Chashni : Chandni Confronts Vikas !

The Episode starts with Raunaq thinking Chandni trusts me, I like it. He takes Chandni to a temple and says there is no bigger doctor and no bigger clinic than this, come fast. They go inside the temple and pray. He goes to get prasad. Chandni prays for Sanjay. Nirbhay and Vikas also come there. Chandni gets shocked seeing Vikas and recalls him. He thinks she had seen me in her house, she is Sanjay’s daughter. He leaves. Nirbhay asks him to stop. Chandni cries.

Raunaq asks are you okay. She runs. Vikas says drive fast. Nirbhay asks what happened. Chandni stops them. She says this man won’t get away so easily. Raunaq asks what. She says you were the one, right. She catches Vikas. She says my dad and I can’t forget your face, so my dad attacked you. Raunaq asks how do you know him. She says we have suffered for 15 years because of him, you triggered my dad, you killed those kids and my dad got punished. Vikas says its nonsense.

Nirbhay says it’s a misunderstanding. She says he will get punished, he kept a bag in our house and left, I will get him punished, he framed my dad. She scolds him. Raunaq asks Chandni to control herself. Nirbhay leaves with Vikas. Chandni says my dad didn’t do anything, he is innocent. Nirbhay asks are you fine. Vikas says I told you to stay away from that family, Sanjay attacked me and his daughter blamed me.

Nirbhay asks do you know Sanjay. Vikas says yes, he is greedy and corrupt person, he killed innocent lives. Nirbhay asks why did uncle attack you, are you related to his case, don’t lie to me. Vikas says yes, I had filed a complaint against him and called him fraud, I m your dad, not an enemy, break your relations with that family.

Chandni says trust me, sorry Manav to call you. She shows Vikas’ file and says he had kept the money bad in our house, police thought it was the goose Sanjay took. She asks Dadi does she remember it, Vikas had kept the bag, Nirbhay’s dad ruined our entire life. She asks Manav to trust her, Vikas is the real culprit. Manav says relax, we will get him punished, trust me. Roshni calls Nirbhay. He is on the way. He answers the call on speaker and says I will call you in some time.

Raj and goons stop him. Raj says I handle Sumer’s business, I do work to recover money from people like you. Nirbhay says I still have 15 days. Raj says Sumer doesn’t care for the money, you are selling the land, right, you name the land to Sumer and get rid of the loan. Nirbhay smiles and says my club is much costly than the loan amount. Raj says I want your land. Nirbhay says I won’t give my land to you. They argue. Nirbhay scolds them. Jogi says he is difficult to handle. Raj says get his history, we will find a way. Nirbhay takes care of Vikas. Vikas asks him to sit.

He says sell the pub and solve your problems, come with me to Delhi. Nirbhay says take rest, we will talk tomorrow. Vikas insists him. Chandni says Nirbhay helped us for this reason. Roshni worries. She says enough, I know Nirbhay well, stop making stories, he runs a pub, he doesn’t stay with his dad, you should thank him, you are blaming him, you have a problem with his dad, fine, but don’t link him with his dad.

Chandni asks don’t you have a problem with it. Roshni asks what’s the proof that your dad wasn’t involved in this, maybe Vikas left the bag which was Sanjay’s share. Chandni says don’t say nonsense, you really think so. Roshni says Dadi and Nani also think so, you live in your own world, your dad is perfect, don’t drag Nirbhay in this.

Chandni says you don’t know him, he is Vikas’ son, nobody helps with a motive. Roshni asks why are Raunaq and Manav helping, what’s their motive. Chandni says you don’t know him. Roshni says I know him, he is a bad person, I love him, he is innocent. Chandni gets shocked.

Chandni says promise me, you will end ties with Nirbhay. Sumer says I want that land, do anything with Nirbhay. Roshni says I will prove his innocence. Raj kidnaps Roshni and threatens Nirbhay. Roshni tries to run. Goon shoots her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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