Bhagya Lakshmi 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi thinking to take help from Ayush. Shalu and Bani are trying to sleep. Shalu is restless. Bani asks her to sleep properly. Shalu says she is not getting sleep. They sit down. Bani says they must have accepted di. Shalu says this has happened due to jiju and says they think a lot about each other and understands each other, but never says that they love each other. Bani says their one part is missing. Shalu says there are 1000s way to love, may be this is their way to love.

Lakshmi comes to Ayush’s room and finds him sleeping. She thinks what to do, thinks to take money from his purse, to buy ticket to go to village. Ayush is smiling in sleep. Lakshmi thinks he is very lovely, always smile and makes others smile too. She says he fights with others for me, and today I am taking money from him without telling him. She feels bad and says you always help me, and even today you will help me and you don’t know. She takes his wallet and takes out money from his wallet. Just then Ayush in sleep hits on her hand and the wallet falls down. Lakshmi goes out.

Bani asks Shalu, what is that jhalla’s way to love. Shalu says jhalla…and asks her to sleep. They lie down to sleep. Bani says Ayush really helps Di always. Shalu says he will always help Di. Lakshmi opens the door to leave and says I am sorry, I have hurt everyone here, please forgive me. She leaves and thinks she didn’t tell to Shalu and Bani that she is leaving home for forever. She comes to the temple and says I had gone agreeing to your sayings, and I had told you that Rishi shall not suffer because of me. She says Rishi was hurt because of me, and asks Goddess not to make Rishi and me meet again after this, and says I just want happiness of Rishi and my family. She says I regard them as my family.

She says I just want their happiness, but they get hurt and Rishi lands in troubles. She says keep me away from Rishi, it is right. She says I am leaving Rishi’s responsibility on you, he loves his family and wants to see them happy, but due to me, there is argument at home. She says you will not make me meet Rishi again. She asks Goddess to take care of Rishi, Shalu, Bani, Chacha, Chachi and Neha. She goes. The auto driver drops her and asks her to go by walk, as it is one way. She is leaving, when a guy is running and collides with her. He pushes her and runs. Lakshmi falls down. The goons comes behind the Guy and asks him to kneel on his knees.

The guy asks him not to kill him and tells that he has a family. The Goons ask why did you cheat Bhaiyya ji. Another goon asks the goon to shoot him seeing the mahurat time. The goon shoots the guy. Lakshmi shouts witnessing the murder. The goon hears her scream. Rishi gets up in his room and goes to Lakshmi’s room. The goons tell that she has seen the murder so they will kill her also. They aim gun at her. Rishi comes inside and thinks she is sleeping.

He goes out. Lakshmi cries and says no…The goons see the Police jeep and hide. Lakshmi runs leaving her trolley there itself. The goon runs following her. Rishi comes to Lakshmi’s room and pulls the blanket. He sees the pillows and thinks she left. The letter falls down and he steps on it and walks to Ayush’s room. He wakes up Ayush and tells him that Lakshmi left somewhere. Ayush says we shall go and search her. Rishi asks him to wear his shoes. Ayush sees the letter stick to his slipper. Rishi reads it and says it is Lakshmi’s letter. He reads in which it is written that she is leaving and asks him not to search her, and asks him to live his life and not to worry about her, she will handle her life.

Lakshmi runs and falls down. Rishi tells Ayush that they shall search her. Ayush calls Lakshmi and says it is off. Rishi says it was in her room, she had left it. He says we will search her. Ayush says where we will search. Rishi says we shall know when she left from here. He goes. Ayush picks is wallet and shoes and goes. Rishi and Ayush come out and ask watchman. The watchman says she didn’t go from here. Rishi asks when did you come? He says 30 mins before. The goon worries that Bhaiyya ji will not leave them. Another goon says they will kill her. Lakshmi hides in the taxi decky. The goon comes there, but doesn’t see her. Lakshmi comes out of the decky, just as they are about to leave. The goons see her. Lakshmi runs.

Ayush calls Shalu and asks if Lakshmi came there. Shalu says no. Ayush tells that she left a letter and went. Shalu says she will come there and search her with them. Rishi asks Ayush to go and pick Shalu. He says they shall go to the railway station as Lakshmi might go to village. He says when I find her, I will lock her in the cage and will not let her go anywhere. Lakshmi runs and hides in someone’s house. The goons come there and ask the lady sleeping outside, if she saw someone coming there.

Precap: Rishi is searching Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes to the same place where the goons have murdered the guy. Rishi sees the goons kidnapping and taking Lakshmi from there. Balwinder says he will take revenge from her. The goon has captive Lakshmi somewhere. He aims gun at Lakshmi. Ayush and Shalu have a hug. The goon asks who is he, and calls him hero? Rishi says he has heart to heart connection with her. Balwinder thinks to make a new plan again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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