Bhagya Lakshmi 8th March 2022 Written Episode Update

Rishi is sleeping when he suddenly wakes up, he sees Lakshmi standing beside his bed, she smiles at him and starts walking towards him, Rishi is still lying down in his bed when he smiles back looking at her but then suddenly realizes that she is Malishka, she calls her when Malishka questions who is he searching for and does he need something, she wishes him good morning and presents the coffee which he likes the most.

Rishi wonders why he is seeing Lakshmi and it would because of the medicine, Rishi spits out the coffee, she immediately asks him to give his reviews when he explains he can only lie once, and it was really bad, so he woke up because of it. Virender enters the room asking rishi to take a look at the file of Marcs and sons, Rishi inquires if this company is US based,

Neelam enters explaining she knew he would come to irritate her son as was thinking right, she says he should do all the work himself when Virender explains he was just taking information, Neelam replies he can even take this information from someone else, Rishi offers to check it when Virender explains his mother is angry if they argue then neither would be alive, he leaves the room, Neelam even asks Malishka to go and have breakfast.

Neelam questions what he said that he is going to do whatever she asks him, so she is asking him to rest till he fully recovers, she asks how he is feeling, Rishi thinks that everyone here is asking him about his health but what about Lakshmi, he exclaims that she did not even call him once.

Lakshmi holds the hand of Shalu, Balvinder questions if they are not going to ask him to come inside since he was about to be their son in law, Rano however refuses saying that he is not a good person and should not come inside, Balvinder explains that he came to talk to Lakshmi, and going to her apologizes to her mentioning that he just came to seek apology from her, before she goes back to her in laws,

Neha questions what is he talking about, Lakshmi replies that he came to talk to her, Balvinder explains he learned his lesson and even the police beat him a lot, but he has now vowed to not do any mistakes in the future, Lakshmi explains that she is no one to forgive him but he would be forgiven by the society. She heads back inside with Shalu and Bani.

Balvinder questions if this is Lakshmi as she has changed a lot, Rano informs she is the same, he says there is no need to change and he hands her ten thousand rupees informing that he vowed to bear all the expenses in the wedding, Rano agrees when Balvinder thinks that she is just as greedy and took the money, Bani son comes asking what is she doing here since he is hungry,

Balu greets her son when Neha questions why do they not leave from their house, Balvinder says she is just like her mother, Bani orders him to step aside when Neha says he will go out first, Neha informs she doesnot like him at all, Rano mentions who would like someone like him but Neha explains he gave her the ten thousand rupees as a token so he can come to their house, Neha sees the mobile of Bani when Rano informs that she herself is going to take the mobile, Neha picks the purse and sees the photo of lakshmi’s parents.

Lakshmi in the room is searching for her purse when Shalu asks if she forgave Balu to which Lakshmi informs he vowed on his children so who are they to not forgive him, Bani says if Jiju found out about him then would beat Balu, Lakshmi mentions this is his problem as he thinks after doing it, she says what was the need for him to come in front of the bullet,

Bani explains why is she so angry, Lakshmi replies that he is like this and she herself was worried all night wondering if he was able to sleep and did he feel comfortable, he is like this and doesnot sleep in any other place, Shalu exclaims Lakshmi is really worried about Rishi, Bani questions if she called her, when Lakshmi replies that she asked them to not talk about him, she is able to find her chart papers.

Neha leaves after handing Lakshmi the bag explaining she is going to Bani aunti house, Shalu questions how did she become so nice, Lakshmi replies that she is their sister, Bani says she is just a witch but their sister, Lakshmi advises her to not spent time with Shalu, who requests Lakshmi to drop her at the coaching centre since it is really near to their house so no auto driver is ready to drop her, Lakshmi leaves advising Bani to study while she will complete her work after coming back from the job.

Rishi sitting on his bed think that Malishka opened the curtains, but he saw Lakshmi, he wonders why she not called him and what is going on with him, he thinks he himself can call her, Lakshmi is with Shalu when she is feeling nervous just as the time when she came back from visiting Rishi, Shalu explains that no one is following them.

Rishi calls Lakshmi revealing that he was not feeling well since he feels that the bullet which hit him is still stuck in his heart and he feels that it did not come out, he requests if she can come in but then puts the phone down thinking what is the need to call Lakshmi as she is not a doctor.

Lakshmi assures the mam she would have come on time when the boss explains that she would come on time today as there is no visit to the bank, she asks Lakshmi to come and meet her, she reveals to Shalu that she will get late so Shalu asks her to sit in this auto as she will find someone else, Lakshmi sits after hugging Shalu.

Rishi thinks what is the need to call her since she would say she doesnot want to talk with him, Lakshmi answering explains she is just coming, Rishi mentions then it is fine, she is sho9cked he is the one who is on the call, Rishi explains she did not call to inquire about his health and is now not really fine so can she come to meet him since she herself said she is coming,

Lakshmi explains she felt he was Kalyani mam so replied she is coming since she is going to the store, Rishi apologizes saying that he felt it was the doctor so asked him to come to the house, Lakshmi questions if he is saying she should not come, Rishi asks her to come since the route is from their house so she can come, he was wondering why she did not call him when he was in pain,

Lakshmi reveals she called Sudeepa, Rishi sits down in excitement, Lakshmi wonders why did she end the call and thinks of clarifying her point of view, they both try to call each other but the network is busy, they think that the other person would be calling them. Lakshmi asks the auto driver to take her to the Oberoi mansion but after that she asks him to take it her to the shop.

Shalu is standing when she thinks that someone is following her, she starts getting nervous and so thinks of Balvinder and so asks him to come out if it is him behind the pillar.

Rano is with Bani revealing that Neelam herself brought the fifty lac amount and she did not see such money but Lakshmi refused to accept it, Rano explains that she has a plan and is now going to kidnap Lakshmi after which her sisters would be forced to go and beg the Oberoi for the money, Balvinder explains it is a flop plan since he worked for a lot of time in that house,

Neelam will never give them the money, until Lakshmi herself goes to ask them, Neha questions how is it possible when they are talking about kidnapping Lakshmi, Balvinder reveals they are going to kidnap Shalu because Lakshmi loves them a lot and would do anything for her sisters because of the love, just like his love for Lakshmi.

Precap: Lakshmi is about to sit in an auto. Rishi throws a smiling ball at her. She looks back. He smilingly waves at her. She does the same. He tells her with gestures that she brings a smile on his face. He turns back and finds Malishka standing there.

Malishka cries and complains to Karishma and Sonia that Rishi-Lakshmi’s romance has started, just like college’s lovey-dovey romance. Sonia shares something saying this will end Malishka’s problems once and for all. Rano tells Balvinder that everyone returns home by 9:30. He says tonight kidnapping will take place. Rishi tells Malishka, I won’t lie to you, but something really happens in my heart for Lakshmi. I can’t explain to you what happens, why it happens. I like Lakshmi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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