Bhagya Lakshmi 7th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Rishi to stay away from her and says soon, she will take her out from her. Rishi tells her that why you had only taken care of her and never got unwell, why? He says a father takes care of his daughter, but where is her so called father, who is missing from here. He says I am here standing for my daughter. Lakshmi goes. Rishi goes from there.

Ayush and Shalu come there. Ayush asks Shalu if Paro has a father then why he is not here. Dadi is on the way and thinks why Rishi didn’t stop them from taking Paro. Lakshmi tries to take auto. Rishi asks where is Paro’s Dad? Lakshmi refuses to answer. He asks her to answer him. She asks what he wants to talk? Rishi asks where is her father? Lakshmi says he is busy, he has much work to do. He tells that he knows that Ranjeet wanted to marry her, and also knows that Paro had told that her father is away. Lakshmi says I am married and he is in the village. She says due to our family problems, we don’t talk to each other. Rishi says I am her father and will meet her. Lakshmi tries to stop her, but Shalu stops her. Rishi and Ayush goes. Shalu says he is her father and will not let anything happen to her.

Rishi tells Ayush that Lakshmi is lying to me, and didn’t look in my eyes and see. Dadi comes there. Rishi and Ayush ask you are here? Dadi insists to talk to Paro. Malishka calls Kiran and asks where is she? She asks if Rishi came. Kiran says she was tired and came to her house. She says when she left, Rishi had not come. Malishka asks how can you sleep, and tells that her mother in law is in hospital. Kiran asks her not to talk like middle class people and asks her to let her sleep. Malishka calls Anushka and asks if Rishi reached home. Anushka says no. Malishka gets worried and says where did they go then? Rishi, Ayush and Dadi meet Paro. Dadi feeds her food. Paro says she will stay here if Rohan is with her, else she can’t stay. Rishi asks Jyoti if he can stay here. She says this is not the hotel. Rishi says sorry. Sushma says we have given enough time already, Paro had slept, but we made her awake due to Maa ji. Paro says I will stay here only for tonight.

Lakshmi and Shalu come to the lawyer’s house. The lawyer opens the door. Lakshmi asks him to save his daughter. He asks them to come inside and tell them about the case. Lakshmi tells him that they have went to someone house and her 6 years old daughter was blamed for attempt to murder. She says they are saying that Paro did it deliberately as she doesn’t like Neelam ji. She asks if grand daughter can do this with her grand mother. He asks if you are her bahu. Lakshmi says no. The lawyer says I thought the way you told me. Lakshmi asks him to help them. Shalu says the court hearing is tomorrow. The lawyer tells that he will save Paro. Lakshmi says the case hearing is at 12 pm tomorrow.

Rishi says how she can say that I am not her father and says he will stand by her. Malishka says God please, whatever I am imagining shall not be fulfilled, this shall not be true. She calls Rishi and asks where is he? She asks if you met Paro. Rishi tells that yes, he met Paro and she is the same. He confronts her for making Paro say that she hates Mom. Malishka says what I have done and asks if Lakshmi has provoked you against me. Rishi says Lakshmi is angry with me and blamed me. Malishka thinks it is good that they fought. He ends the call. Malishka then instigates Aanchal against Lakshmi and Paro, and tells that Rishi was angry at her, as if she is nothing to him. She says what will happen if Lakshmi returns. Aanchal says she will ensure that Lakshmi will never return. Malishka smiles evilly.

Lakshmi recalls Paro telling her that she will search her father. Rishi calls her and hears her cryng. He says I am with you.

Precap: Aanchal shouts at Rishi and says you are not fulfilling mother-son relation and says now they will argue in court. Lawyer tells Malishka that nobody can save the girl. He appeals the Judge to send Paro to juvenile for forever.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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