Bhagya Lakshmi 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the goons asking the lady if she saw someone here. They give her money and ask her to say. The lady tells that she had gone that way. The goons from there. The lady asks lakshmi to come out. Lakshmi comes out and says I thought you will tell them. The lady says this money is my helplessness, and saving a girl is my duty which I learnt from you. Lakshmi asks from me? The lady says yes, and says may be you don’t remember. A fb is shown, Lakshmi is going in her car when she sees the lady and her son sitting on side of the road. Lakshmi offers to take her to doctor and get her treatment. She says we will make your son have food. The lady says he is my son Bhola. Lakshmi asks her to come for Bhola’s sake and take them to hospital. Fb ends. The lady says that day you got my treatment and also fed us food. She says you had given us a lot of money, which covered my house expenses for 6 months.

She says I have done what I had learnt from you. Lakshmi thanks her for remembering and helping her. The lady asks how did you come here? Lakshmi says it is my helplessness and thanks her.

Shalu and Ayush are in the car. Shalu asks how did Di go, if you was sleeping? Ayush says yes, and asks her not to react. Shalu asks why you didn’t take care of her. Ayush says shall I stand outside her room, and says we came to know when Rishi bhai’s slipper got her letter. He says it was stuck to Rishi bhai’s slipper. Shalu says Di must be troubled, as Neelam and karishma told her something. Ayush says I don’t know, and says we are in her support, in majority. Shalu says once I get her, I will scold her. She says how she can go like this. Ayush says Shalu, gusalo and says I will cut your tongue if you scold her, she is my Lakshmi Bhabhi. He says her name is lakshmi bhabhi. Shalu says she is my Di first. Ayush says she is my bhabhi now.

Lakshmi thinks where to go? She is running on the road. The goon gets tired and tells that they shall go. The other goon tells that Bhaiyya ji will kill them. Lakshmi reaches the same place where they had killed the goon. The goons see her, and run to catch her. They catch her. The goon calls Bhaiyya ji and tells that they had killed the man, but a girl witnessed it. Bhaiyya ji asks if you didn’t kill him seeing mahurat time. He tells that he has killed him seeing mahurat, but. He asks shall I kill her. Bhaiyya ji asks them to keep her captive until he tells them good mahurat. They are taking Lakshmi in the car, when Rishi comes there on his bike and sees Lakshmi taken in the car.

Ayush asks Rishi where is he going? Rishi says someone was taking Lakshmi. Ayush says kidnapped. They follow the kidnappers and come to the place. The goons bring Lakshmi inside the godown. Other goon looks at her and asks if she was alone. Lakshmi thinks nobody knows where I am. Rishi tells Ayush and Shalu that they have taken Lakshmi inside. Ayush says lets attack. Rishi says we don’t know how many men are inside. He says I will go and see, and asks Ayush to be with Shalu. Ayush says he will come with him and jokes. Rishi and Shalu slap him. Shalu asks Rishi to be careful. Rishi goes inside. The goon asks Lakshmi if she was alone or someone was with her. Lakshmi nods no.

The goon tells other goons that they shall sleep, as nobody was with her. Lakshmi thinks if I had told Rishi then he would have come and saved me. Rishi comes to the window. Lakshmi sees him. Rishi looks at her. He looks at the goons and thinks they are three. Lakshmi thinks why she was missing Rishi so much, that he came here. Ayush pretends to sit like priest and says I am going in the future and seeing if we will be able to save Bhabhi or not. Shalu raises her hand on him. Ayush stops her and tells that if she slaps him, then he will steal her respect. Shalu asks what? Ayush asks what did I say? He says why my tongue was not broken and then tells her what he means actually. Shalu says you are jhalla.

Ayush says nothing will happen to Bhabhi. Shalu says jiju will save di. She prays for Di. Rishi comes there and tells them that there are three goons, and they have a gun. He says they can attack them and makes a plan with them. He goes inside. The goon is awake and tells other goons that the girl seems to be from a rich family. Other asks if he wants to be son in law. He says we have to kill her. The goons hear someone shouting and goes out, while one goon is inside with Lakshmi. Shalu and Ayush are pretending to argue and verbally fight. The goons watch them and think they can handle them. Ayush asks Shalu to hug him. Shalu hugs him. Then they pretend to fight again. The goon asks them not to shout while other goon threatens to call Police. Rishi comes inside and locks the door. He asks the goon why did he keep the girl captive. The goon asks if he is her relative. Rishi says yes, we have heart to heart connection.

Precap: Rishi tells the goon that he will take her with him. He fights with him, while Ayush and Shalu fight with the other goons. He brings Lakshmi home. Karishma asks if she had gone then what was the need to bring her back. Rishi says I will not let Lakshmi go away from this house and have decided that Lakshmi will stay in the room, which is beside my room. He holds her hand and takes her from there. Virender claps. Lakshmi says she is Bua ji and anyone will think that. Rishi asks what they will think that I want to keep you close to me, marry you and wants to make you mine, and says, I want this and asks if she has any problem.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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