BhagyaLakshmi 21st May 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode commences with a goon seizing Malishka as a hostage. Lakshmi pleads with the goon to take her instead and release Malishka. The goon dismisses them as all the same and orders his men to retreat. He then thrusts Malishka towards Rishi and departs. The goons mount their vehicles and drive away.

Rishi and the others pursue the goons in a car. The goons plan to mislead Rishi and Lakshmi. At a T junction, the two goon cars split, one going left and the other right. Lakshmi instructs Rishi to steer left, asserting that the car carrying the children went that way. Malishka contradicts her, claiming it’s the right. Rishi heeds Lakshmi’s direction and turns left, which upsets Malishka.

Shalu speculates that the Oberois might have intercepted Lakshmi and Parvati. She believes that Lakshmi requires her presence at the Oberoi mansion and decides to head there. Shalu notices Rano eavesdropping on her self-dialogue and confronts her. Rano tells Shalu that she won’t permit her to leave and expresses her wish for Rishi and Lakshmi to reconcile. Shalu dismisses this as impossible since Rishi is married to Malishka. Rano then suggests that they should coerce Lakshmi into demanding money from Rishi. Shalu reacts to this.

The goons warn the children to remain silent or face punishment. More goons arrive at the hideout. They resolve to sell the children as swiftly as possible.

Anushka checks on Harleen and informs her that Neelam has fallen asleep after taking her medication. Harleen expresses relief at this news.

Rishi and the others reach the hideout, where they are surrounded by the goons. Rishi proposes a deal to the goons, offering them money in exchange for the children. The goons suspect that Rishi will turn them over to the police once he secures the children. They attempt to capture Rishi and the others, but they manage to evade them.

They scatter in different directions. Rishi notices Lakshmi in danger and rushes to her aid, overpowering the goon. This infuriates Malishka, who then allows herself to be taken hostage by a goon, forcing everyone to regroup.

Shalu arrives at the Oberoi mansion and encounters Anushka. Anushka questions Shalu’s presence there. Harleen recognizes Shalu, which shocks Anushka. Anushka then reveals that she is Ayush’s wife, leaving Shalu stunned.

The goons usher Rishi and the others into the hideout. Rishi and Lakshmi attempt to persuade the head goon to accept money and release the children. The head goon refuses. He threatens to kill Lakshmi if she doesn’t keep quiet. Defiant, Lakshmi dares the goon to kill her, vowing not to abandon them for kidnapping her daughter. She demands the goon to reveal Rishi’s whereabouts. Rishi is taken aback upon learning that Parvati is Lakshmi’s daughter.

The episode concludes.

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