Bhagya Lakshmi 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi recalling asking Rishi if the family members knew about his love for Malishka and Rishi nodding his head. Malishka comes behind Rishi and says I will come with you. She says we were together in this marriage and asks why he is feeling bad for Lakshmi. Rishi drives the car and recalls Lakshmi’s words that he gave her all the relations, and then snatched all the trust and relations from her.

Malishka asks Rishi not to worry and says everything is fine. Rishi says I have done wrong, and thinking how can I do wrong with Lakshmi. He says I can’t think of doing wrong with anyone, and shouts lakshmi from the car. Malishka says she will go home and complain about us. Rishi says if she wanted then would have done yesterday itself. He asks how can cold and insensitive and blames her for Lakshmi’s condition.

Pandit ji tells Neelam that the puja is completed and asks her to give aarti to everyone. He says I will leave now and leaves. Lakshmi comes there and recalls Malishka’s words that they knew everything about their relation. She steps inside the house. Karishma looks at her and says Lakshmi. Ayush, Devika and Ahana come to her. Dadi comes to her and asks where were you, we were upset. Ahana says we were searching you. Karishma says Rishi had gone to bring you. Lakshmi goes to her room.

Neelam tries to stop her. Karishma says what is wrong with this girl? Dadi says she is in trauma and shattered. Neelam asks Ayush to call his Mama ji. Lakshmi brings her suitcase. Virender comes home and sees Lakshmi leaving. Dadi asks where are you going? Virender says you had gone, I was in tension, now you came, I got my life back. He asks are you fine, did you get hurt? Lakshmi says Rishi was marrying Malishka. She says Malishka said that they used to love each other, before my marriage with him.

She says I couldn’t believe her, how it is possible that all the family members are betraying me, and haven’t told me that their relation is more beyond friendship. She says I used to trust everyone. She says I can understand Karishma Bua, but Ahana, Devika could have told me, they are like my sisters. She tells Ayush that he is not her dewar, but her friend and brother. She says I didn’t know that you will betray me. She turns to Dadi, and says you love me so much, and can’t do this with me. Dadi cries.

Lakshmi comes to Neelam and says you had said that whatever thing I do, I shall ask you and do the work, as you don’t want anything wrong. She says you think everything carefully to avoid a mistake, how can you lie to me? She says you had told me about Malishka, that she is Karishma Bua’s sister in law’s daughter. She says she couldn’t believe when Malishka told her, and that’s why asked Rishi keeping his hand on Mata Rani’s feet, and he said yes. She says I have witnessed Mata Rani and broke all my relations with him. She says how to break my relation with you all, with you my Bau ji. She says I know that you love me a lot and knows that when you hug me, you wanted to protect me from all the troubles.

She says when you call me yaar Lakshmi, I hear my Bau ji’s voice in your voice, and you was more than a God to me, and our relation was connected with heart, before Rishi and my relation. She says whenever you said that you will take care of me and will save me, then how did you let this happen with me. She says she didn’t feel much pain when her parents left, when she saw Rishi marrying Malishka, but this pain is unbearable. She asks him to tell that he didn’t know about Rishi and Malishka.

Karishma says everyone knew and asks her not to emotionally torture him. Lakshmi says no, my Bau ji can’t do this, and says he didn’t know and says I will trust you. She asks him to say that he didn’t betray his daughter. Virender says I was aware and cries. He says whatever happened was wrong and tells that he will make everything fine, your Bau ji. Lakshmi says whatever is broken, how will you make it fine.

Neelam asks her to stop and says you can’t leave this house. Lakshmi says this house is not mine now. Neelam says I can’t let you go, and says there is a reason behind your marriage with Rishi. She says your kundalis match with each other and Pandit ji had said….Lakshmi says he was also Pandit ji who was getting Malishka and Rishi married. She says relations are not made with one person. Neelam says you can’t break it. Lakshmi says I have broken it, which was already broken. Neelam asks Lakshmi to stop and says you can’t leave this house. Lakshmi looks at everyone and frees her hand. She is about to leave.

Precap: Neelam asks Virender why you didn’t stop her. Virender says as her decision was right, tells that he had got married to Lakshmi, then also he was marrying Malishka. Neelam says Malishka was your choice too. Virender says she was my choice and says you used me too, trapped me to trap Lakshmi. Shalu opens the door and finds Lakshmi standing. She gets shocked. Neelam slaps Rishi and blames Rishi and Malishka for making fun of her trust. Rishi says Mom. Lakshmi tells Shalu that Rishi has an affair with Malishka, you thought right. Rano overhears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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