Bhagya Lakshmi 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi telling Lakshmi that once she marries Aarav, and he will marry Malishka, then they can’t go together for drive. He says that’s why I said that this is the last journey of us, together. Song plays….. Neelam comes to Virender and asks if he is going to office, without telling me. Virender says big things happen in the house without informing me, and my office is the routine.

Neelam says you will not leave any chance to taunt me. She sets his tie right. Virender says you want to get rid of my daughter. Neelam says Aarav is a good guy and tells that he is far good than Balwinder. Virender says he is a divorcee. Neelam says Lakshmi is also a divorcee and Rishi too, and tells that a person doesn’t become bad with divorce. Virender asks how his divorce happened. Neelam says there was no compatibility between them.

Virender says after Rishi and you choose him, I will meet him and then I will decide. Neelam gets angry and tells that Lakshmi is inauspicious, she made my relation bad with everyone since she came here. Rishi says you might be thinking me stubborn. Lakshmi says yes, you are. Rishi says I want to give you all the life’s happiness but couldn’t give you.

He says I troubled you from day 1, and then also you fulfilled the marriage well. He asks her to think about her would be husband and he will also try to become a good husband for malishka. Lakshmi looks at Rishi. Rishi gets teary eyes. Just then two burqa clad women stop the car and asks him to give lift. Malishka is with someone and poses as the pregnant lady. They sit in the car.

Sonal worries for Malishka. Kiran says Neelam is trying to get them married at the earliest. Sonal says don’t know why Malishka don’t understand. Kiran says if something had happened to Dadi then nobody would have left her. Sonal says don’t know why Malishka went for marriage Kiran fears that Rishi will never marry her if Malishka continues this madness. Rishi puts the sudden brake.

Malishka’s fake baby bump slides down. Malishka sets it properly. Lakshmi asks are you fine. Malishka thinks she would have got due to Lakshmi. The girl thinks if she had got caught then wouldn’t have given me money. Rishi plays the song and tells Lakshmi that it is their favorite song. Malishka gets upset. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she is feeling strange that they are going to someone’s marriage to talk about my marriage.

Rishi says after dropping the ladies, we shall wait at my friend’s bungalow, and call Aarav there. Malishka thinks will you wait or do something else, and thinks Lakshmi can do anything. Ayush thinks Neelam will get her married. He thinks what to do. Lakshmi tells Rishi that they shall go to the marriage function, as it doesn’t look nice if we disturb Aarav. Rishi says ok. Malishka and the girl get down on the road.

Rishi comes to the hotel and asks where marriage is happening in the banquet. The manager Ravi comes there and says even Bhabhi came. Rishi asks how are you? Ravi says you have trained me and got me job here. He says when I requested you, you got me hired here, as my house is near and I can take care of my mother. He thanks him.

Rishi says don’t thank me and asks about his mother. Ravi says she is fine. Rishi asks where the marriage is happening. Malishka comes there and asks Rishi what is he doing here with his ex wife, and says you came to see guy for her. Rishi takes her to side and asks if she is following him. Malishka says no, her friend invited her, and says if you would have told me then we would have come together. They come inside.

Malishka thinks she has to do some acting so that Rishi believes that she is invited here. She tells Rishi that she will meet her friend. The matchmaker comes there and talks to Rishi. Rishi asks why did the divorce happen? The matchmaker says even his wife was good, but somehow they got divorced.

She takes him to Aarav. Lakshmi thinks of Rishi. Rishi goes to talk to Aarav. Lakshmi sees a lady having Aarav and her pic in her mobile. Her friend asks her if she is thinking about her remarriage. Aarav’s ex wife says no. She goes.

Ayush comes to Bani and tells that he couldn’t stop Rishi and Lakshmi from going. He says Shalu might beat him hearing this. Bani says we had all the hopes on you. Lakshmi searches for Rishi. Aarav comes there. Rishi asks Lakshmi and Aarav to talk. Aarav sees his ex wife and asks Lakshmi and Rishi to dance, until he returns. He asks a guy to take them to dance. The guy asks them to dance else Aarav will scold him. Rishi and lakshmi go for dance. Malishka gets upset.

Precap: Dadi tells that something big will happen in Lakshmi’s life. Lakshmi asks Aarav and his ex wife to see in each other’s heart and says you will find you in the same place. Rishi and Lakshmi dance in the marriage function.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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