Bhagya Lakshmi 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Virender coming to the inhouse temple and folds his hands. He gets teary eyes. Ayush comes there and asks if he is crying? Virender refuses. Ayush says men don’t cry. Virender asks then why are you crying? Ayush says I am a boy. Virender says I am old aged guy. He explains to Ayush and tells that there are happy tears which we got. Ayush asks really, and says he got emotional, seeing Rishi caring for Lakshmi, it is a step towards a good relationship. Virender says Lakshmi will be very happy and says we will bring them closer in this Diwali. Ayush says promise. Rishi makes Lakshmi get up and walk, and asks if she is feeling pain. Lakshmi nods no. Nurse comes there and says you have done good dressing and says you would have done yesterday. He says she didn’t tell me yesterday. Nurse says she talked to the doctor and he asked her to give tetanus injection. Lakshmi says she don’t want injection and gets scared. Rishi says you had fought with crocodile and snake and is afraid of injection. He holds her hand and asks her to look at him, as the nurse gives her injection. Nurse says it is done. Lakshmi thanks her and says I didn’t feel the pain. Nurse asks her to thank her husband, who loves her so much. Rishi gets uncomfortable and goes. Nurse tells Lakshmi that she didn’t see such a caring husband before. Lakshmi says she is lucky to have Rishi.

Rishi calls Malishka and thinks why she is not picking the call. He thinks if she doesn’t pick the call then he has to spend time with Lakshmi, then Malishka will blame and fight with me. He thinks what to do? Karishma hears him. Virender and Ayush come to Rishi. Virender asks Rishi to be with Lakshmi and tells that he has cancelled all his meetings for next week. Ayush says they will handle other meetings. They leave. Rishi calls Lakshmi, but she doesn’t pick his call. Lakshmi comes to the room. Rishi makes her sit. Later she comes to drink water. Rishi asks if I am invisible and asks her to ask him for anything. He gives her water. Ayush and Virender smiles.

Days are passing by. Malishka checks for Rishi’s call. Kiran says you have made Rishi go far from you, and says don’t make him so far that he goes to Lakshmi. Malishka says it is good, he doesn’t deserve me.

Lakshmi gives cookie to Dadi. Dadi says I have sugar. Lakshmi says you can take one. Virender and Dadi push Lakshmi on Rishi. Lakshmi falls on Rishi’s lap. Everyone smiles. Rishi looks at her. He realizes and says I will come. Ahana and Devika ask him to sit. Neelam says tomorrow is Diwali, and says she has called the decorators, so Lakshmi don’t need to do anything. Lakshmi says I like Diwali and wants to do the arrangements. Neelam says your Bau ji will get worried for you and asks her to take rest. Virender says if Lakshmi is fine and wants to do, then I don’t have any problem. Neelam says ok. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Ayush smiles.

Karishma calls Kiran and asks if she has sense? Kiran asks what did I do? Karishma says if same thing goes on, then same thing will happen with your daughter, which happened with you. She says Rishi and Malishka are not talking to each other since karwachauth day. She says Malishka blamed herself for snake biting Rishi. She says there is different perspective here, that Rishi is saved due to Lakshmi’s karwachauth fast. She says if Malishka wants to break up with Rishi then tell me, I won’t take the stress. Kiran says Malishka loves Rishi madly and is insecure about her place. Karishma says she has to do something to let her fear go, else Past will repeat with your daughter. Kiran ends the call. Malishka hears them.

Neelam asks Karishma if she has Lakshmi’s Chacha and Chachi’s number. Karishma says why I will have, I don’t have their number. Virender sends their number. Neelam says we shall invite Lakshmi’s family. Virender says yes. Neelam says no. Dadi says yes. Ayush says it is Bhabhi’s first Diwali. Neelam asks Virender to invite them and says she wants lakshmi’s family to come here surely. Karishma comes behind Neelam and tells that she still think that they shall not call them here. Neelam says Virender shouted at her, and she couldn’t sleep all night. She says I have thought enough and thought that I will accept Lakshmi as my bahu and her family as my relatives for a year. Karishma thinks she must have thought of a plan, but don’t want to tell me.

Virender calls Rano and invites them for Diwali. Rano says we will come. She goes to check the cooker and asks Shalu to ask when to come. Virender is about to fall and Ayush takes the call. Shalu says hello. Ayush says your voice is like Shalu. Shalu teases him. Ayush says I would have shown you, if you were not Lakshmi’s sister. Shalu says you only told that my voice is like Shalu. Ayush says Rano was talking to Mama and that’s why he thought she is talking. He says he was rather complaining. Shalu gets upset. Ayush teases her and ends the call.

Virender is sitting holding his head. Ayush comes to Virender. Virender says Rishi wanted to go for some urgent work and that’s why he made an excuse of headache. Rishi says I asked someone to bring the medicine. Virender says ok. Rishi is about to go. Ayush asks Rishi for help.

Rishi, Ayush and Virender come to Lakshmi. They ask Lakshmi not to think that they are making her to do work. Ayush says don’t think that they are using her. Lakshmi asks them to say. Virender says what did you do when Rishi had headache. She says I had done massage. Rishi says Dad has headache. Lakshmi offers to massage his head. Virender asks Ayush to massage his head and Rishi to massage Lakshmi’s head. Lakshmi says no. Virender insists. Ayush asks Rishi to go ahead.

Precap: Rishi asks Lakshmi to scold him but with love. He says he liked when she scolded him. Lakshmi shouts snake. Rishi asks where is it and gets up the bed. Lakshmi laughs aloud. Karishma tells Kiran about same thing happen with Malishka what had happened with her (Kiran). Kiran says Malishka is insecure about her place. Rishi and Lakshmi pull each other’s cheeks. Karishma says Malishka shall change her behavior else her fear will come true. Kiran comes to Rishi’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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