Bhagya Lakshmi 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the doctor taking sample of Dadi, while she bites Virender’s hand. Karishma says sweets have come. Dadi asks Dr. Shiv to tell them to give her sweets. Dr. Shiv asks her to give two pieces sweets. Rishi comes there and tells about Neelam. Dr. Shiv says yes, I came to know, I was not in the hospital then. He says he will come to do the test. Virender says it is good to see the employee’s son prospering.

He tells Dadi that she did wrong to bite him. She says she has given him pain, as she was in pain. Malishka is about to set Rishi’s collar. Lakshmi stops her and sets his collar, says it is not your work. Malishka says I thought you are in kitchen. Lakshmi says and you must have thought that you can take the advantage. She says I can fulfill all my responsibilities. Karishma reminds about her responsibility. Lakshmi says I remember and have watched many videos. Neelam says she can’t bear her attitude.

Sudha brings Mrs and Mr. Gujral and their son Gautam. She says Gautam had got businessman of the year award. She introduces the family to Gujrals. Malishka introduces herself as Rishi’s fiancé and his would be wife. Lakshmi comes there and introduces herself as Lakshmi. She says I will bring Ahana. She asks Mukesh to keep something in kitchen. She thinks she would have given answer to Malishka, but were silent due to the guests.

She thinks Rishi was silent and didn’t say, I don’t expect this from him. She comes to Ahana’s room. Ahana says she is very nervous. Lakshmi says whoever get Ahana, will be lucky. She sys lets go and make tea and breakfast. Lakshmi gives the tea cups to Ahana. Ahana serves it to everyone. Sudha says Gautam is seeing Ahana for the first time. Sonia introduce them. Gautam says hello. He sips the tea and says nice tea.

Ahana says it was made by Lakshmi bhabhi. Mrs. Gujral asks who is your husband? Rishi says I am Lakshmi’s husband. Lakshmi says Malishka is just his friend, who wants to be my husband’s wife. Malishka says yes, as they are getting divorced and it is filed in court. Mrs. And Mr. Gujral says they are not kids anymore and knows what they want. Malishka says yes. Dadi says they can’t talk as they are watching them. She asks Ahana to take him to room and talk. Neelam says there is no pressure on you both. Gautam and Ahana go to room.

Lakshmi comes to the kitchen and finds the bags missing. She calls Mukesh and asks where is the bags? Mukesh says it is not there. Malishka comes there and asks Mukesh to give water to Karishma aunty. She asks Lakshmi if she can help her. Lakshmi asks did you steal the bags?


Malishka recalls stealing the bags and running out. Lakshmi asks her. Malishka says she will not do anything to insult the family. She says I really like Ahana, and will not do such things. She says may be you have kept it somewhere to insult everyone, and says you had said that you can handle responsibility, so handle now.

Gautam looks out of the window and says nice view. He asks her to say something, else it will look odd. He says it is soothing and calm view. Ahana says view is good. Gautam says may be you don’t want to say much. She says she is a good listener. He says he was 9 months, when his mom and dad shifted to London, says our house is Mini India, and you will find our relatives there.

she says that’s why you don’t have that accent. He says heart wants to stop on you, and asks if she don’t want to ask him. She says she wants to hear. He says his favorite color is red, white, blue etc. and says very soon it will change. He says I don’t have much to ask you, but I have something to tell you.

She asks what? He says I was married before, and she died in an accident after few days of marriage. He says I wanted to tell you this before anything gets fixed. He says I don’t know my mom and dad told you this, but I wanted to say this.

Malishka is angry at Lakshmi. Karishma asks her to come and sit with them. She says Gautam likes Ahana very much and hopes their alliance gets fixed. She asks if you are hearing what I said. Malishka says yes. She says we shall take Neelam aunty to kitchen. Gautam asks if my marks got less. Ahana says infact, I like your honesty. Ahana says even I want to tell you something, and says I am a good listener.

He says we met 5 mins before and you didn’t take my name. He says I felt the sound from myself that I like you, and asks her to take her time and can directly say that she don’t like him. Ahana says Gautam don’t try more, as I think I like you. Gautam gets happy.

Gautam’s parents ask him what is his answer? Neelam asks Ahana to say. Rishi says let them sit first. They sit. Ayush asks them to say. Virender asks did you decide? Neelam asks them to say else they might think wrong. Rishi says don’t know when people say yes or no. Gautam says we have yes. Ahana says yes. Ayush asks Ahana to congrats him. Dadi says she will have much sweets.

Ayush says we can stay in Gautam’s London house. Gautam says sure. Ahana says he likes it. Neelam asks Karishma to make them have sweets. Karishma makes everyone have sweets,and then Neelam. She asks her to come to kitchen, as she is afraid that Lakshmi might get them insulted.

Precap: Ayush asks Ahana where is the food as all her stuff is missing. Lakshmi looks on. Malishka says she called at her home and Shankar is making food and will bring. Sudha says I told you that they don’t have this food. Lakshmi picks the food from the sink and says she will not get the food wasted in her house.

Malishka says your house. Lakshmi says yes, my house and my husband. She then asks Rishi, why did he show dreams to her, when he wanted to spend life with Malishka. Virender blames Lakshmi for hiding the bags to get them insulted.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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