BhagyaLakshmi 3rd June 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Ayush spying on Vikrant. Ayush finds a lady in Vikrant’s hands but Ayush couldn’t hear what are Vikrant and his girlfriend talking about? Ayush asks Shalu to get on the ladder and see Vikrant’s deeds. Shalu gets on the ladder and sees the Mangalsutra on Vikrant girl friend’s neck. Shalu thinks Vikrant already married his girlfriend. Shalu and Ayush try to take the photo but they couldn’t take the photo due to the mosquito net.

Dadi sarcastically accuses Lakshmi and says she is a sinner. Dadi asks Malishka if she loves Rishi. Malishka says yes and says that’s why she is worried that Lakshmi might steal Rishi away. Dadi reminds Malishka that if there is love there should also be trust. Dadi makes a comment on what Neelam said. Dadi says to Neelam, Malishka, and Karishma that if they question Lakshmi again she will answer them.

Dadi warns Neelam, Karishma, and Malishka that from today no one will question Lakshmi or point finger at Rishi and Lakshmi’s relationship. Dadi warns them that if this gets repeated again then she will punish them again. Dadi takes Lakshmi away from there.

Rishi gets a call from Ayush and he goes to check out what Ayush said. Rishi decides to tell Lakshmi after he confirms the situation.

Lakshmi offers Dadi a glass of water and asks her if she needs anything. Dadi apologises to Lakshmi on behalf of Neelam and Karishma. Lakshmi asks Dadi to never do that again. Dadi says to Lakshmi that she shouldn’t be suspected like this. Lakshmi says to Dadi that she needs to tell her something and says Rishi put Mangalsutra around her neck and says she hid with Rishi as if any of them saw her like that then they might misunderstand her and Rishi.

Dadi laughs at Lakshmi and says she trusts both of them and she won’t misunderstand them. Dadi asks Lakshmi if Rishi put Mangalsutra around her neck with the intention of marrying her. Lakshmi says no. Dadi says then there is no need to think too much about it.

Malishka comments on Dadi protecting Lakshmi all the time. Neelam says if Lakshmi told the truth then they would have gotten evidence against Lakshmi that she is trying to trap Rishi but now they couldn’t do it. Malishka asks Neelam why do they need proof as she is telling them this is Lakshmi’s plan. Neelam stops Karishma’s and Malishka’s argument and says they should only make sure that Lakshmi doesn’t succeed in her plan.

Ayush and Shalu comment on Vikrant’s behaviour. Ayush and Shalu wait for Rishi to come so that he could see Vikrant’s deeds.

Lakshmi thinks why does everyone always misunderstand her intentions? Lakshmi hopes that her marriage will happen soon so she could leave this house. Lakshmi hopes Rishi and Malishka will also get married.

Ayush and Shalu see Vikrant humming a song. Rishi comes to Vikrant’s place. Ayush and Shalu see that Rishi is about to enter from the front door and they try to stop him as if Rishi enters from the front door then Vikrant will find out Rishi is here.

Anjana calls Neelam to thank her for recommending a good jewelry shop. Anjana says they found a good ring and Mangalsutra also in the jewellery shop. Anjana after talking to Neelam cuts the call. Neelam hopes that this marriage will happen soon so that Lakshmi will be out of their lives.

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