Bhagya Lakshmi 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi sitting at Lakshmi’s bedside and recalls breaking his relation with her, on Malishka’s insistence. Malishka drives the car fast recalling the happenings, and breaking off the relation with him. She stops the car and thinks what the hell? She says I can’t die for someone else. She gets down and says some stories give peace, and says their love is intense and mad, which will forget the world. She says I was about to end myself. She thinks she can’t die for someone. She says if you want to stay with Lakshmi, then stay with her. She says I will not ask for your love, as I will not ask for charity, thinks may be we are not made for each other. She asks him to give his hand in Lakshmi’s hand. She sits in the car and cries.

Rishi takes off his chain wrapped around in Lakshmi’s hand. song plays…..He then wears it looking at Lakshmi. Mangalam bhagwan Vishnu plays…..Song plays then kal ho na ho. He says I am feeling guilty for not listening to you. He says you are brave not to get scared of anyone, you always do this for me, I am not that brave, asks how much favors she will do on him. He says I will not trouble you from now onwards, and asks her to open her eyes, and says he will agree to her sayings. He asks her to open her eyes once and cries. Lakshmi gains consciousness and opens her eyes. She takes his name. Rishi asks if you are fine? Lakshmi signs him.

He goes to side and feels bad. He comes back to her and says thank god, you are fine. You took my life. Lakshmi says even you have taken my life. He asks if she has not any original dialogue and copying his, its ok next time. He goes out and tells Virender that Lakshmi got consciousness. Everyone go inside. Virender keeps hand on Lakshmi’s head, and says when she fainted, everyone lost their senses. Neelam asks if you are fine? Lakshmi nods her head. Dadi says if you do this again, then I will slap you. She asks her to handle herself, and says we have happiness due to you. Ayush asks Dadi to stop scolding her. Dadi says it is her love. Ayush calls Lakshmi as miracle machine and asks if she is fine. Virender asks him to go and call doctor.

Malishka returns home, and tells Kiran that their relation is over now. Kiran asks what are you saying? Malishka goes to her room and locks the door. Kiran asks her to listen. All the family members bring Lakshmi back home. Ahana and Devika hug Rishi and ask if he is fine. Neelam thanks the God in the inhouse temple. Virender says both are fine. Dadi says Lakshmi had sucked the poison from Rishi’s hand and saved him. Sonia comes and hugs Rishi. Rishi says he is fine due to Lakshmi. Virender says Lakshmi saved Rishi. Lakshmi says it is due to Karwa mata and the fast. She says when Rishi’s condition deteriorated, she got the idea which Doctor gave. Dadi says you had kept fast with true heart. Virender asks Rishi and Lakshmi to rest. Lakshmi says I know that you all would have taken care of me equally if snake had bitten me. Dadi says surely. Lakshmi gets up. Rishi runs to her and asks her to be careful. He holds her as she walks to their room. Everyone looks at them.

Virender says Neelam that he got very angry in hospital. Neelam says if he wants to say sorry. He says no, I didn’t want to say sorry, though my way was wrong. Neelam says it is not the first time, you have done mistake before too, but didn’t say sorry. Rishi takes Lakshmi to room and asks why she is walking like this. Lakshmi says nothing and recalls colliding with the ambulance. Rishi asks her to tell truth. Lakshmi tells him that she got hurt as she collided with the ambulance. He asks her to show. She says it is a small injury. He asks her to lie down and covers blanket on her. He gives pillow under her neck. Lakshmi holds his hand and says I am not liar. She says she don’t act or show off. Rishi says I…Lakshmi asks him to listen and says listen to me. She says I doubted you for sometime, but when I asked you if you wanted to marry me, you said that I was made for you and you wanted to marry me. He says I remember. Lakshmi says I saw your eyes and there was truthful in your eyes, then why shall I ask you again and doubt. He says yes. She asks him to look in her eyes and asks what you can find truth or lie. He holds her cheeks and says sorry, tells that he never wanted to hurt her. He says when you cry, I don’t like her. He says I like you, when you….Lakshmi smiles and says this way. He says perfect and asks her to sleep. He again gives her pillow and asks her to sleep. He says he has no work and no calls, cancelled everything. He says he will be with her and asks can he go and bring water. Lakshmi says ok and smiles.

Virender asks Ayush why is he so happy? Ayush is eating food and says he is very hungry. Virender reminisces the incident and says whenever you are happy, you over eats. He asks where do all the food go? Ayush says smart. He whispers to Virender that Malishka left Rishi. Virender asks him not to lie. A fb is shown. Ayush says she is gone. Virender couldn’t control his happiness and dances. Ayush and Virender say gai gai…Rishi comes there and sees them behaving strangely. Ayush makes him see Rishi. Rishi asks who is gone? Virender says electricity went. Rishi says electricity is here. Ayush says it had gone. Rishi asks what is going on Dad? Virender goes. Rishi asks them to say. Virender and Ayush make an excuse and leave.

Rishi calls Malishka, but she rejects the call. He thinks she is not picking the call. Rishi comes to his room and finds Lakshmi feeling cold. He takes the remote to lower the AC temperature. He finds injury on her foot and calls Doctor. He tells Doctor to ask Nurse to check Lakshmi’s foot injury and do dressing and bring medicine if required. Lakshmi wakes up and hears him, smiles. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…..

Next morning, Rishi gets Virender’s call and says Nurse came. Servant Sudeep comes there and says good morning. He keeps the tea tray. Lakshmi asks what happened. Rishi asks Sudeep to go. Sudeep says I gave tea to him (Virender) but he said that the tea is not like the tea made by you. Lakshmi says I will make tea. Rishi asks her to sit and asks Sudeep to tell Dad that he will not get tea made by Lakshmi for 2-3 days. Nurse comes there and asks where is the injury? She checks the injury and says it is deep, I will ask doctor. She says you shouldn’t have left it open. Rishi tries to clean her injury. Lakshmi says what are you doing and says you are my husband, don’t touch my feet. He says I am your husband and can touch you with the right. He says you have saved me many times, and if I am trying to do something for you, you stop me. He says I have full right on you. Virender comes there and thinks Rishi is taking care of lakshmi fully. Ayush also comes there and gets happy. Lakshmi says Rishi. Rishi says when I asked you yesterday, you didn’t say anything and asks her to be quiet and let him do. He bandages her feet. Lakshmi signs him to wipe the sweat. Rishi wipes his sweat. Lakshmi smiles.

Precap:Virender tells Ayush that they will unite them both. Dadi pushes Lakshmi so that she falls on Rishi. Rishi and Lakshmi looks at each other. Nurse tells Lakshmi that she has never seen such a loving husband before. Rishi massages Lakshmi’s hair. Kiran says you have put him away, I just hope that you didn’t distance him much, that he goes near lakshmi. Lakshmi pulls his cheeks. He pulls her cheeks. Karishma talks to Kiran and says if this thing goes on, then the same thing will happen with your daughter, whatever had happened with you. Kiran says Malisha loves Rishi and is insecure, as she feels that someone is taking her place. Karishma says she has to change her behavior, else this fear will come true and nothing will be left for her. Malishka hears Kiran. Later Rishi wipes Lakshmi’s nose as rangoli color applies on her nose. Kiran comes there. Rishi gets shocked seeing her at his house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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