Bhagya Lakshmi 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi telling Malishka that she knows well what had happened when they tried to marry. A fb is shown, Rishi and Malishka are getting engaged. Dadi tells that she can’t wait to eat the food. Pandit ji asks Rishi to make Malishka wear the ring. Rishi make sher wear the ring. Everyone claps. Neelam asks Malishka to make Rishi wear the ring. Sonia gives her ring and asks her to hold his hand. Malishka says my Rishi loves me a lot and will never leave me. She makes him wear the ring. Everyone congrats each other. Just then the roof breaks and fall down on Rishi. Rishi gets injured. They move the roof and sees him bleeding. Rishi faints. Pandit ji tells that I had told that Rishi’s kundali has dosh in it. Neelam asks him to tell what is the dosh, and asks him to save her son. Virender asks him to say. fb ends. Malishka gets emotional and hugs Rishi.

Ayush comes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says she is searching Rishi and asks did you see? Ayush says no. Lakshmi says don’t know where he has gone? Karishma asks Sonia if she really heard. Sonia says yes, Devika was asking Ayush to call shalu and he talked to her. She says what is wrong with Mom, she is letting her go. She asks what happened to you? Karishma says Malishka is doing all this. Sonia says why Malishka is blamed. Karishma says Malishka can’t wait for a year and wanted him to leave Lakshmi. Sonia says lifelong Lakshmi will be in our house, and tells that she hate her. Karishma says if not Malishka, then I will bring someone else of our standard in Rishi’s life. Sonia hugs her. Karishma says you gave me tension. Sonia says you can handle.

Malishka asks Rishi to marry her for her mental peace, in a temple. Rishi says I am already married, how can I marry you? He says our marriage will not be legally approved. Malishka says it will be for my mental peace, so that you are mine. She says I am ready to marry a married man. She says she don’t care and says we will do marriage for me, and will later do for family and society. Rishi asks what are you saying? Malishka says seven rounds and tells that they can marry later after a year. She says you have to do this for me and says if I matter to you, then you shall agree now itself. Rishi says it is my life’s biggest decision and tells that he needs time. He says I love you and says I need sometime. Malishka says my roka is getting done and asks him to tell now itself. Rishi says how can I tell now? Malishka gives him 4 days time to think and says if you don’t marry me then I will marry Viraj on 5th day.

She asks him to answer, if he agree. Dada ji and Viraj come there. Viraj says Pandit ji came, we came to call you. Dada ji asks her to come. Viraj asks Rishi to come. Malishka looks at Rishi while going and holds Viraj’s hand to make him jealous. Rishi takes pen and paper from the waiter and writes his answer, that he will marry her, as she is her top priority and he can leave everything for her. He says he is her forever Rishi. He returns the pen to the waiter and collides with Lakshmi. Lakshmi gets the chit in her hand. Rishi looks on tensed.

Virender asks Dadi not to eat sweets and says only I will eat. Dadi says I have done setting with 2 waiters. He laughs and says it is not our home. Dadi says that’s why 2 waiters, else 4. She asks him to take Malishka’s marriage responsibility and says she wants him to get her marriage done grandly, fairy tales time, as we loved her some day. Virender says I know you, and says we love Malishka even now, but we don’t like when Lakshmi’s rights is about to snatch from her. He says you want Malishka to get married without any problem. Dadi says you are very understanding and is like me. Dada ji comes back and tells Abhay that Pandit ji came. He asks Virender, if they can start the ritual. Virender and Dadi tell yes. Dada ji asks where is Lakshmi? Abhay says she went that side. Dada ji praises Lakshmi and says roka can’t be done without her. He says she will do the rasam on our behalf, and shagun will happen with her hand, so that they stay happy all life. Abhay asks Malishka to come, as he needs to talk.

Lakshmi asks Rishi what is it? Rishi says it is mine and asks why is she worried? Lakshmi says no, I will not read as it came in my hand mistakenly. She asks what is written in this and asks if he don’t want to tell her. He says may be you have written about business. Rishi says how can you think it as a business related. Lakshmi says you are stressed since few days and I thought to ask you, but since I can’t help in business, I didn’t ask. She says we came for your friend’s roka and even now you are thinking about business. She says she wants to tell him something and gets near him, to tell that she liked when he came to pick her from Malishka’s home. She asks do you know how I felt? Rishi asks what? Lakshmi says you have become like mine and same thing is happening with you, like it is happening with me. She says I don’t like when you are not around me, and asks if he is feeling the same thing. She says you hide your feelings inside you and asks him to say today. Ayush comes there and says Heer-Ranjha. Lakshmi asks Rishi not to tell. Ayush asks what? He asks them to come for roka. Lakshmi asks Rishi to come and holds his hand. They start walking.

Precap: Rishi asks Malishka to marry him. Malishka says just now my roka happened and asks what are you saying. Rishi says Dada ji and Viraj came there, and I couldn’t answer you. He says I had written a letter for you, but don’t know where is that letter now. Lakshmi picks the letter from the floor and opens it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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