BhagyaLakshmi 12th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode kicks off with Lakshmi concurring with Shalu’s viewpoint, acknowledging that their current solution only offers temporary relief. Ishita suggests that Lakshmi should accompany her.

Shalu proposes contacting the police, but warns Lakshmi that doing so could land them both in jail for aiding Parvati’s court escape, and Parvati would be sent to a remand home. Upon hearing this, Lakshmi agrees to join Ishita. Shalu assures Lakshmi that she will remain behind to find a competent lawyer and resolve the situation. Kiran observes as Lakshmi and Parvati bid farewell to Shalu and board a bus.

Ayush attempts to call Shalu, who is torn about whether to answer or not, and ultimately decides against it.

At the Oberoi mansion, Karishma administers medication to Harleen. Malishka and Aanchal arrive, and when Karishma inquires about their whereabouts, Malishka reveals that they had been at the police station lecturing the inspector for failing to apprehend a minor. Harleen reacts to their statement.

Neelam returns to the Oberoi mansion with Aanchal and Rishi. Karishma and Harleen inquire about Neelam’s wellbeing, to which she responds affirmatively before retiring to rest. Rishi informs his family of his intention to search for Parvati, who remains missing, and departs.

Kiran attempts to call Malishka, but she doesn’t answer.

Aanchal tends to Neelam, who questions if everything is alright. Aanchal initially tries to evade the question, but Neelam insists on knowing the truth. Aanchal confesses that Neelam’s injury was not an accident, but a result of Parvati’s actions. She explains that Parvati tampered with the glass wall, causing it to fall on Neelam. Aanchal shows Neelam a video of Parvati meddling with the glass wall, which infuriates Neelam. Aanchal mentions their failed attempt to bring Parvati to justice after she escaped from court. Neelam declares that Parvati will not be allowed back into the house, regardless of whether she is found.

Ishita, Lakshmi, and Parvati arrive at Ishita’s village, where Ishita introduces her family to Lakshmi.

Ishita’s family welcomes Lakshmi and Ishita. Ishita introduces Lakshmi to her family, and they all proceed to Ishita’s house.

Ayush questions Rishi about his apparent stress. Rishi expresses his concern about the whereabouts of Parvati and Lakshmi, noting that Lakshmi is not at her home. Ayush privately wonders if Shalu has gone with Parvati, which Rishi questions.

Upon reaching Ishita’s house, Ishita, Parvati, and Lakshmi are greeted by Ishita’s grandmother, who asks Lakshmi why her husband didn’t accompany her. Ishita assures her that he will arrive the next day. Ishita’s mother instructs Ananya, Ishita’s sister, to show Lakshmi to her room, to which Ananya agrees.

Ayush denies having said anything suspicious. He attempts to fabricate an excuse, but Rishi sees through it and asks Ayush if he made a promise. Ayush confirms this, prompting Rishi to vow to locate Lakshmi and Parvati without his assistance. Malishka eavesdrops on their conversation and ponders the possible locations of Lakshmi and Parvati.

The episode concludes on this note.

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