security, when another lady comes and asks what is the matter? Lakshmi and Shalu plead infront of her. The lady says I will make you meet Paro.

Aanchal is sitting with Neelam. She sees Malishka and comes out. Malishka hugs Aanchal and says thank god you came here to attend Rohan’s birthday, you are here with Mom, for trusting her, for calling Police and filing case against Paro. Aanchal says I shall thank you for telling me Paro’s reality. She says I saw that Paro is very mischievous. Malishka says our house needs you, the family members doesn’t understand that evil people needs to stay away (when she herself is evil and bad for the family). Aanchal says she will handle them. Malishka says Rishi has softcorner for Lakshmi and Paro. Aanchal says I hate them, and very soon Rishi has to dislike them. She says I am here, don’t worry.

All the kids are standing in queue to take the food. Paro says she is not hungry. Lakshmi and Shalu come there. Paro cries calling her Maa. Lakshmi hugs her and cries. Shalu also cries. Paro says I don’t like this place, take me from here. Lakshmi says we will take you from here. Paro says take me from here, and tells that she is ready to go to village and will accept all her sayings. Lakshmi cries and says we will go from here. Shalu makes her sit on her lap and says you are very brave, Dadi Amma. She asks her not to cry. Lakshmi goes to the lady and says please let me take her from here. The lady asks her to hire a get lawyer and get her case trial done in fast track court. She says I can give you best lawyers numbers, but can’t send her with you. Lakshmi thanks her.

She comes to Paro. Paro asks did you talk to Aunty, shall we leave. Lakshmi recalls Dadi giving the rudraksh bracelet, and takes it out from her dupatta. She says it is given by your Badi Dadi, it is very powerful and you will get strength and power wearing it. She ties it on her hand and asks her to keep it with her, and says she will not be scared. She says you have to stay here for tonight just. Shalu cries. Paro says tonight? Lakshmi says you will not be scared as this bracelet/thread is with you, and asks her to think good, as if she came here for school picnic. Paro asks why you are not taking me today. Lakshmi tells that they have to prove her innocence and says they have to prove to Rohan also that she didn’t harm Badi Mom. Paro asks her not to cry and says she has elders’ blessings with her. Lakshmi cries and hugs Paro. Shalu hugs them.

Dadi worries that nobody is picking the call and hopes Neelam is fine. Door bell rings. Dadi opens the door. Karishma and Anushka come there. Dadi asks where are the others? Karishma says Aanchal and Malishka stayed in the hospital, others are coming. Dadi says why you people didn’t call to inform me how is Neelam? She says she wanted to come, but couldn’t come due to Rohan, he is also hurt. Karishma asks her to take rest. Anushka says it is good that Paro is sent to Juvenile home, and says she will get better there, if she stays without her mother and aunt then she will mend her ways. Rohan also hears her. Dadi is shocked.

Aanchal asks Malishka to have coffee. Malishka refuses and says she can’t have anything. Aanchal goes. Malishka comes inside Neelam’s ward and says you always supported me, and tells that you risked your life, but was not aware that you are taking the risk. She says you are good, and Lakshmi is lowered in your eyes. Sbe says I will return your favour by keeping your son happy. She says I will pray that you will be fine soon. She prays to God to make her fine and goes.

Lakshmi and Paro thank the lady. The lady says even she had a daughter, but….she cries. Lakshmi says you will be a good mother and God will return your motherly love to you. They are about to go. Rishi comes there with Ayush and asks Lakshmi where is Paro? Lakshmi says I will say, but not here. She takes him outside and tells him that she didn’t let herself get unwell since Paro was born, and gave her utmost importance and taken good care of her. She says Paro is my everything and asks him to stay away from her daughter. Rishi asks what do you mean? Lakshmi says I said everything clearly. Rishi says you are sounding as if I am responsible for whatever wrong happened in your life. Lakshmi says yes, you are.

Precap: Rishi tells Lakshmi that if Maa gives birth to her child then father gives life to the child. He says I am here, with my daughter. Rishi and Dadi meet Paro. Lakshmi and Shalu meet the lawyer. Lawyer asks if she is Neelam’s bahu. Aanchal tells Rishi that the argument will happen in the court. Rishi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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